January 26, 2023

A recent blood pressure medication recall has expanded due to safety concerns by the FDA. #DrTimQuinn #PleaseShare

A blood pressure medication is being recalled dr. timothy quinn is here to tell us more thank you so much for coming on today dr. quinn yes thank you for having me well tell us what patients should know about lazar tan well the bottom line is a lot of patients are calling in and some people are getting a little frantic because it’s been identified by the fda that

There have been some manufacturers that have produced this product to show that there are some impurities they can also actually result in cancer and i was reading the fda announcement about it and one thing that it mentioned is that patients using this drug should not abruptly stop it right that’s very important because this losartan is the engine since the

Receptor blocker it is used to treat high blood pressure and also heart disease so if you have someone on this medication their blood pressure is hopefully controlled if they abruptly stop the medication then their blood pressure would theoretically increase very quickly and this could actually be very deadly that’s why it’s so important that they don’t just stop

The medicine but contact their medical provider or pharmacist so that if it can be identified if they are on medication that’s unsafe and they can be you know transfer it to a different medication of the same class that’s considered safe mm-hmm absolutely and tell us some advice for those who deal with high blood pressure as a part of their lives well it’s important

That you know someone has hypertension and it’s called the silent killer for a reason because a lot of people that have high blood pressure in a lot of cases you don’t have any symptoms so you may have blood pressure guys elevated because it’s not properly treated but all the while your heart you know and all your organs are being exposed to the elevated blood

Pressure and this can lead to a heart attack or stroke so it’s so important that hypertension be treated very seriously absolutely well this is an another addition to the expanded list of high blood pressure medicines give us some more information about high blood pressure medications and how medicine helps with the hypertension well basically what the medication

Does is it lowers the blood pressure by working to increase the level of liquid that’s secreted so that it decreases the pressure by decreasing the volume but also it causes some expansion of the blood vessels that also decrease the pressure but the most important take-home message is if you’re someone out there that has high blood pressure is so important that you

Maintain compliance with your medications now as far as the little sergeant which is being recalled it’s not all the medication is just specific medicine that was produced by a specific manufacturer in china so if someone it takes the losartan medication they may be on a medication that came from one of the pharmaceutical companies that didn’t contain the impurities

That’s why it’s so important that they contact their medical provider or they could even contact their pharmacist and then they can check what’s called the lot number and that medicine can be identified if it came from one of the manufacturers that may have you know edit the impurities you know in error but the most important thing is not to just stop the medicine

Abruptly because as we said before that could you know actually be deadly absolutely thank you so much we have all this information on our website wj tv.com thank you again for coming on dr. quinn hey thank you for having me

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Losartan Recall 2 By Timothy Quinn