January 27, 2023

Meloxicam is one of the most common medications prescribed. It is part of the family of medications called Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatories and is used primarily to treat arthritis pain. It can be a great medication to treat your pain as it is simple to take being only once a day. It is not without concerns though. Side effects tend to be similar to other anti-inflammatories and can be hard on your kidneys if taking high doses for long periods of time. In this video we’ll discuss the other important side effects that you should watch out for as well as who should be more careful or even avoid taking it.

If you have just been prescribed meloxicam you are  probably having a lot of arthritis pain and are   really hoping that it is going to help for you.  but you may be worried about what kind of problems   or side effects that it can cause. in this video  we are going to help you understand how to safely   take this medications,

What are the most common  hi, i m dr. erik richardson a board certified  family practice physician. i d like to welcome   giving you practical and accurate medical   information to help you and your family. thanks  for joining us today because we are going to be   going over some of your most common questions  meloxicam

Belongs to the famiy of medications we  call non-steroidal anti-inflammatories or nsaids   for short. this is in the same family as more  common medications like ibuprofen or naproxen. it   works in much the same way by blocking chemicals  in the body called prostaglandins that contribute   to inflammation in the body, especially

In the  joints. it s a little different than ibuprofen   though in that it has some properties that help  the main things that meloxicam is used  related to conditions like osteoarthritis and  rheumatoid arthritis as well as just generalized   of arthritis that are caused by either wear   meloxicam is in the same general 

When studies have looked at how  they have shown to be about the same. the  main benefit you get from taking the meloxicam   so the main question we all have is what are  for most people, meloxicam is tolerated pretty  well. typically with lower doses and if taken   for shorter periods of time, there aren t really  that many people

That will have issues with it.   most common ones are some abdominal pain,   the most common side effect tend to relate to  issues with the stomach. we find that taking   these and any anti-inflammatories with food can  lessen any stomach symptoms that you may have.   of time sometimes your doctor may recommend   so

What kind of more serious side  effects do i need to worry about? this one will be easier answered by talking about  different areas of the body that it can affect.   these types of medicine can decrease the   protective layer in the stomach and make it more  likely to have an ulcer and even bleed from it.   as i mentioned before,

Meloxicam doesn t affect  a certain enzyme as much that can protect this   lining and make it less likely to cause an ulcer.  what we have found though is that in doses of   15 mg or above, it has actually been found to  increase your risk of bleeding over ibuprofen.   having black dark stools or vomiting blood,   another

Area that it can affect are your kidney s.  all anti-inflammatories like meloxicam can cause   that you would likely have any symptoms of. it   s just that the longer you are on it, the more  you are at risk for having problems. this can   be especially true if you are taking it with blood  pressure medications like lisinopril

Or losartan.   is still possible, so it s something you  another area of concern is that all  anti-inflammatories and meloxicam is part of that   strokes. all nsaid s can cause constriction   of blood vessels which can increase your blood  pressure and cause fluid and salt retention.   meloxicam is no different. the

Risk is not high,  but it is still there ,so if you need to be on   this long term, make sure you are watching your  blood pressure, working on diet and exercise,   stop smoking and take care of your overall health  to help minimize this risk. just a side note,   your blood pressure, so if you notice that your  

Blood pressure has not been as well controlled  another rare but still concerning issue is a  sudden onset of skin rashes or even peeling skin.   where you can get some blisters and peeling  if this were to happen you  would want to seek care. the key to avoiding most of these more significant  side effects is to take the medication at

The   lowest effective dose possible for the shortest  amount of time. the more we can work on diet and   lifestyle changes and focus on topical treatments  for our arthritis pain, the less risk we will   have to make on whether the benefit that you are   receiving from the medication, outweighs some of  ok, so that s

A short review of the main  meloxicam. it can be a helpful tool in  just like anything will depend on each person  on how well it works for you. at least now,   if you found this to be helpful, do me a  favor and hit that like button and share   it with your friends. it helps to get this video  out to others who may need this in

Their life.   that notification button so you don t  well, until next time, thanks for joining us here  at familymed and we ll see you in the next video.

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MELOXICAM | Common Side Effects and Who Should Avoid it! By Erik Richardson D.O.