May 29, 2023

This video is for clients of Hale Veterinary Clinic and explains how they are to dose their dog as part of the post-operative pain control protocol.

Hello i prescribed my lox protocol meloxicam is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that goes under the brand names of medicham or rumah can we dispense rumah can depending on the size of your pet you’ll neither be dispensed the room acam in its original packaging like so or if you have a very small animal we may be giving it in a smaller dropper bottle now the

Product is actually a cloudy white color i’ve died at green just to make it easier for you to see as i’m loading the syringe and giving them instructions on how to measure the dose with a larger dog with the original packaging you’re gonna take the childproof cap off and the product comes with a syringe and the syringe is marked in kilograms of body weight but

What we’ve done is we’ve put a black line on the syringe barrel to show the correct volume for your dog so you don’t even have to worry about how dog how much your dog weighs we’ve taken care of that we’ve put the line on the syringe to show you how much to give so in order to get the product into the syringe you put it into the orifice at the end of the bottle

And pull down on the plunger until you’ve filled the syringe then push the plunger back up to squirt the excess drug back into the bottle until the plunger meets the black line that we’ve put on there and then take that off now what we suggest is that you take this quantity of liquid squirt it on to a piece of bread and let it soak into the bread and give it to

Your animal as a treat because this is a liquid oral medication but one of your important instructions is you’re not to touch your animal’s mouth at all for 14 days so we don’t want your trying to squirt this drug directly into the mouth we want you to put it on a piece of bread let it soak into the bread give that to your pet as a treat if the bread itself isn’t

Enticing enough feel free to add some peanut butter or cream cheese or something to entice your dog to eat the bread with the drug in it if you have a much smaller dog and we’ve sent home the small bottle then what we’ve done is taken the end of this tip and cut it down in size so that this syringe will fit neatly into there and again we’ve put a black line on

The syringe to show you how much liquid to draw up so it has with the other you just overfill the syringe then squirt into the bottle until the plunger meets the black line on the syringe and then that’s the quantity of drug that you squirt on to the piece of bread and give that to your animal as a treat if you have concerns that your dog won’t eat bread or is not

Allowed to eat bread give us a phone call and we’ll talk to you about other delivery options other ways of getting the locks of cam into your pet without having to handle the mouse now this meloxicam is a once a day treatment once every 24 hours we will have given the first dose prior to discharging your animal so the next dose will be the day after you get home

And those instructions will be on the discharge statement that you’ll receive by emailing and the report that we’ll be sending you one other thing about non-steroidal anti-inflammatories they do have the potential to cause some digestive upset so if you’re seeing any concerns with that any vomiting or diarrhea contact us before giving the next dose and really as

With all medications if you have any questions or concerns by all means get in touch with us thank you very much you

Transcribed from video
Meloxicam By Fraser Hale