February 8, 2023

Hey everybody welcome back to my channel so i’m outside in my backyard it’s a really pretty day outside and i thought i would come out here and enjoy the sun a little bit i was inside doing some some homework for my imeet class thing and it’s just wanted to come out here and do a video because i have been putting it off and putting it off and i’m just done putting

It off for now and i’m gonna talk to you guys about what’s been going on so there was some changes made to my to my medication my buspirone so i know you guys are aware if you watch my videos i made some of the videos a while ago talking about how the buspirone was making me like hallucinate or something i feel like honestly was the beast problem because when i’m

Not like when i don’t take the buspirone i don’t hallucinate so it’s like whenever i take it i do and i’m not sure if it’s like a thing in my head or it’s like you know what i mean like i don’t know if it’s just in my head so like the things in my glasses are totally bothering me my glasses are just so dirty that like the glare and then hey did you put it back did

You put it back back i’m burping up a lot sorry i’m okay so pretty much what i decided to do was so i initially started taking because you guys know my dosage was half of the 7.5 in the morning and half and the other half in the afternoon i was doing that for a good two months two and a half months and then all of a sudden i just started hallucinating and just like

And i would see people like i would just be like looking at something and then all the sudden i would just see like somebody working or something and like and it was weird because i would see it and i swear it was real and it’s not and it’s like it’s scary for me so i don’t like close nations so yes i would see people i would see like lights just random light like

I don’t know i just felt really really really out of it whenever i took that half in the afternoon so i decided to cut it down to half of the half so i was doing that and that was the last video i made for you guys talking about that but i was taking just a half in the morning and then half of the half in the afternoon well i started hallucinating again on that and

I was like and then not only that but i would feel like really weak and like i don’t know i like i would just take it and write i would take it and then like once it hit me i just felt so like i don’t even know what the word is like i just felt like i was taking a muscle relax a muscle relaxer like relax around relaxant relaxer a muscle relaxer okay i just felt like

My body was just like man like i couldn’t move like i mean i couldn’t move but i just like it took a lot for me to like move my arms and i felt like i was kind of like frozen or like i don’t know what it was like it was just a bad feeling i was getting i don’t know if it was just anxiety or if it was the medication i don’t know i’m not you know i’m saying is the

Buspirone for a lot of people nothing happens but for me this is what was going on and i decided that for me personally it would be better so anyways i decided that for me personally it would be better if i just took half of the buspirone in the morning and that was it i don’t take anything else in the afternoon at all i am taking my vitamin d 5000 iu’s daily so

That could be helping with my anxiety too because you know a deficiency in vitamin d does cause depression anxiety fill-in-the-blank so so yeah that’s pretty much what i decided to do so that’s how long that’s what i’ve been doing this whole time i’ve been doing this now for about a week and a half i think i think it’s been about a week and a half or something like

That that i’ve been doing this whole not taking me hat the other half in the effort so i noticed that obviously you’re gonna have a little bit of withdrawals you know so i so i was having a bit of withdrawals in the beginning but now i’m sorry if you guys can hear there’s a the my neighbors ac turned on so it’s like literally like zero and it’s really loud yeah

So my anxiety levels i’ve been trying to maintain them well i do notice that they did come back more now that i’m not taking as high of a as high of a dosage it wasn’t high like ever right because it was like 7.5 and down but to me like it was just a you know like coming down from it or whatever so so my my anxiety levels did come back a bit but i’ve been managing

It because i just i know how to calm down a lot better now than before and i just don’t i don’t know like i just i can call myself down from having an anxiety attack which is what i’ve been having more more often in a panic attack so my panic attacks turned into anxiety attacks and they’re not very often i would say now i’m now having my anxiety attack like maybe

Once every other day or something but i am working on it and honestly i don’t want to be medicating with medication for anxiety i just because it’s something that i really never would like to do i have been on psych medications before and they just i just hate the way they make me feel and that’s what a lot of people say is that they just hate how they feel numb

And that they can’t feel anything and like and i was getting that with the you spur on like i just felt like i didn’t give a crap about anything and like i know so so now i feel ya anxiety came back a little bit but i feel a lot more and i feel more connected with the world not so much that dissociation i’m having a lot less disassociation and more connections

With the world around me and that’s what i love to feel i love feeling connections and i don’t like feeling disconnected it’s a terrible feeling so i hope you guys understand me and if you have anything negative to say please don’t say it or just like keep it to yourself or something because you know i’m a human too and it is hurtful so i’m just here to share my

Experience with you guys and oh my god buddy you’re gonna kill the little worm oh my gosh you need to put it back in the war in the ground okay bear back hold on this thing talk to the people here talk to them talk to them say hi okay but i already found that your bed okay so i had to go put the warm back in the ground because i mean i put it in my little what’s it

Called my little pot for now my little now i got a dirty holder but yeah so yeah this is dom this is on my experience and i hope you guys can understand where i’m coming from and if you don’t like i said if you have nothing nice to say please don’t say it all because we’re all human you know we all get hurt and you know so yeah another thing that was really messing

The buspirone i feel like it was messing with boys my memory i had horrible i still have mildly bad memory but before whenever i was taking the the afternoon one i’m super i felt so out of it like 24/7 like i couldn’t remember things from like five minutes ago kind of thing and it was really scary because you know like we you just want about wife not remembering

Jack squat and when your husband gets mad at you for like not remembering what you said about two minutes ago it’s kind of like kinda starts taking a toll on your relationship too so so yeah that was my decision and right now i’m on that one on the sig three-point i think i think it’s like 3.5 kilograms so that’s what i’m doing it’s been working fine for the most

Part yeah i mean and if i feel like my anxiety is gone like really really out of and it’s like i just can’t do it i just have like non-stop anxiety and whatever and i will consider probably putting myself back on it because i mean if i need it i need it but if i don’t like there’s like a balance to things for me like you know so that’s pretty much it this video

Is super long it’s now literally 10 minutes so so yeah that is all i wanted to say about the medication and stuff like that destroying the planet you like please don’t please don’t do that please don’t don’t do that go over there and close the sweep look hey eli stop go over there and play with this week okay so i’m gonna go and i’ll probably make a video talking

About my my promise a technician stuff which i’m excited to talk about alright guys i love you guys and i hope you guys have a great day yeah it’s pretty much okay alright bye

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Lowering my dosage AGAIN! Hallucinations And Memory loss. Buspirone By Liuba De La Luna