March 28, 2023

I got this prescription from my primary and it’s called pravastatin ten milligram tablets take them once a day and we’ll how i i got started on this is from a blood test my primary said that your bad cholesterol is 101 and that it should be down to 99 at least because that’s what the insurance company wants everybody down to 99 so i had one two points difference

This is a little fine give me the pills i’ll try it so he gave me this prescription for pravastatin which is a statin i guess this is a generic name i’m not sure so i took these for a couple of months and i never had any follow-up blood test so i couldn’t see whether it was effective or not and i want to see the primary again and he forgot to order a blood test

So i went in there anyway and he said uh well let’s amp it up to 20 milligram tablets as the one hey i’ll give it a try so i got the 20 milligram pravastatin tablets and within about a week of taking 20 milligrams or just twice the dosage i had before i was doing a little exercise and suddenly i’ve got a tremendous muscle ache in my groin i never had that before

Especially in that area a muscle ache so and then well i took a couple more days and then suddenly i got this massive headache it was right here it’s like near the jaw but it’s just blown well i took some tylenol on all the headaches i’ve had in the last 20 years tylenol or leave i take it take one in the next day it’s gone well i took it and it diminished it and

Then it came right back the headache came right back just like say is i hardly a headache is the image in the jaw area and i kept taking it again continue with it and i was also taking the tylenol and the tylenol again would knock it down but dinner come right back up i did this three days in a row i could not get rid of this pain in the jaw or headache because

It’s pulsing like a headache and i said you know i read in the the sheet about some of the adverse effects from crime of statin or statins is this muscle pain and jaw pain well says man i said i got to get rid of this headache so i quit taking that 20 milligrams i didn’t take anything and you know what my headache jaw pain went away and i never had the the muscle

Pain in the groin again as whew as i can’t now i’m not taking that 20 milligrams again so i went back to ten on my own i’m not going to call him because i don’t care what he says this is what i want to do i’m cutting back on the medication so i went back to ten and then i was doing some yard work and i started getting severe and growing pain you know i’ve never

Had this before and then i got a pain again this time directly in the jaw and i was you know just hurting opening all the hurting as as you know what i says this statin may be a problem for me so i cut back on i missed it for about three days and that a pain in my jaw went to wait and i didn’t have the growing pain again and then i took it again the statin and then

Started to come back a little bit so i’m at the point right now and i’m taking like one every other day ten milligrams but if i have any of those recurring symptoms again i’m going to stop it and whatever happens with the bad cholesterol level that’s just the way it’s going to be but this is my experience with a statin drug your experiences may not be the same so

Check with your doctor first but uh and also it’s said in there and the sheets that elderly people which i am elderly have more problems with statins

Transcribed from video
Me and Pravastatin medication for cholesterol By quartytypo