January 26, 2023

Hello everyone my subscriber video topic should be on a mechanism of attenual so before starting on the video we must know what is actually um i do know it is nothing but a uh uh it is a class of beta blocker you know also called as hydrogenic genetic uh blocker uh which will block the uh chemicals uh like uh which has secreted in our body called as uh epinephrine

Or adrenaline so what happened uh these are used in such case uh where the uh in such conditions like hypertensions what is hypernature increase in bp so what we will do this ethanol helps to decrease in bp by blocking this um chemicals by blocking the chemicals which chemicals uh hydrogen that is adrenaline we are blocking the uh adrenaline secretions by uh by

Blocking their receptor it is a selective beta1 uh betavin uh antagonist at the antagonist blocker so let’s start first we know about what is actual the beta blocker this is at a neuron antenna eternal oil it’s a molecular formula formula is c14 h22 and 203 and its molecular weight is 266.336 gram per ml now its color is white crystalline and when you when we

Talk about its solubility it is a freely soluble in acetic acid methanol and about its uses as a it is used as a antihypertensive drug and also as a anti-adrenal adrenergist adrenaline next we will move on the what is the actual mechanism of the atomizer antenna belongs to the class of beta blocking agent that uh the action of certain uh that block this certain

Action of chemicals which are naturally secreted in our body called as if in a plane for the or adrenaline uh on heart and blood uh blood vessel so what happened when we take the antennal oil this drug when when it passed through the git then the absorption of the drug should be takes place through the blood capillary then after the absorption of adrenal drug

Into the blood circulation then it will block the um it will block the hydrogenic uh that is adrenal then what happen uh they stimulate the heart for low pumping uh that is uh it will uh decrease the heartbeat that is lower ability in this way our in this way our heartbeat get normalized from high to low that is in all adrenal effect is decreasing heart rate or

Decrease in bp and on the same uh decrease the strain on heart next uh this antenna also reduce the force of contraction of the heart muscle because what happened uh various the various receptors are present on the um various sub-stars that is hydrogenic receptors that is adrenaline the their receptors are present in the heart kidney so what happened uh when we

Are when the adrenaline is acting on the heart uh or the activation is done so what happened uh the adrenaline and also called as epinephrine so this drug what happened as as it uh act on the body so so it stimulates it stimulate the central nervous system to pump the heart in a greater far greater way so what happen in this way our heartbeat get increases and

Similarly in next uh in next or um second in second way we are we are increasing the heartbeat by kidney what happened uh we are uh renal in the renal uh renal expressions we are excreting low low metals so for uh that is any uh this because these are the agents which are which help to increase the blood problem what is what we can say blood pressure so in this

Way these are some ways to increase the blood pressure and uh indirectly they are acting on a blood vessel because uh in kidney the adrenal artery and renal veins is present as as we know so uh what happened uh but we have to in uh we have to do to increase the uh increase the blood pressure so what happened this uh this adrenal all uh this selective beethoven

Antagonist drug uh attack on attack on the unbeatable offer so they blocked their actions also they blocked due to the blocking of the agent so the further the contraction of the hard gate in the contraction of the hurricane decreased and also the strain on the blood vessel also get a decrease in this way blood pressure get normalized so next in or in this oil

We must know that what is the actual uh uses of the antenna oil eternal oil is used in the cardiac heart failure next uh it is also used in uh anti in a hypertension that is uh to lower the uh to lower the blood pressures then next also it is using uh myocardial infarctions during heart attack because the today’s heart most uh there are more patients that suffer

From a heart attack next uh next comes that is ventrial trachycardia and also for long cutie syndromes next when we uh come to the side effects of the atenolol the side effects of the retinal oil dizziness tiredness drowsiness nausea and shortness of breath i think this uh this short video is sufficient uh i hope you should understand this that what is that what

Is actual antenna roll and what class it belongs and also what is its use and how its mechanism of actions and also what is its side effects here is the end of my video thank you

Transcribed from video
mechanism of atenolol By Siddhi Bartere