May 29, 2023

I discuss the latest major losartan recall – current as of April 26, 2019

Hey guys what’s going on this is tyler a registered pharmacist and today i want to give you guys an update on the latest losartan recall that was announced on april 18th of 2019 i have made a couple videos before covering previous losartan recalls but since then there have been over a hundred more lots of medication that have been recalled so if you or someone you

Know takes losartan you may want to hear this information i’m going to cover some important points about a new recall what substance they have found in these tablets i’ll show you pictures of what the recall products look like and then at the end of the video i will let you know what you should do if you find that you have some of these tablets so here we go i’m

Going to cover some important points first one of the most important things to know is that not all those certain products have been recalled this is just one specific manufacturer so this may not affect you at all i have made previous videos concerning earlier losartan recalls and the march update video does have another manufacturer if you’d like to check that out

I will leave the links in the description below if you want to check out those other videos now this new recall does affect quite a few new lots it affects 36 lakhs of losartan and 68 lots of losartan hydrochlorothiazide combination products and some of these bottles do contain a thousand tablets each so many tablets were affected one nice thing to report is that

As of april 18th of this year no adverse events have been reported as of yet but that may change in the future the company recalling these products is torrent pharmaceuticals and this is at least the fourth recall concerning losartan that they have had so the recent track record really isn’t that great and i’ll get into that a little bit more later in the video

Now this new recall was announced over a week ago so your pharmacy should have pulled all the affected lots off the shelf by now but these medicines did reach the consumer level so you may currently have some of these tablets i’ll show you what they look like shortly there was also a recall on repackaged lots of losartan and this is from legacy pharma packaging and

Basically what this company does is they take the tablets from another company and repackage them so it is easier to dispense for the pharmacy this recall affected for lots of repackage losartan 50 milligrams the important thing to know about this is that the tablets were supplied by torrent so the tablets will look the same as what i’m about to show you this is

What the repackage box looks like and these were distributed by kroger pharmacies as you can see on the box right here okay now i want to quickly go over the substance that they have found and these newly recalled lots and that is in em ba now i have to be honest with you guys i have had a hard time finding much credible information about this substance there is

No information from the epa concerning this substance whereas other impurities and previous recalls they did have articles from the epa discussing their risks really the only information i could find is that when given to rats and large doses it can cause cancer such as bladder cancer one thing to know however is that the doses given to these rats in the study

Are much much higher than what they found in these tablets but it’s still not something you’ll want to take every day an mba does qualify as a known animal carcinogen and a potential human carcinogen which means that if it is taken for a long period of time it can potentially cause cancer there was a quote from the fda commissioner when the march recall happened

And they contain the same impurity he basically said that the defect is not more harmful than the previous ones and actually the ndea defect they found in the january recall is considered to be more harmful however he did that any presence of such impurities and drug products is not acceptable okay with all that being said i will now show you pictures of what the

Recalled products look like now i’m not all of these tablets have been recalled but there has been quite a few so if you take losartan check your tablets it doesn’t necessarily mean you are infected but you will want to investigate further so here we go first we have losartan 25 milligrams it is a white tablet with 25 on one side and one 1/3 on the other so take a

Good look at that okay next we have losartan 50 milligrams one one four on one side and a score on the other side and like i said before these may also be in the repackage boxes from legacy pharma okay next is losartan 100 milligrams this will have a 100 on one side and a 1 1 5 on the other okay next we have losartan hydrochlorothiazide combination products this

Is the 50 – 12.5 milligram now we have losartan hydrochlorothiazide 112 point five milligrams okay and finally we have losartan hct z 100 – 25 milligrams so if you look and you do have one of these products what should you do the fda does have a recommendation they recommend that you continue taking your medication for the time being now i know that might sound

Crazy but there is some reasoning behind it they believe that the risk to your health is higher if you suddenly stop taking your blood pressure medication compared to the possible cancer risk so speak with your doctor or pharmacist about possible alternative medicines that you can take or if they want you to switch at all like i said other manufacturers have not

Issued recalls as of yet but make sure to watch out for any new information because this may change now i want to give you guys my personal opinion on this issue and do not take this as medical advice this is just my opinion now if i was taking losartan i would request a different brand than towards this is the fourth recall since december 2018 and it seems like

They issue a new recall on almost a monthly basis so in my opinion they need to rebuild some trust before i would consider taking their losartan product there are other companies that make losartan and right now i would likely trust them more than torrent due to the recent string of recalls now that is just my personal opinion not medical advice take it as you

Will well that’s all i have for today guys i want to thank you for watching please subscribe to my channel for the latest pharmacy and medical updates as well as drug reviews i will be posting a video soon concerning another recall that was just recently announced so watch out for that and i will also leave a description below to the fda’s official recall notice

As always please comment below with questions or concerns and i thank you guys again and have a nice day

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Losartan Recall April 2019 Update – Torrent recalls over 100 more lots of losartan By Pharmacy Update