January 26, 2023

It’s been over 3 weeks with Topiramate. I got some new updates and a change of dosage!

Hey guys it’s benny and today i wanted to give you a medication update so i’ve been taking topamax for about i know it’s been over three weeks now so approximately almost a month very bad keeping track but i’m pretty sure it’s like 28 days now and i have a new update from the last time i told you guys that i was getting really really really sedated and i was ending

Up sleeping from well what happened was basically my normal amount of sleep was 7 hours and that slowly turned into i’m going to sleep for 14 hours day which is absolutely horrible and you know i got to me last week with my um my psychiatric nurse and for those of you who might not know a psychiatric nurse is almost the same as a psychiatrist they basically study

Almost the exact same kind of um degree except instead of being a doctor this individual wanted to do nursing and they kind of have a more they tend to have a more personal intimate approach to psychiatry or as a doctor is a little bit more distant academic but whatever they essentially need to do the same thing but anyway um i went to see her because it was like our

Three weeks update and i was telling her i’m like you know this is making me just sedated however i wanted to tell her that i am really sad about this because topamax i actually think it’s starting to work it’s starting to do something for me because from the first day that i started taking it to right now i can feel like about a thirty to forty percent improvement

In my mood stability i feel so much less irritable i feel less like i’m not ruminating as much on my angry thoughts it’s getting a little easier for me concentrate i’m not lashing out as much and so it’s really kind of wonderful only bad part is is i’m winking which i mean one could kind of argue it’s like well of course she’s not feeling like this because she’s

Kind of drugged up but but no it’s like i’m still you know my typical self it’s just i’m tired and i sleep for a very long time and once i wake up and i’m up for the day it’s a damn on everything that i do because i have such little energy and i always feel the need to let me just and that 20 minute nap will literally will just turn into three hours it happened

Many times already so i told her about this and she’s like hmm that’s really interesting it seems like you have like a sensitivity to medication that i can have like a drowsiness the fact she was trying to figure out if there was anything else it took at night that may have amplified and i was like nope she’s like okay so here’s what i want you to try because

You know there’s no harm in trying this oh i’m sure you know i’m down for anything so she suggested that i basically take my dosage and i cut it in half now the reason why i can do this myself is because i was at the starting dose now see she wanted to get me to a hundred milligrams i started at 25 which is the starting dose for topamax i remember leaving her a

Message when we say yeah you know i don’t know what to do is making me feel real drowsy have any suggestions but she i guess she missed that part that i was on starting dose she’s just like oh you know just lower your dose and i’m just like how but yeah and she’s like oh okay that that totally makes sense so she’s like you know what just cut the cone half because

Maybe if you get half dose you can it can basically kind of force your body to level out you know let’s give us some time maybe if you start at a very very very low dose it’ll give your time give your body some time to sort of like accept the medication to the point where you won’t get that sedation but you will still get the positive effects the mood stabilizing

And i’m just like praying because you guys you don’t even know i’m so so scared to have the positive effects of this medication going away because it is one of the most wonderful things i felt in months and i need this and i don’t know what i will do if that effect will go away because i was absolutely miserable and i was very unstable but i’m hoping you know i’m

Hoping this will work out i’ve only taken two doses of the new twelve point five milligrams but you know i will be back to report to you guys how it’s like on the half dose of topamax but you know i don’t know how you guys send out good vibes but just keep me in your thoughts and you know light a candle say a prayer something for me guys because i’m gonna need it i

Really hope that i will be able to participate in life you know not be like in a coma for most of most of my day but be able to enjoy the wonderful benefits of having some stability but yeah i just wanted to give you guys a little bit of an update on my topamax so we’re still kind of trying to figure out you know if there could be like a proper dose for me to take

The will be but of course if it doesn’t work out i don’t have to try another drug good but yeah hopefully that will happen so wish me luck you guys um i’ll see you again and thank you again for watching me as always take care and bye

Transcribed from video
Medication Update: Topiramate #2 By SexyVinnyT