March 28, 2023

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So my doctor i don’t know that was just weird my doctor recommended that i get off topamax and get on higher dose of lumic tall but i was unsure about this until i researched it and apparently higher doses of omec dollars to treat bipolar and because they’re only pretty much anti-anxiety and there’s a lot of good things about them and a lot of bad things about topamax

One thing about topamax is it’s commonly known on the internet on drug forums and medical forums as dopa max cuz it dopes you up also it suppresses your appetite like crazy so you become skinny so if you’re on dopa max or toba max whatever you want to call your problem was skinny there was a problem with the order yesterday and i didn’t give the 300 milligram pills

Cuz i’ve epilepsy that’s the real reason why my doctor tried to scare me soccer’s get more money every time they write a prescription to someone they aren’t doing it because they want to help you sadly enough no i’m not crazy i’m actually really well minded i’m just like and just as a precaution i’m buying fish oil pills nope just what else does don’t work some

Of them do but it’s more effective if you buy ala oil what it does is if you have epilepsy ala will reconnect damaged brain cells and brain tissue it will create new brains it will fix you my doctor kind of lied to me yesterday i didn’t say anything because i knew it was lying doctors will lie to you to get money especially if they’re older doctors because they’re

More experienced and have been in the trade longer they’re trying to you over and they’ll be as nice as possible that way if you’re mean there were just being nice oh and by the way seventy percent of doctors are cancer signs i’m sorry i hate saying that no i don’t hate saying that because it’s true ask a doctor their zodiac sign they’re either one of three a

Capricorn a taurus or a cancer and usually they’ll be on the cusp of either a taurus gemini cancer you’ll know what i mean it’s just a persuasive nature it just irritates me that people are so not caring the math other people that they and i’m becoming that because i’ve learned that people don’t care about other people they care about themselves but not everyone is

Like that no everyone is like that you just haven’t had money yet you haven’t had a taste of what money is like once you have a lot of money then you’re gonna want more and then you won’t care about other people you’ll just keep giving them drugs regardless that’s why i can get a tour also easily at the hospital because they want to write the prescription they get

Money when they write the prescription you’re epaulette – what i plan on doing is i plan on having more seizures pretty soon i plan on it why this this is a cut but i heal pretty much instantly as in my cuts skin heals back over that in seconds i plan on having more seizures that way because i’m sungazing sungazing heals you entirely completely so and it gives you

Lots of energy kills your brain kills your whole self so but the problem is with me is that i’m growing the sun is making me grow because the sun regulates your hormones when you do sungazing so my hormones are actually being regulated for once and the testosterone is going up and i am crowing so until i stop growing i’m gonna have seizures the man time law and

The looked all well my doctor did not tell me is that it doesn’t prevent you from having seizures when you’re throwing no it won’t help with that it only helps with anxiety and topamax only dopes your brain oh so neither of those two drugs would help grows maybe topamax because it suppresses my appetite and it would make me grow slower but you can’t stop something

Natural and some people have even reported that both these two pills medications drugs have increased their seizures it may have been worse yeah my mom was slight flip it out she’s like you’ve always had two seizures matt’s at one time well now i’m probably only gonna have one and after that probably not gonna have any because i unlike your generation have found

A new way to keep rid of epilepsy you know the shamans and the natural medical doctors can train of epilepsy like that in other countries they don’t use any drugs they use energy they have gotten rid of people’s epilepsy instant there’s one guy in china that heals your problems for a dollar because he likes doing it used to pay like thousands of dollars for drugs

In america doesn’t make any sense why because we are greedy

Transcribed from video
medicine uses and side effects – 300mg Lamotrigine & getting off topiramate By TheBossGOD 1