June 4, 2023

মালয়েশিয়া শ্রমবাজার চালুর ঘোষণায় যা বলেছিলেন দুই মন্ত্রী। Malaysia Calling Visa and M Saravanan in Dhaka about Labor Migration and Minister Imran Ahmad | #Probash_TotthoKendro_ENGLISH #প্রবাস_তথ্যকেন্দ্র_মালয়েশিয়া

Real question hmm today i think is a historic day when we have finally come to a situation where we have signed in a document let’s put it that way which will benefit both malaysia and bangladesh and the commitment from the honourable minister to look after the welfare of the migrant workers the decision of the government of having a minimum wage for

All workers both migrant and the malaysian these all matters have brought to a situation where inshallah the workers going from here will be on a very good situation every workers in malaysia who come away regardless whether they come from overseas or local they will enjoy their uh similar benefit i mean you reach one five hundred at this one we are looking

At immediately about two hundred thousand our period of one year can go up to half a million because militia needs workers uh bangladesh have access workers to be sent to malaysia so it should open and once we resolve with the joint committee meeting because the government of bangladesh specializes very concerned about the wealth and well-being of the immigrant

Workers to be taken care of so we have to give them that assurance we have announced we have informed them what are the measures we are taking uh to make sure that welfare and well-being of bangladesh can be taken care of in terms of housing salary the social needs and so forth all that we are putting on record today how many recruiting agencies will be involved

In the process there is we are fully a sole right of the ammunition government we we decide okay that was not part of this discussion so this is more concerned about the welfare and well-being of the workers but earlier you have proposed 20-25 agencies and 250 services no this is this is purely the receiving country you just said we will decide according to our

Capital network but malaysia appoint a worker from other 13 countries in different ways so why different profession for bangladesh we don’t necessarily some country there’s no mou okay and in the past we had 10 we might increase now now currently with the old ammo is only 10 okay but now 10 is effective so we might increase so you will uh 10 and plus 10 now now

The 10 is very very so we have to increase we have to give more we don’t want to do like other countries in bangladesh if you look at singapore only seven seven from seven to six hong kong only seven japan should live up very less so we but we are not like that really increase you increase your improvement for the win because we see everybody must know one thing

In 2009 everybody was sending workers under total workers from bangladesh were surrounded on the streets of kuala lumpur without food and drink i don’t repeat the same mistake so but it gradually will increase now the 10 was very effective now we’ll increase further then if there’s a need arrangement will increase don’t worry we don’t have odd and fast rules we

Don’t limit ourselves only these numbers yes and when foreign

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Malaysia Labor Market Reopen for Bangladeshi Workers | মালয়েশিয়া শ্রমবাজার চালুর ঘোষণা দুই মন্ত্রীর By প্রবাস তথ্যকেন্দ্র