March 24, 2023

Pensacola, FL born/Southside Atlanta, GA raised recording artist, Marco Plus, sits down with DJ Smallz and reflects on his body, opening up about his past. This interview was filmed on 8/2/22.

Do you have a horror high story a bad experience while you were high i ain’t gonna lie it’s been many times where i thought i was gonna die for zan it’s been a few times right it’s been that there’s times where i wake up for like a whole day you know what i’m saying i got scared like scared as like damn this thing walked over asleep this moved like once

Yeah it’s been like that a few times um was there a worse instance of those different times i got one he’s not even involved in xanax this isn’t about my trauma dog i took trauma dog and i was throwing up all day for like five hours like five hours this this time i thought i was gonna die then i just went to sleep when i went to sleep that’s when i thought it

Was over with i thought i was gonna die but it like i say like 16 hours later i woke up do you remember what age this took place in your life i like 19. and what led you to experiment with that drug in particular my opponent from new orleans was popping him and he he didn’t react that way so i thought i could take it and it wouldn’t react how i thought how it

Happened but it happened that way so yeah and was this your first time experimenting with it yes yeah this is my druggie era i guess was that the only time you’ve experimented with it or yeah yeah so that was a one and done situation oh yeah i wanna try that again i was like this ain’t for me now for viewers watching this who are unfamiliar with that particular

Drug what does that actually look like bruh it’s kind of weird weirdly shaped i can’t even really explain it right now if i remember correctly it was like a trapezoid shape you know what i’m saying it was also blue um yeah it was it’s a trauma dog did it have a smell to it by any chance i need to smell it i just seen it took it what did it taste like i didn’t

Taste it i don’t see that’s a thing too i don’t be letting my taste buds like interact with the pill dog like hell nah i’m kind of like i hate bitter taste so i just kind of like just put it on my tongue drink the water or whatever i’m drinking with it and swallow that and it was just one pill in full that you took yeah i took the whole thing that’s probably a

Little that smart how much time surpassed before you felt high 15 minutes and what was that experience like aside from the vomiting take the viewers back to that moment what did it feel like what did you see actually it was horrible the whole time that was not cool like at no point that she was not cool that was horrible that was crazy they get i don’t i

Don’t condone or promote trauma dog did you have sex while you were on it nah i probably threw up on the beach and was this a high feeling that could be turned off at all hell nah i ain’t trying to i don’t know i don’t think you can really turn off them type of things man i think once you high you just got to be high unless it’s like another drill you can take

To counteract that which i think it is um but i don’t know when you woke up did you still wake up with a high feeling or was it over with yeah i was out of i was out of it i had to smoke a blunt so you were basically able to sleep it off sleep off the high i think the high was this was the sleep yeah i don’t think i just looked i think i had to wake up wake

It off now i know you’re not a doctor but what do you think it was that led to this experience did you take too much of it at the time was taking that whole entire pill the cause of this or now that you asked me that my let me tell you i think it was because i took xanax the day before i think it was because i took the xanax probably and it wasn’t like an actual

Day before it was like insanity still in my system it’s about to take a trauma dog these always mesh and me over i think that’s what it was no no no no i’m thinking about that probably was exactly what it was was this drug authentic at the time as well yeah it was real zam probably wasn’t though and even though it may have mixed with the fake xanax still no uh

Interest in ever trying this drug again no i’m cool i’m cool um zero odyssey anything else you want to mention about this horror high story or question you weren’t asked people want to know about it nah i’m good i’m good don’t do trauma uh unless you schizophrenic because that’s what it’s made for now there may be some viewers watching this wondering why use

The b word in reference to a female coming out from the south i don’t really mean it in a disrespectful manner unless you like try to me over it and it’s like damn but like when you’re from the south you should be like that like who that whoever it is i’m just from the south like that’s just how i like that’s how everybody that’s really how i don’t know it’s

Not it’s not me condoning it either because it’s pretty like when you think about it like come on i got a daughter i hate for one of these young in like 2041 to call my daughter a like yeah i think i will beat the shots all right so it’s actually something that i i should be correcting um man with condition we condition this black folk what can i say has a

Female ever been offended when you use that word or may have checked you so to speak over that phrase by any chance yeah yeah um whenever i just say it like about a girl or like be like that over there or that don’t like or show my girl some she’ll be like man chill out man like she wouldn’t be like super mad at me like man chill out man all right you know what’s

That like i said i’m from the south a lot of chicks from atlanta don’t give a like where they will call you a like they’ll call they’ll call it like and they said they’ll call they hungry a little never call everybody and not in a bad not in a bad way either but also in a bad way like it’s just a word in our in our universe i guess have things ever gotten

Physical over that phrase for you nah i ain’t never took it there with nobody like that not no woman probably with a yeah i caught all the time has a female ever called you the b word yeah i’m sure i don’t really remember every time but yeah i’m sure of it anything else you want to mention about the b word or question you weren’t asked people want to know about

It i love bro just because i say that word don’t mean i don’t love who who who i might call at this time a and that don’t mean every woman is a if i call one woman a the i’m calling the is a because she a it ain’t every one of y’all that’s not how that work but guess what this this a i’m saying that’s how i go not disney not none of these but like

In the situation baby and just in case viewers didn’t get a chance to watch other portions of questions that you’ve answered when you say you’re from the south care to share exactly where in the south you were born raised was whatever you want to share there pensacola i was born in pensacola but they talked like that in pensacola like specifically in pensacola

They refer to you as big like what’s up all right what’s going on a bit but also just growing up in atlanta growing up in the south with your partners you referred to women as just like women refer to men as you know what i’m saying it’s just what’s going on it makes it sound cooler it’s more illustrious to say you got then say you got girls you know what

I’m saying right right this bit you know it’s just slang at this point a lot of people kind of got to stop giving it power if we really want to stop giving the power right because at this point ain’t nobody’s going to stop saying it you

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Marco Plus: I Don’t Condone or Promote Tramadol (part 7) By DJ Smallz Eyes 2