June 4, 2023

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Hello thank you for clicking on this video my name’s lex and on this channel i discuss sensitive topics surrounding mental health hello you guys i’m gonna try and make this as quick as possible because i’m literally sticking to the seat here it’s 9 26 in the morning and it’s already roasting so i mean no complaints i’m gonna go and enjoy the sun today but i’m hot

So i’m gonna try make this video quickly so um quite a few things have happened over the past couple of weeks i know i haven’t been as active posting i’ve been feeling a lot better a lot more like myself actually wanting to get back to work and to maybe not fully jump in immediately but i want to start the process of going back and getting back into that again

Because i am feeling a bit better the right now for medication i’m still on 20 milligrams of trintellex and then i was on 10 milligrams of bisphorone or buspiron my my doctor calls a beast brown but i read there’s like beast baron so i’m just going to call it beast baron so i’ve been on 20 and i’ve gone up from 10 milligrams of beast boron to 20 i just started

The 20 milligrams yes two days ago no so i mean i haven’t seen much change so far i’m still having panic attacks every once in a while i’m sure you guys can imagine what i’m like i’m not always this happy and jolly but i have seen quite a shift in my mood so i am feeling better i haven’t been working out as regularly i’ve still been going maybe two three times

A week to work out but that’s something i need to fully commit to again we’ve just been moving so i have been sweating you know actually moving but i haven’t specifically allotted time like hey i’m going to go work out at this time so that’s something i need to do but we’ve been moving we’ve just been constantly taking stuff to the dump moving stuff to my dad’s

Because i don’t know if you guys watched my last video but we decided to move from our condo back to my dad’s house just because there’s a lot of extra space for the kids they’ve got their trampoline there already and right now we’re in a two-bedroom condo paying an exorbitant amount of rent and expenses if we move in with my dad we’re gonna be able to save that

Money to buy our own place and actually get a house for ourselves rather than just being in a condo i love being in a condo don’t get me wrong i love our condo love the location if we were gonna buy somewhere else we’re gonna buy in this area we want to live in coquitlam but for now we’re going to move back to pork aquitlam with my dad so you know a 10-minute

Drive away not even into his house the kids can have their own rooms there’s going to be a lot of space there but we’ve just been moving we’ve lived in our condo sorry i’m actually so sweaty um we’ve lived in our condo for just over five years now so just you know five years of accumulation and crap that we need to get rid of so that’s what we’ve been doing i

Had a phone interview two days ago for a different position at a different place it’s still it’s still in the the same industry i should have tell you guys whatever it’s an internet sales position instead of just being in like the sales and leasing consultant and stuff and i like that because i get to work behind the scenes and watch it go from here to here and

Then somebody else delivers the vehicle so you deal with the person all across the internet you get them to come into the store and then you know once you’ve picked a vehicle and all that kind of stuff and then you hand it off to a different sales associate who okay here’s all the features on the vehicle and then gives it to them do you know me and they do their

Insurance and all that kind of stuff so sort of the whole process up until they come in so yeah i hope that makes sense it’s so hot oh my god it’s like like i’m wet like literally wet but definitely definitely feeling a lot better i know i’ve said that but i’m not feeling every day just so like well and i don’t know if it’s something to do with the weather as

Well because once this weather comes out i went to h m i bought this little top here with some shorts thankfully like high-waisted baggy shorts are a thing that are in style now apparently like uh you know they cover my little fupa area i can’t really wear like low shots and this is like a crop top just comes just right here so got my high shots and my crop top

And then so that’s nice just to have like clothes to go outside in where i don’t feel like a freaking lump of you know what i mean so i got this and then i got another dress just another black dress where it comes i mean i’ll show you guys when i get home but it’s kind of comes to the shoulders and then there’s like a little like peekaboo area here like kind

Of like shows it kind of comes together like a bow so it kind of like shows you a little cleavage area there but it just looks super cute it’s sort of like a knee length maybe a bit longer that’s from h m as well and then there’s another dress that i got too which was sort of an off the shoulder long like flowery um yellow dress which i think is cute too i’m

Always i mean i got my hair done too so i’m feeling a little bit better about i don’t know my appearance and stuff i got my eyelashes done i know that um like getting out of a depressed funk doesn’t just mean like oh yeah i go i can go i went shopping i got my hair done i got my eyelashes done i’m not depressed anymore it’s like no that’s not reality it’s like i’m

Still feeling like at times but having these things done does help me feel a little bit better especially because i’m not one to put on makeup every day so to get my eyelashes done i feel like i’m always sort of done up or ready to go with very minimal effort so i i like to get those things done my hair i haven’t done my hair since last summer and then i just

Got it done they died over the uh the blonde that was in there that i got last summer but yeah i mean it’s just little things but it’s all steps towards feeling better if that makes any sense and you know i’m very privileged to be able to have time off and to take care of myself and oh i got my eyelashes done oh i got my hair done and i’m not working i know that

Is extremely privileged and obviously thanks to my husband working his ass off so i i know that i am in a very privileged place i’m not just trying to come on and be like oh yeah i got this i got this i got it’s like i i’m just letting you guys know how i’m feeling and those little things made me feel a bit better i also got my first dose of my vaccine which i’m

Stoked for um i was sort of like the last on the list over here like my age group you know my age group and people a little bit younger than me were like the youngest people or the last people to register for the vaccine so i got that done hopefully i can get my second dose soon my husband’s going to get his shot tonight i got the modena shot for anybody that’s

Curious i know that’s my business but i’m i’m just letting you guys know you know i’ve been very open about my um medications and all that kind of stuff so got my first modena shot maybe they’ll give me a fizer shot as the second one who knows i don’t i don’t really like care literal sweat drop anyways i just thought i’d come on and do a little bit of a ramble

Because i was feeling you know feeling a little bit okay today yeah things are going a bit better and i am feeling better i i credit that hugely to my medication if you’re scared or nervous or worried about going to talk to the doctor about this because of the medication i’d say just go for it just go and talk to them that’s the the least you can do you know if

You go and talk to them and then you decide okay this is not for me then then don’t do it but if if you’re in a place where you’re feeling like your emotions and the way that you react to things are not healthy then it’s definitely time to go and talk to a doctor or talk to somebody and i know in the states that that’s not a privilege that and everybody has

Which it really sucks it’s hard for me to to imagine not having the help do you know what i mean and i my medication still does cost me but i have um like insurance through my work so the the um the trintellex i’m pretty sure this must be like 120 bucks like for a month’s prescription and i pay 23. so i don’t know i don’t know if it’s 120 but i’m like almost

100 sure that’s what it is and i wouldn’t doubt that in the states it’s i wouldn’t doubt in the states that it’s even more expensive oh yeah my tattoo is healing as well that’s another good thing i guess i’m just feeling better i’m feeling myself a bit my tattoos like was scabbing really bad but now it’s uh healing up really nicely that pot leaf is finally gone

Which is also another very very liberating thing all right i’m gonna go now because i need to put the air conditioner on i’m sweating i definitely am feeling better guys and i thank you for listening to me cry in all of those videos and listening to just even my thoughts and opinions on things because me venting about that stuff and actually getting it off my

Chest was a huge release and relief i really really appreciate it

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Medication I Take for Anxiety & Depression / Trintellix + Buspirone By Lex’s Recovery