March 22, 2023

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Hey so um rental hopefully quite briefly about ritalin which is methylphenidate it’s a um sort of amphetamine drug and it’s widely used in adhd attention hyperactivity deficit disorder and among children but also in adults and predominantly in places like america although we’re catching up anyway i recently saw this year received a diagnosis of adult adhd combined

Type moderate severity and i was not given ritalin or any medications because i have bipolar disorder written is very bad bipolar disorder i managed to get my hands on some pills a different way and i soft consequences going to talk about in another video and but now i just want to talk about the side effects i experienced which is mainly weight loss because it

Really suppresses your appetite something has some tea hope you don’t mind and my christmases starbucks mug that’s new and i think i might have some food as well if you don’t mind couldn’t butter on toast mmm so i i think it’s quite a room that i’m talking about weight loss on route to them when i am eating but you know it really did suppress my appetite and i

Didn’t want very first audience really and i’ll just be going in part that’s you are concentrating better or your work see you procrastinate less and get up less and eat less and all those are things you did while you procrastinate think about food less and course it does suppress the appetite it’s like sort of a really concentrated form of caffeine which has the

Same with that and i was thinking how it really does have the potential to be abused especially by people with eating disorders you want to lose weight increases your heart rate quite a bit and like caffeine i do have my reservations because of that as to its use in children and again i’ll make another video on that have a lot to say about ritalin but yeah i think

You know i was getting sort of attracted to it because it helped me but also i’d eat less and i was losing a little bit of weight and it’s hard to find a drug that actually helps you do that i know a lot of mums and things are struggling with their children to keep their weight up when they’re on ritalin because these guys i mean these guys us of running around

Crazily and burning off calories but then they take the written it and they start running around a bit less when they’re on ritalin because that’s how it works and but then they are eating less so um yeah some mums up having problems keeping weight up and stuff and asking for advice and various facebook groups that i’ve joined and so those are my thoughts really

Want to know any adult adhd people and they’ve caught it on to this fact and i’m hoping to exploit it and whether you think that’s right and more importantly whether you think that is healthy and safe

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Lose Weight On Ritalin By HONEST BLOG by Chaotic Beauty