March 24, 2023

NUR 378 medication commercial group 7.

Hi there my name is jesse i’m in group seven with cody and tracy we chose furosemide as our drug of choice that’s the generic name and it’s also a brand name known as lasix it has side effects just as every other drug does the most common side effects for this medication are the headache dizziness and blurred vision now it does create um some ringing in your ears

And if progressed with higher doses it can create hearing loss the fever and rash type things are severe allergic reactions and those are things that obviously want to notify your doctor about but not things that happen very often and then usually tends to happen through iv it does cause hypotension and that is because it is working to lower blood pressure as well

As dropping edema furosemide a loop diuretic is a water pill that is designed to reduce excess fluid in the body it is indicated in edema associated with heart failure liver cirrhosis and renal diseases edema is a condition where the capillaries leak fluid into the interstitial spaces as a result of high hydrostatic pressure in heart failure specifically in the

Chambers of the heart lose their ability to effectively pump blood throughout the circulatory system so the blood pulls and the legs ankles and feet which then causes pressure to rise and therefore fluid to leak out of the capillaries in liver cirrhosis the blood cannot easily flow through the liver therefore increasing the pressure in the portal vein which leads

To fluid buildup in the abdomen also known as ascites in addition to the fluid that builds up in the legs and finally in renal failure there is a loss of the protein albumin in the blood which causes fluid to accumulate in the interstitial spaces normally albumin compromises about 75 percent of normal colloidal oncotic pressure so when levels are low the osmotic

Pressure generated albumin cannot counteract the hydrostatic pressure therefore leading to edema and finally another indication for taking furosemide is hypertension if the pressure within circulation is high enough it can lead to damage of the blood vessels and eventually atherosclerosis so by taking king furosemide we are able to decrease the fluid accumulation

In the body and decrease the risks and complications that are associated with all these conditions and patients that are taking furosemide should be wary of the fact that it is a potassium wasting diuretic meaning that potassium is lost in the urine and should be supplemented in the diet to avoid complications that might arise with hypokalemia there are several

Adverse effects that can occur when taking furosemide furosemide can produce an excessive loss of sodium chloride and water in the body potentially leading to severe dehydration tell your doctor if you have dry mouth unusual thirst and decreased urine output and make sure you are drinking enough water furosemide can also produce an excessive loss of potassium

Tell your doctor if you have heart problems extreme fatigue muscle weakness or spasms tingling or numbness and make sure to intake more potassium-rich foods such as bananas now that cody and tracy have told you about indications adverse reactions and when to notify your physician i’m going to tell you about the route that is usually taken now as you can see here

The oral route the po that’s preferred route i do offer an im and an iv they say that po is preferred can be taken with food or milk this is because it does lower any chances of gi distress if you don’t get any gi distress then i wouldn’t even worry about that i’d just take it with water uh tablets can be crushed with furosemide slash lasix you might be asking

Yourself is there some administration considerations there definitely is um you want to make sure since this is an oral medication that your patient can swallow so have to install some water first for you uh says for edema you want to also take the lungs you want to check the upper and lower extremities for any pitting edema cap refill or any trigger up here on

The collarbone uh the multi-dose regimen for a patient is something that the nurses want to know about you wouldn’t want to give anything past 5 pm so if you’re giving them two dose regimens or a three dose regimen you’d space that out so that your last doses are given before five o’clock and that is so that it doesn’t mess up their sleep cycle because i have to

Be going to the bathroom all the time so the diabetic patient there’s a thing to watch for them if you know they’re a diabetic patient that they’re going to get more cbgs taken um this is something that messes with the blood sugars that raises the blood sugars and then prior to a dose we’re going to be taking a blood pressure and a heart rate now the medication

Lowers your blood pressure so that’s something we want to be uh highly aware of so if you you see here if you hit a hundred of a systolic or or if you hit under a hundred for a systolic for blood pressure that’s something you want to hold it for you do not want to give that all right thank you

Transcribed from video
Medication commercial: furosemide; Lasix By Jesse Anderson