March 24, 2023

My favorite low-sugar dessert while on prednisone

It’s basically like a fruit that’s my doggy talking to himself i just wanted to share this with you because this is like the world’s most delicious dessert this looks terrible this is like very unprofessional somebody cooked and it was not me made by that man over there say hi dave just cooked food fat i don’t even know what it is but it looks really good this

Was really very informative wasn’t it this is my dish when i see food it’s very exciting always for those of you who are asking because you’re asking a lot about my food is it still the same it’s very heavily vegetable based but i do add other things and now i’m adding meat fish a bunch of stuff that i wasn’t able to add before so just kind of variety just kind

Of mixing it up so that i get a little bit of everything trying to put on weight trying to put on muscle it’s so good wow i think i’ve made dinner never i make dinner once every 17 years stick with me this is like the blair witch project i’m eating my dish when people do videos about food they always show the grand finale where they’re eating the food i better

Be like everyone else and show this grand finale because being like everyone else is key okay this looks terrible this is like very unprofessional so you take the food i don’t know how they film this and like look professional you can’t do it okay so you take the food and you eat it mmm delicious the companies but the food’s good my dessert i just wanted to

Share this with you because this is like the world’s most delicious dessert and i eat it basically every night and it’s low in sugar which is great because i’m trying to keep the sugar low because of the prednisone prednisone does all sorts of weird things your blood sugar so i try to keep it low okay i put you guys on some sort of like weird kitchen appliance

Anyway what am i eating you ask well this it’s basically like a fruit that’s my doggy talking to himself what raspberry raspberry speaking of which this is filled with berries so this is a frozen berry blend plus almond so we have a frozen berry blend then we have this then i put these guys in there chia seeds it’s like a real cooking tutorial then i put this in

There a scoop of almond butter it’s crunchy almond butter all that’s in it is almond butter that’s the key also this hairstyle what’s going on here my dog is trying to talk to me so as my fruit i use as my fruit i use berries because they’re lower in sugar did i say that anyway i used this as my granola this it is very low in sugar as well it contains good for

You things plus four grams of sugar i used to not really pay attention to sugar ever since i’ve been on prednisone i’m paying attention to sugar i’m also checking my blood sugar like on a pretty insane basis because i want to make sure it stays lower and then what you do you blend it i’m blending it in this guy this magic bullet this is extremely unprofessional

I can’t even show it to you but it’s that steps you blend your fruit with your almond milk then you put it in a cup then you cover it with your granola then you take a scoop of almond butter put it on top then you put it back in the freezer and then i go upstairs and because it’s 9 15 i’m gonna go take my medication and then i’m gonna come back downstairs and

I’m gonna eat it that’s my new dessert very delicious has very healthy things in it filled with goodness and now that i can eat fat because i couldn’t eat fat for a really long time fatty foods and now i can so it’s very exciting and very delicious and it keeps me satisfied and also barely raises my blood sugar at all so that’s very good okay that’s it mwah you

Transcribed from video
Low-sugar dessert – On prednisone By Chloe Temtchine Life