June 1, 2023

HAPPY SATURDAY! I am back from my vacation and it’s time to stock up!! I went to 3 stores this week and we have some NEW food finds!! Enjoy!

Hi friends welcome back to my channel and a very special welcome if you’re new here my name is jen i’m a certified weight loss and nutrition coach and i’m on ww personal point happy saturday it is saturday and it is massive stock up haul we literally needed so much when i got back from my trip to hawaii so i went to three stores this week so i have quite the haul

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Enough as well as one-on-one coaching if you would like to chat with me directly links discounts to my favorite things and don’t forget come join our facebook group we’d love to have you so let’s jump in to this massive grocery haul foreign i grabbed two of the milo’s zero sugar sweet teas these are really really good it’s very refreshing and i thought that

It would be nice to have something in my fridge for when i finish my water for the day i also grabbed some more light butter for troy this is the butter that he prefers and we were just about out i did grab a can of pumpkin for my meal prep i will have a meal prep this coming up monday so stay tuned after the grocery haul for what’s for dinner and what you’ll be

Seeing in monday’s meal prep so i needed a can of pumpkin i also needed a can of black beans for my lunch meal prep and a can of tomato sauce for a dinner recipe light mozzarella cheese this is for a recipe and i also decided to pick up a pound of ground chicken i am out of ground turkey out of ground chicken and sometimes i like to just fry this up and have it

On hand for a protein so i picked up a pound of ground chicken walmart doesn’t have good culture so i grabbed a huge tub of the shamrock farms low-fat cottage cheese i think this was like 670 at walmart i will tell you that i saw it at costco for 5.99 so pretty similar in price but i am completely out of cottage cheese and it is something i eat almost every day

I also grabbed a big jar of chicken gravy i love doing the shredded chicken from sprouts mashed potatoes and gravy and making kind of a kfc bowl without the corn i guess so i grabbed the big thing of gravy and then i spotted these pumpkin spice baking chips and i thought that i could use these in a recipe maybe a fall baking recipe or maybe we’ll do something fun

With these into what i eat in a day and then lastly i picked up some prune juice for troy a big bag of the little mini persian cucumbers these are my all-time favorite i also grabbed a flat of raspberries these are two for seven i think at sprouts which is a really good deal and then their blackberries are actually two for four so i picked up two small containers

Of blackberries i found this good karma pumpkin spice nog so this is a plant-based nog and it’s only 45 calories for four ounces and i thought that it would be really good in coffee in place of coffee creamer so i’m excited to try it it was on sale they actually had quite a few pumpkin spice things just nothing that i had to have other than this of course a big

Pack of the pre-shredded chicken this is a staple for me i actually looked at this at walmart and it’s way more affordable at sprouts than at walmart so if you shop at both stores highly recommend picking it up at sprouts and then as always lots of produce i picked up a couple of honey crisp apples these are for my breakfast meal prep some zucchini for my lunch

Meal prep some cilantro this is for a dinner recipe a big thing of a baby spinach also for a dinner recipe and some celery and some asparagus this trip to costco was all about my dogs i bought a lot of stuff for the dogs they have these advent calendars and i went ahead and picked it up now because i’m afraid it’s going to sell out before the actual holidays and

This has eight dog toys and 16 bags of dog treats and it’s this big huge advent calendar i believe it was like 37.99 so i only got one i’m probably going to grab a few more at trader joe’s but i thought this would be really fun for the holidays i also grabbed some lysol because we were completely out they had these doggy delirious peanut butter banana bones dog

Bones so i grabbed those they’re huge bones they have human grade ingredients so i thought that i could break them up into threes for my dogs for a treat i also grabbed another four pack of the thomas english muffins like i said troy’s been making breakfast sandwiches a lot so we just throw these in the freezer so that they last a long time i grabbed some fair life

Salted caramel shakes because we know i put a protein shake in my coffee every single morning i was really hoping they had the premiere protein pumpkin spice but they didn’t so when i go to sam’s club maybe this next week i’m definitely picking that up if they have it you can order it off of amazon so i’ll link it down below for you i found the most affordable

Price on amazon for the pumpkin spice shakes i love them and then i grabbed a big box of chips for troy just so he had little individual bags of chips picked up the organic hard-boiled eggs we like to have a pre-done pre-shelled ready to go hard-boiled eggs on hand there’s two in a pack and it has 12 grams of protein so a really good protein filled easy snack i

Also grabbed some secret deodorant for myself this is on coupon for ten dollars for four which is a really really good deal i also grabbed some organic triple berry blend frozen berries i like to make protein shakes as you guys know and i prefer to put a little bit of frozen fruit in there i also grabbed some more of my all-time favorite string cheese the organic

Valley stringles this is the best string cheese hands down best string cheese it tastes so good and it’s really affordable at costco i think it was eight dollars and forty cents for the big pack two more of the voices bakery bacon and nutty dog treats they they still have these for ten dollars which is a really good deal so i picked up two more bags and then i also

Grabbed my dog some of the duck jerky really good ingredients in these and again i can break them up into smaller pieces for them a big block of colby jack cheese for troy’s breakfast sandwiches meat cheese and crackers and then i also picked up the cheese slice variety pack i really like this one because they’re swiss colby jack cheddar and monterey jack so it’s

A nice variety pack for 9.99 also a big pack of blueberries these were cheaper at costco than they were at sprouts the vanilla extract is 11.99 which is great for this huge container i think i pay nine dollars for a little tiny one so i picked that up they have the sonoma creamy alfredo sauce on coupon i think i believe it was ten dollars for both jars so i thought

That i could make some alfredo pasta for us a restock of my dishwasher detergent because we’re running low i love this cascade one it works really well a big huge container of my plain organic non-fat greek yogurt for my yogurt bowls i’ve really missed those on my trip so i’m definitely going to be back to making those pretty much every day some mouthwash because i

Just used the last one that we had in backup i picked up some omeprazole for troy for heartburn this one doesn’t bother his stomach so i grabbed that and then we also needed some tylenol this is on coupon right now at costco as well for i think 12.99 which is a really good price this is a huge container a two pack of milk for troy i thought this was a better deal

Than buying a single gallon at walmart some scent beads for the washer also on coupon for 14.50 for the big container which is an incredible deal of course a big pack of toilet paper because what costco trip doesn’t involve kleenex toilet paper or paper towels also not shown is a case of water a case of diet coke and a case of coors light before i put those away

In the garage fridge already so that is my huge massive haul from costco sprouts and walmart let’s jump into what’s for dinner and what you’ll be seeing in monday’s meal prep so here is what is on my menu for dinner so starting today saturday we always go out for dinner tomorrow i’m actually making garlic herb chicken and asparagus this just sounds so good i missed

Veggies in hawaii i didn’t eat as many as i should so i’m super excited for that and then on monday i’m actually making creamy chicken gnocchi soup you guys will see that recipe in wednesday’s what i eat in a day so stay tuned tuesday’s a leftovers tonight wednesday i’m making pasta thursday we’re doing tacos and then friday we’ll finish up any of the leftovers from

Earlier in the week and here’s what you’ll be seeing in monday’s meal prep i’m really excited for these recipes i am making a spiced apple baked oatmeal for breakfast for lunch i’m doing a sweet potato black bean burger it even has some quinoa in there and then four to dessert i am making pumpkin muffins and supposedly these are the best pumpkin muffins ever so

Definitely stay tuned for monday’s meal prep thank you for joining me for this week’s grocery haul i hope you enjoyed seeing all my good stuff from walmart sprouts costco we are stocked up we are good to go pumpkin spice was here we had new food finds very exciting haul so if you enjoyed it give it a big thumbs up subscribe if you’re not because i upload a grocery

Haul every saturday in five videos per week don’t forget to check out the description box for nutrition coaching as well as links and discounts to all of my favorite things last but not least come join our facebook group we’d love to have you happy saturday friends and i’ll see you all in my next video bye

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