February 1, 2023

Matt Harvey SUSPENDED 60 Games By MLB For Oxycodone..

Professional baseball in the united states has long been marred by scandals surrounding performance-enhancing drugs the barry bond scandal brought the issue to the fore but it is thought the problem has been going on in one form or another for more than a hundred years since pitcher pudgelvin and it has reared its ugly head again recently today we are discussing matt

Harvey’s 60 game band for distributing oxycodone so stay with us first of all let’s have a quick look at harvey’s career harvey was born in 1989 in connecticut and actually grew up supporting the new york yankees and derek jeter in particular in university he played both baseball and american football and was actually coached in baseball by his father in high school

As well as playing basketball so it seems as though harvey was an all-rounder from an early age however it was in university where he decided to focus on america’s pastime as well as studying sports administration whilst in university he spent his summers pitching for the chatham anglers who played in the cape cod baseball league putting up some pretty impressive

Numbers in 2010 he entered the mlb first year player draft being selected by the new york mets which could potentially have hurt being a yankees fan but we’re sure he got over it after his first paycheck he spent six seasons playing for the mats before moving on but since leaving new york he has become somewhat of a journeyman harvey’s career has seen him spend

The past four seasons with four different teams from the cincinnati reds to the baltimore orioles where he currently plies his trade harvey became an all-star in 2013 whilst also bagging the nl comeback player of the year award in 2015. however his future with the orioles has now been cast in doubt after he was slapped with a pretty lengthy ban last week who is

Your mlb team next up we’re discussing what we know about harvey’s ban so as we know harvey has been banned for 60 games after he admitted his role in providing former los angeles angels teammate tyler skaggs with performance-enhancing drugs skaggs later died after a mixture of alcohol fentanyl and oxycodone was found in his system the mlb announced the ban after

Investigating the circumstances surrounding skagg’s death and harvey himself has testified to receiving oxycodone from a former angels employee which he then gave to skaggs eric k the angel’s employee in question has been convicted of drug supply and is now staring down the barrel of a 20-year sentence skagg’s death which occurred in texas while the angels were in

Town for their series against the rangers was brought on after he choked on his own vomit after ingesting a cocktail of drink and drugs and kaye who served as director of communications for the angels was convicted after the court heard how he distributed a controlled substance to harvey which resulted in death also added to the charge was a conspiracy to possess

With intent to distribute beef which will see him sentenced this june and harvey was on the witness stand to hammer another nail into kay’s coffin confirming he had received the illicit drugs from kay himself and whilst on the stand harvey also admitted to using cocaine in the past his ban has now been backdated to the end of april suggesting he will be available

In july what have you guys made to this are the orioles really going to play him when his ban is up then there have been some murmurings that the orioles could be about to ditch mad harvey after his involvement in the death of tyler skaggs but orioles general manager mike elias has confirmed that once he has served his suspension he will again be considered for

Spot this will shock some fans who have watched as harvey has been given chance after chance over the past five or six years but has somehow messed them all up yes he has been unlucky with injuries at some points but his drug use and admitted involvement in the death of skags would surely mean the end for most other mlb stars elias has said his selection will

Depend on his performances in the minor leagues but it is surely hard to imagine him starting for the orioles at any point during the season as we mentioned earlier he has flitted from one organization to another over the past four years or so for years which has not been success filled in any way shape or form of course harvey has failed to recapture the form of

His younger days but given the rest of his behavior off the field he can count himself lucky he still has a contract at all the orioles look on the up at this moment and the last thing they need is a washed-up pitcher taking up a spot on their roster when it could be given to a young up-and-comer do you think he plays for the orioles again next up we’re talking

Grayson rodriguez stay tuned we have already seen the orioles bring adley ruchman to the majors but are we set to see another minor league star given the nod grayson rodriguez who played with ruchman in the miners could be given a pretty quick reunion with his old pal and why not it is unlikely the orioles will be challenging in the american league east so why not

Blood some new talent they currently have a record of 17 to 25 this season but those in the know in baltimore are quietly confident that they have a decent core developing there have been some impressive performances by a few players on their roster and although sitting bottom of the american league east they can be quietly confident going forward of course they

Have had john means on the sidelines after ongoing ucl surgery but austin hayes cedric mullins and ryan mount castle have all stepped up in their own rights and one orioles staff member said it is very encouraging to know that we have a lot more on the horizon it’s not every day you get to make national news when you promote a player when discussing ruchman’s

Major league debut it seems as though now would be the perfect time to give rodriguez his debut especially given the hype surrounding the core members of the team right now blooding one more young player would be superb for fans and giving him some experience certainly wouldn’t be a bad thing what do you think about the orioles near future we’re discussing a

Meeting between the league commissioner and rachel balkovic now stay tuned malkovic hit the headlines recently after she was apportioned the first full-time female manager of a major league-affiliated team and yesterday she met league commissioner rob manfred for the very first time the pair were pictured shaking hands in the home dugout on a particularly balmy

Afternoon and the meeting gave the commissioner a chance to catch up on some minor league rule changes malkovich criminally is the first female to operate in a female league which given the fact that it’s 2022 is quite astonishing and the yankees affiliated teams dugout at the george m steinbrenner field hosted the pair for around 10 minutes as they chatted about

Rule changes such as the automated ball strike challenge system and after the meeting manfred said she struck me as one of those people who you would expect to break new ground i mean she’s really impressive when you think about her background the different things that she’s done and working her way to the point that she’s really broken barriers really impressive

And it’s about time really the commissioner was also intrigued by a new pitch clock which has shaved almost half an hour off of minor league games since its inception last month do you follow any minor league teams let us know which ones below and finally some desperately sad news to report following the latest in a long line of school shootings in the usa which

Took place on tuesday in the small texas town of uvalde mlb teams have been paying tribute all games on tuesday were preceded with a moment of silence as a mark of respect to those who lost their lives including 19 children sadly the mlb released a statement which read our hearts are broken tonight major league baseball mourns with the families and friends of the

Victims of today’s senseless tragedy and for all the people of yuvalde texas and teams around the country gave their own tributes including the houston astros who were hosting the guardians just 300 miles from where the tragedy took place the texas rangers also held their own tribute prior to their game against the angels in anaheim the twins pirates and nationals

All held their own tributes as well the mass shooting is the most deadly since the sandy hook massacre in 2012 and the gunman who we will not name out of respect to the dead was killed at the scene as well as two innocent teachers and the 19 innocent children what a terrible tragedy as usual thanks for stopping by today and remember to tune in next time for some

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