June 4, 2023

7 Scientific Reasons for Low Testosterone Levels in Men and 10 Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels. Low testosterone levels can be caused by many lifestyle factors including dietary choices, stress, sleep habits, and chemical exposures.

About seven reasons for why someone might   have low testosterone level. so we’re going to  talk about seven causes of low testosterone,   and we’re also going to talk about ways we can  increase testosterone levels. so one of the   largest contributors to low testosterone levels is  the chemical bisphenol a. now bisphenol

A is found   in polycarbonate plastics, so an example would  be plastic water bottles. so studies have shown   that bisphenol a or bpa lowers testosterone levels  in men, and it also lowers the levels of another   androgen, known as androstenidione. and it’s also  been shown that men that go to fertility clinics  

Nearly 90 percent have bisphenol a or bpa in their  urine. so bisphenol a is considered one of the   largest contributors to low testosterone in men.  so the second reason for low testosterone levels   is is because if an individual has more adipose   tissue or more fat the adipose tissue contains  an enzyme known as aromatase,

And aromatase is   actually an enzyme that converts testosterone to  estrogen. so we actually reduce our testosterone   levels by having more of this enzyme around. now  there’s also the issue with diabetes. now if we’re   overweight or obese, it increases our risk of  diabetes, and diabetes has also been shown to  

For low testosterone levels is reduced sleep.   levels (or another stress hormone cortisone),   and it also lowers morning testosterone levels.  and in particular, studies have shown that   reducing one’s sleep in the second half of the  night (so if we wake up earlier than normal),   our testosterone levels are lower than

If we were  to sacrifice our sleep in first half of the night   or when we first go to bed. if we were to stay  up later it is actually not as bad as if we were   to get up early – so that’s another reason for  why we might have low testosterone levels. now   the fourth reason for low testosterone levels  is dietary factors

Now there are certain things   in our diet that can actually reduce testosterone  levels, and there are certain things that we need   to get from our diet such as vitamins and minerals  that are required for testosterone production. now   one thing that someone may eat that can actually  reduce testosterone levels is soy protein

Or soy   foods. now it’s been shown that soy is similar  in structure to estrogen and this can lead to   mentioned before, other things are required in our   diet to produce testosterone, if we have a diet  that’s very low in fat this can lead to reduced   testosterone levels, also a deficiency in the  mineral zinc also

Reduces testosterone levels, and   this is because zinc is important in production of  testosterone, so if we have a deficiency in zinc   we will have lower testosterone levels. and also  any deficiency in vitamins e and c also can reduce   testosterone levels, and this is because vitamins  e and c actually help maintain zinc

Levels. the   fifth reason for low testosterone levels is stress  and this is again because of increased cortisol   levels. so again as we mentioned before cortisol  is a stress hormone and in fact increased cortisol   levels act on the brain to increase levels of the  hormone gonadotropin inhibiting hormone – this  

Reduces testosterone production so stress lowers   testosterone levels. the sixth reason for low  testosterone levels is alcohol consumption, and   this is especially important with the consumption  of beer – now hops in beer are estrogenic, so   again if we have something that’s estrogenic, it’s  going to lead to reduced levels

Of testosterone.   and the seventh reason for a low testosterone  level is asexuality. now the low testosterone   levels actually can lead to a lower desire for sex  or a lower libido, and lower libidos can actually   lead to lower testosterone levels – so it’s a  vicious circle of cause and effect. so what are   10 ways

To increase testosterone levels? well  one of them is to avoid the use of plastics or   avoid drinking out of plastic bottles – so instead  you should try to drink from a glass or stainless   levels is to avoid eating soy products so   avoid eating soy protein, avoid drinking soy milk  because again soy is estrogenic. the next

Thing   we can do to increase testosterone levels is to  limit consumption of alcohol, and in particular   avoid drinking beer because of the hops. now it’s  better to limit consumption of alcohol but if   you’re going to drink alcohol it’s suggested that  vodka is a better alternative to beer, so limited   consumption

Of vodka may be okay now. also a fifth  way of increasing testosterone levels is to sleep   in a dark room for at least eight hours per night,  so again if we have a reduced amount of sleep per   night, we are going to increase cortisol levels,  and then you’re going to reduce your testosterone   levels, so it’s important to get

A good night’s  sleep. the next thing we can do is we can reduce   stress through different types of relaxation so  listen to music, doing yoga, doing meditation,   these can all reduce stress they can all help to  increase testosterone levels. the seventh thing   we can do is we can lose weight – so remember that  adipose

Tissue or fat contains aromatase enzymes,   so the more fat we have the more aromatase enzyme  we have, and remember that aromatase converts   testosterone to estrogen, so you’re going to lead  to lower levels of testosterone. another thing we   can do is we can increase our consumption of zinc,  and zinc can come from a variety

Of sources – some   in oysters, you can also get zinc from beef,   from pork, from poultry but if you are wanting to  get away from meat you can have other plant-based   alternatives such as beans and nuts, things like  that can also increase your zinc they all contain   a good amount of zinc. another thing we can do 

Is we can increase consumption of healthy fats,   so remember that low-fat diets can lead to reduced  testosterone levels and i put emphasis on healthy   oils, like olive oil and coconut oil are good   we can do is we can have a healthy sex life   and all of these things can lead to increased  levels of testosterone and can

Ultimately lead   to a healthier, more energetic life for many men  that may suffer from low testosterone levels. so   anyways guys i hope you found this lesson helpful.  if you did, please like, and subscribe for more   videos like this one and as always thank you so  much for watching and i’ll see you next time!

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Low Testosterone (Hypogonadism): 7 Causes (Dietary, etc.) and Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels By JJ Medicine