February 1, 2023

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What in your body is involved in over 300 reactions it’s magnesium we need magnesium for so many different parts of our bodies and when we’re taking retinozone it’s terrible because prednisone is stealing magnesium so there are 300 chemical reactions that can are supposed to be happening in our body that are being suppressed because we don’t have enough magnesium

Hi i’m dr megan your prednisone pharmacist i’m here to talk to you all about prednisone and magnesium and i just barely got my shipment of magnesium in the mail let’s check it out hey check it out i got magnesium glycinate i have a family member whose therapist suggested this to help out with anxiety so i got it and we’re going to supplement so why in the world do

We care about magnesium and prednisone well i just gave you a hint anxiety is one of the main reasons people on prednisone can have anxiety come out of nowhere and feel just terrible just shaking and heart palpitations and feel like they’re going to have a heart attack or die or something so bad anxiety and potentially it has to do with magnesium or other chemical

Changes in the brain from the prednisone fight or flight hormones out of whack it’s really hard so that’s the first um sign of low magnesium i wanted to share with you second low magnesium you can see it with abnormal heart rhythms so weird like some thumb thumb it’s just not not the way it’s supposed to be you can actually um give somebody an arrhythmia by injecting

Them with way too much magnesium so we don’t want to have too much or too little we want just the right amount feeling serious fatigue and weakness is a sign of low magnesium low calcium blood blood levels called hypocalcemia can be a sign of low magnesium because calcium magnesium and potassium are all related they’re all kind of they all kind of look similar

In the blood they’re all positive ions and so when when your blood and your cells push one out they take the other they kind of go back and forth and so it’s this beautiful dance that your body has between calcium magnesium and potassium and if they’re they don’t have the right ratio then you can have all of them wrong so we want to keep them in the right balance

And even one more thing i wanted to share about that is if you get your blood tested and you find out how much magnesium is in your blood and by the way a normal level is between 1.3 and 2.1 ml equivalents per liter if you get it tested you’re like well it says it’s normal i don’t have low magnesium that is a trick answer because magnesium is mostly stored in

Your bones and your muscles like 60 of magnesium is in your bones and 40 is inside cells so you can’t measure that in your blood test you can only measure what’s floating around in the like the water part of the blood which means there’s only like one percent of the magnesium of your whole body is floating around in your blood so when you’re testing you’re only

Testing that one percent you’re not finding out how much is in your bones or how much is in each individual cell so your body tries to keep the balance in your blood just right but it could be stealing from your bones to get the blood at the right balance yeah so that’s why hypocalcemia is a problem then loss of appetite so anorexia not feeling hungry because we

That can happen because of low magnesium muscle cramps and contractions so that happens to me i wake up especially like when i’m pregnant i’m not right now but when i’m pregnant i can have serious charlie horses late at night in my bed and that’s often because my baby is stealing my magnesium and i have low magnesium so i’m having miserable muscle cramps and so

Whenever i’m pregnant i always supplement with magnesium um nausea and vomiting is another symptom of low magnesium and then numbness so we need magnesium and it is so important those are just the signs of luminescence those are the things you can actually feel and see that it’s low but what about when it comes to prednisone what are the signs that we are having

Low magnesium with prednisone so i already mentioned the anxiety the the mood and having the proper balance of magnesium can help you have a more cheerful demeanor having more positive emotions when you’re low on magnesium you can feel anxious or depressed or otherwise feel unwell emotionally and then the next important thing is prednisone is a glucocorticoid

Glucose sounding like glucose which is sugar and sugar is related to insulin and so when we have prednisone it causes high blood sugar which causes insulin problems and magnesium can help keep the insulin in the right balance yeah so we need to give insulin back i mean magnesium back to keep our blood sugars stable okay then magnesium is also important in blood

Pressure so your heart having the right amount of blood pressure not too much and not too little just the right amount then when we give back magnesium i’m gonna tell you seven things that magnesium helps with first it helps boost your mood right i already mentioned that several times so it boosts your mood second it protects against inflammation and a lot of

People are taking prednisone for inflammation because prednisone is an anti-inflammatory so if you give back magnesium that can help prednisone in doing its job right because prednisone is bringing down inflammation magnesium if you give it back will help you help protozoan bring down inflammation third is it reduces insulin resistance and i already mentioned how

Prednisone is causing high blood sugars and so if we give magnesium back it can bring those blood sugars down which can bring down insulin resistance we do not want to get diabetes number four it can help to manage blood pressure prednisone it um you’re four times more likely to have a cardiovascular side effect if you are taking prednisone than if you are not

Taking prednisone and have a normal condition that would cause you to take pride in them so one of the main reasons that the heart problems happen is because prednisone causes high blood pressure so let’s give back magnesium bring the blood pressure back down right okay number five it improves athletic performance so i know a lot of people on prednisone athletic

Performance is like the last thing on your mind at least it kind of was for me my doctor wouldn’t even let me exercise because she wasn’t afraid if i got in an accident i would just bleed to death so even though this might not be important to you right now maybe when you’re off prednisone improved athletic performance would help number six and this is the reason

That has the very highest level of scientific evidence supporting it is that when you give magnesium it can help with migraines that magnesium actually is more effective than dexamethasone metaclopramide and other prescription treatments for migraines so magne um my migraines could be caused by magnesium deficiency so take magnesium if you’re struggling with

Migraines and number seven it reduces pms so pre-menstrual syndrome it can help with the mood with the um bloating can help keep us more happy and less bloated while going through pms so all of those seven reasons are why people should generally take magnesium not to mention the fact that it’s involved in 300 reactions right so what other medications besides

Prednisone can deplete magnesium and the answer is a lot there are a lot of medications that can deplete magnesium so first the medications people take to block stomach acid whether that’s a ppi like pantoprazole or whether it’s another type of medication like cementidine they can lower your magnesium other antacids like calcium carbonate like in tums that

Can lower your magnesium antibiotics lower magnesium antivirals blood pressure drugs cholesterol agents not statins but other ones like cholesteropal steroids not just prednisone but all of the steroids including inhaled corticosteroids like in an inhaler fluticasone they all can do it hormone replacement therapy for older women or oral contraceptive pills

For younger women the estrogen containing products can deplete magnesium immunosuppressants like tacrolimus or cyclosporine so if you’re taking prednisone for a kidney transplant it’s not just the prednisone but it’s the immunosuppressants too that are depleting magnesium anastrozosol roloxephene tamoxifen and those are the prescription drugs and then alcohol

Coffee a high sugar diet and malabsorption from conditions like crohn’s disease all of those if you also are taking those medications or also have those complications then your magnesium is probably being very depleted and you need to be replenishing it so what’s the best way to replenish magnesium it’s by eating it in food and the highest source of magnesium

Is pumpkin seeds yum in spanish they’re called pepitas if you roast them so pumpkin seeds are really high in magnesium dark chocolate yes is high in magnesium cashews spinach almonds buckwheat peanuts black beans bananas and avocados are all high in magnesium and how much do you need well somewhere between 300 and 400 milligrams is the recommended daily um value

For men and women women at around the 300 milligrams and men at the higher 400 milligrams range and then there’s lots of different kinds of magnesium right like if you go to the pharmacy you could actually get a prescription version and you wouldn’t be using that probably for just replenishing what’s being stolen but there’s a lot over the counter some of them

Are for constipation for like you can swallow a whole like guzzle a whole bunch and it’ll clear you right out others are just um for nausea they can do that can be used for many things the most common salts are probably magnesium oxide and magnesium gluconate but what is the best kind for people on prednisone and i would say it’s probably the kind i ordered

Magnesium glycinate there can you see nope oh glycinate there maybe you can read that magnesium glycinate and that is because it’s magnesium that’s connected to a bigger molecule called glycine glycine is an amino acid um neurotransmitter in your brain that you your body uses to help calm you down and so if you are suffering from prednisone causing you insomnia

From prednisone causing anxiety or other mood changes this is the best kind because not only does the magnesium help stabilize your mood but the glycinate does too so it’s like double whammy like it’s just so awesome for you now this bottle um let’s see they suggest one capsule per day so this is a 90 day supply and this costs i think like forty dollars and

So forty dollars for just this one ingredient alone and like i got the best kind like pure encapsulations they’re the best company of all like they’re called pure for a reason they’re the most highly respected by doctors and you know chiropractors and all the people who care to help you with supplementing what you’re missing so if that’s you know 40 bucks that

You know that can add up pretty quickly and i felt so strongly about magnesium glycine helping people on prednisone that i actually invented a dietary supplement that not only includes magnesium and specifically magnesium glycinate but it also includes all the other nutrients that prednisone depletes magnesium isn’t the only one there’s at least nine and potentially

15 other nutrients depleted by prednisone and so i created this supplement you just take two capsules in the morning and two capsules at bedtime and it replenishes all the nutrients prednisone steals not just magnesium and you might think oh it’s going to be 16 times 40 dollars right if this is 40 and there’s at least 16 other ingredients no it’s not that much

If you just click the link below you can find out exactly how much it costs and it’s a deal still compared to just this one ingredient alone so just click the link below go to nutrinize.com find out how to replenish the nutrients that prednisone steals because if just magnesium alone can help with all of those side effects what do you think this could do when

It’s replenishing all the nutrients that prednisone is stealing go to nutrinize.com to find out more i’m dr megan your prednisone pharmacist i’m here to help you not just survive pronouns on the side effects but thrive while on prednisone you

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