June 4, 2023

I went from

Hey guys amanda here so today i am talking about topiramate now i thought that i had made updates about this but apparently i hadn’t so i’m sorry about that all right so i started off at 25 milligrams and um at first that was okay it was for um migraines and it also can help with seizure seizure disorders and it can also help with bipolar disorder and it can

Also help with depression from what i understand and it was given to me for migraines by my general practitioner and then after i was on it for a month my psychiatrist took it over because she thought it would be a good idea for me to be on it for the migraines and if it helped at all with my moods then she would take it over and after a month went by she took

It over and somewhere sometime after that i ended up getting the botox and i got the botox and that helped and it worked for about i think it was about three weeks or so i can’t remember exactly i know i made a video on it but whatever the time frame was on that it worked for however long and um whether two weeks three weeks four weeks i can’t remember

Exactly but there were days that i got the migraines and they said that that would happen it was just my first round and she didn’t give me the full dosage amount either and she didn’t put the dosage in my shoulder area like in the trapezius muscles as either so that wasn’t part of it so i didn’t get that either and so um it had started to wear off a bit and

I started having a lot of the migraines again so i had called about a week after because she wanted to know how i was doing uh the person who gave me the botox and i let her know i think i had like a couple headaches that week or migrants i say headaches migraines i go back and forth so i’m sorry if i go back and forth but i mean the same thing migraines is what

I mean um and she said to um wait the entire month and then call her back and let her know how i was doing so after the month i had called back um to give her the message of how i had been doing and um the botox had fully worn off in terms of its effectiveness by then and they were back and i had them every day and it was pretty bad so she recommended that i

Call um my psychiatrist and have her increase my dosage so i did that and it was increased to 50 milligrams and that 50 milligrams twice a day so i was on 25 milligrams and i can’t remember if that was one i think that was once a day and then i was on 50 milligrams and i think that was once a day or twice a day i can’t remember i was twice a day and so i was

Taking that and it was working better i would feel the migraines start to come on and i would still get them they weren’t as bad but they were still there and it was interfering with you know thinking and doing things because i was i was constantly getting all this pressure and pain and i’m like you know i had to i still had to you know cover things and like

The light it was still pretty unbearable and things like that like it was very hard like the light sensitivity the noise you know it was hard to deal with but i still had things that i had to do so i kind of just bared it and after a while i don’t remember how long it was i don’t i’m not really sure how long i want to say a couple of months a few months give

Or take um i had because i think because i think i had been meeting with my psychiatrist about excuse me every six to eight weeks based on her schedule so sometimes it would be like two months before i’d see her so it could have been like four months and um i finally said you know i’m still getting these these migraines and you know what can i do about it

And she said well why don’t we ask um the person who gives you the botox and see what she thinks and then we’ll go from there so i called that person and she suggested at that point because you have to wait so much time in between your botox injections to increase it to 100 milligrams twice a day so i called my psychiatrist back and you know left the message

Of what um she had recommended and we had uh i can’t remember if she had physically called yeah yeah she physically called me back and we talked about it and we discussed it because i remember her telling me um going up how she wanted me to go up she wanted me to do four days on the 50 and then switch to 4 days on the 100 and after the 4 days of being on 100

Milligrams twice a day she wanted me to notice how i felt in case it was too much because it can be too much for some people there can be some side effects such as cognitive abilities for instance you may have trouble speaking um you might not be able to like your exact executive functioning um that might be off or however that presents i’m not really sure but

She said just be aware of that if people are saying like you’re not making sense or you know things like that just be aware of that and i said okay um but i haven’t had any of those symptoms not that i am aware of nobody has brought that to my attention i’ve been to doctors appointments i’ve gone to physical therapy you know i’ve been around a lot of people and

Nobody has said are you okay like you’re not speaking right you’re not making sense like you know is there something wrong nobody has said that to me so i think i’m good in that department um and being on the 100 milligrams has actually helped me out a lot in terms of the migraines for sure i still get like i guess i don’t know if this is a term but i i would

Just say many migraines if that makes any sense to anyone who’s ever had a migraine so what it feels like to me is now mine kind of come on in the back of my head and kind of come up and then come forward um sometimes they can just be like right here you know like that thing behind you it’s like behind your eye you know and it just feels like your eyes being

Pushed forward and out of your head that kind of thing but for the most part it kind of starts in the base and kind of comes up and it comes this way and then it kind of feels like what’s going on is there’s this other force going oh no i don’t think so it’s kind of like it’s kind of trying to push it back at the same time but i can feel it and sometimes i do

Have that like headache um migraine i’m sorry i keep saying that but sometimes i do have that pain that comes on and you know i do have to take time to relax and and be in in a quiet calm um darker environment doesn’t have to be pitch dark but just to relax quiet my mind but it’s not as bad as it used to be it’s so much better but i still get them but i feel

So much better on this higher dose so that’s my experience on it um and like again i thought i had made updates i think what i did is that i would start a topic on a video and then i would say somewhere in the video about the medication i think that’s what i did so i’m like oh i talked about it but i didn’t actually just make a plain video on it and i apologize

For that because i said i would keep you guys updated so i apologize my bad um so if you have any more questions if i didn’t answer any questions that you may have had or still have about the topiramate um let me know and i will try and answer your questions if i have the answers for you okay um so if you’re thinking about going on topiramate or paramax so sorry

Topamax whichever one your bottle says it’s the you know the same thing one’s generic one is uh brand name um you know just make sure you look up the side effects and all that stuff and just make sure you talk with your provider who’s going to be prescribing it for you you’ll talk to them about you know what to look for just in case just just make sure that you

Cover your bases before you take it make sure that you start out on a lower dose and then titrate up slowly but not you don’t want to just bam you know depending on your situation because everyone is different but just follow what your doctor says and just see how it goes and if you have any issues with the medication talk to your doctor and then go from there so

Um so there you have it so pyramid um 100 milligrams twice a day that’s what i’m on right now and my next round of botox for the migraines is um the 30th of this month so we’ll see what happens because she said that she’s going to increase the dosage so maybe i might not need the 100 milligrams twice a day if she increases it and then if she does put it in

These muscles because these muscles here they get really tense like and that’s where i get a lot of my pain and it is like in the back and up in here and stuff i can feel it so we’ll see what happens um so anyway that’s my video on topiramate slash topo max um thank you for watching um i hope you all are taking care of each other taking care of yourselves and

Doing well and um i hope that you are being safe out there getting your last minute gifts and all that stuff um i love you guys and i will see you in my next video bye guys

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