November 29, 2022

This video is about Medication Teaching – Fluoxetine (Prozac), shows information about medication as well as cultural considerations

Hi i’m hope and this is gabby hi and today we’re gonna be going over medication teaching hope will be the nurse and i will be the patient and we’re going to be teaching about fluoxetine so here we go so we’re going to start with a little scenario good morning how are you miss martinez hi i guess i’ve been okay i really haven’t been myself lately you know i have a

Lot of kids 6 to be exact and they’re all under the age of 15 years old so i have a lot of my hands and when my husband works all the time and well abuela is sick so i have to do pretty much everything around the house i just feel like i’m not doing enough and i feel like i’m kind of losing the will to live and honestly if i were gone i just kind of think my family

Would be ok without me so it seems as if you’re having a pretty hard time right now i’m here to go over your antidepressant medications that have been just prescribed for you oh ok yeah i have several questions about that medication because i’ve never taken that before well i’m here to answer all the questions that you have we’re gonna start with the basics so

You understand why you’re taking this medication so the drug is called fluoxetine our prozac and this is an ssri so it’s a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor inhibitor and this drug will help reduce your depression and the hopeless feelings that you’re having that sounds really good i have to confess though in the past i haven’t been very good at taking my

Pills just you know cuz in the morning my kids are so busy and i have to do all that stuff for them and abuela so sometimes i forget what should i do if i miss a dose in the morning well the pill should be taken daily and it even says that on on the pill box oh yeah you can read that to remind you ok but if you you do miss pill you should take it as soon as you

Remember so say you don’t remember to take it right as you wake up you can take it after taking care of the children in the morning and then if you forget completely don’t take to the next time that you do take the medication have you considered a pill organizer this might be really helpful for you oh my gosh i have never even seen those things before what are

They well it has all the days of the week on it i can put the pills in there and it really can help you stay organized and remember to take them each day oh my gosh i’m definitely gonna get one of those i really like to stay organized so i think that’ll help me a lot that’s good really yeah oh sweet thank you so another question i have a lot of times when i wake

Up in the morning i have a very upset stomach and sometimes when i first eat i have some you know acid issues and you know up in my throat and stuff so is there anything i can do to make sure this pill won’t make it worse or to stop it from happening this is actually a common side effect of this medication and a lot of patients have said that if they take it with

Breakfast they take it with food in the morning it will reduce that stomach ache or acid reflux feeling oh good okay that’s good to know and another thing i really like enjoying my herbal tea in the morning and that’s the one time of the day that i do get to sit down do you think i could mix the contents of the pill into the herbal tea so i don’t have to swallow

It well this pill shouldn’t be opened at all or crushed as it won’t work as well a new body so but you said you use herbal teas have you talked to your health care provider about that oh yeah i tell the doctor about all the herbs in my car and derick prescribes me and he said they were all fine to take with the medicine so it’s okay that’s really good to hear now

Let’s talk about some side effects that you might have so when you first start taking this medication you might feel a burst of energy and that’s why we recommend that you take this in the morning because it could interfere with how well you sleep at nighttime you might also experience headaches mild anxiety sweating and dry mouth okay i think i’ve had dry mouth

Before what really helps relieve it and make me feel better well you can try taking some sips of water throughout the day and also make sure that you keep good oral hygiene okay that sounds good i’ve been thinking about it a little too well this pill have any effect on the relationship that my husband and i have well some people have said that it could decrease

Their interest in having sex and it’s also possible that this might not affect that at all but if you do you have any plans of getting pregnant at all or are you pregnant at the moment i’m not pregnant at the moment no but we do believe that it is god’s plan to determine the size of our family so you know i’m not sure but i’m pretty happy right now with my family

So hopefully it’ll stay that way all right this drug can be dangerous for you for your baby if you’re breastfeeding or you become pregnant so make sure you just stay in contact with your healthcare provider and let them know if you’re considering having another child or you think you become pregnant okay i sure well are there any other really bad side effects that

I should watch out for well if you start wanting to hurt yourself at all you should you should report this to your doctor you also it’s possible to the medication might build up in your system and become toxic to you so if you let me let me just list a couple side-effects that if you start to feel them you should report to your health care provider so okay you have

Any severe headaches and severe sweating increase sweating more than the normal mm-hmm fever high blood pressure you’re pale you’re feeling tired you have stiff muscles or you start to see things you’re hallucinating you’re seeing things that aren’t there yes so and you have severe nausea and vomiting you should definitely alert your healthcare provider of this

Oh my goodness nurse this this is a lot of information to take in i i don’t think i’m gonna be able to remember all this stuff well lucky for you i actually saw on your chart that you’re bilingual you also speak spanish so i printed out this all the information that we’ve been talking about today so all the side effects and all the things to remember so you can

Take this home with you today thank you so much this is very helpful to me and you also said just one more thing that i’m thinking about you said the pill might make me kind of tired yeah well well i’d be still able to drive because i need to get my children to school every day well it can cause drowsiness which could impair your ability to drive but when you first

Take take the medication for the first couple days just feel it out see how you’re feeling if you feel like your normal self then you’re fine to drive your children great that’s awesome when will i really start to feel better and like myself again you’ll start to notice an improvement in the first two to three weeks after taking this medication and the first signs

You’ll notice is that increased energy level like i said previously okay but please be patient though because the full effects might not be present until around seven to eight weeks okay i just really want to be the best mom i can be and right now it just kind of feels like i’m a failure and they don’t really appreciate anything i do for them well i appreciate your

Courage and thank you for sharing with me it seems that talking to someone might be really helpful for to you has your healthcare provider giving you any therapists they in this area oh i said no to all of his therapists i have this person that i see he’s called a concert hero back home and every week i go visit him to help my life and how god gives me blessings

Each and every day so i definitely have someone to talk to do you have any more questions for me miss martinez no nurse you’ve been so helpful and i feel like i’m ready to take this medication i’m glad and if you have any questions at all please be feel free to come ask any questions or if you have any concerns because we’re here for you and we want to help you i sure will thank you

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Medication Teaching – Fluoxetine (Prozac) By Hope Mowchan