January 27, 2023

Hi laurie my name is juanita i’m going to be the nurse doing your intake today what brings you well i’ve been feeling sad hopeless and with the loss of motivation okay how long have you been feeling that way it’s been getting worse the past few weeks okay um do you have any particular cause for that no i can’t think of any one thing that stands out okay well

It sounds like you might be suffering from depression okay lori the doctor has prescribed you celexa 20 milligrams you’re gonna take that once every day do you have any allergies to medications no okay and are you currently taking methylene blue uh linezolid or any mao inhibitors no i don’t take any other medications okay if you start any new medications over

The counter or prescriptions make sure you call and let us know because there are certain medications that we have to allow 14 day window because it can cause you to increase your risk for serotonin syndrome okay so how does this medication work it is a ssri antidepressant basically it makes more serotonin available for use and that’s just a neurotransmitter that

We believe is related to mood okay does this drug have any side effects yes some of the common side effects which may or may not happen for you could be apathy confusion drowsiness insomnia uh weakness abdominal pain anorexia dry mouth nausea flatulence sweating and sometimes tremors it doesn’t sound like something i want to take um well when they say common side

Effects it means it’s happened in a certain number of people but a lot of times that won’t happen to you and i believe with your symptoms it might be best to to try it out and see before you decide not to okay are there any life-threatening side effects yes there are a couple i want you to know that these are very rare and there are signs and symptoms that you

Can watch for it would be neuroleptic malignant syndrome torsades dupont suicidal thoughts and serotonin syndrome okay i think we could try it all right um if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant make sure that you let us know because it can affect the fetus in the third trimester or be transferred through best milk are you currently pregnant no okay

And i also want to alert you to some other things to watch for make sure that you’re wearing sunscreen on this medication make sure you take it um as we prescribe it with or without food is fine also it can cause drowsiness or dizziness so make sure not to operate heavy machinery until you know how it’s going to affect you if you have any worsening symptoms or

Suicidal thoughts let us know immediately okay and then um if you have any mood changes and make sure that you do good oral hygiene mouth rinses and that can help with dry mouth if that does affect you okay two weeks later i’m not really feeling much better okay well it’s only been two weeks and this medication can take up to four weeks to have a therapeutic

Effect um and i just i want to ask you have you had any changes in mood thoughts of suicide aggression panic attacks um or insomnia no not that i could think of um any feeling that you want to act on dangerous impulses no okay well um that’s good i do want to let you know that it’s very important to continue taking the medication and to continue coming to your

Follow-up appointment so that we can continue to monitor you okay when would my follow-up appointment be um for the first four weeks you’re gonna have one every week okay and then um if you’re doing well we’ll move out to every um three weeks so about once a month okay i’ll see you in a couple weeks all right you

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