May 29, 2023

Meloxicam, Mobic, and Prednisone

Hey this video goes out to somebody who goes on the handle day amix alright daya you’re talking about have an elbow pain meloxicam and prednisone and some comments that i made up might have made in other videos about the combination so let me tell you a few facts meloxicam is a cox-2 inhibitor a cox-2 inhibitor is a type of inset or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory

Drug and under the category of nsaids includes aspirin motrin or ibuprofen naprosyn or aleve or naproxen sodium diclofenac which goes under the names of voltaren voltaire and xr there’s others there’s ketoprofen there’s indomethacin there’s clitoral there is loading there’s real relevant there are there are so many i i can’t understand for the life of me why on

Earth the fda allows billion dollars to be spent on drugs like that by the way celebrex is on the list vioxx and bextra war on the list they were taken off the market i’m by the way i’m in the mobile office don’t ever forget i am in the mobile office and sometimes with the mobile office i gotta actually watch the road so you don’t want to hear a crash out of the

Mobile office that would be not good so so you know i’m gonna veer off you know this is really terrible you know people talk about you know why don’t we have a cure for brain cancer or pancreatic cancer why can’t we do anything for people with you know rare diseases such as vasculitis or lupus with kidney failure why don’t we have better treatments well for holy

Hell you know every new drug that comes to market is a billion dollars and most of those shrubs drugs have already been out you know for a million years under another name and they’re called me toos everyone gets the patent extended and gets to cash in off the public so it seems like the government is getting a little frustrated with this but you know without

Somebody like me advising them i don’t think they know what to do i mean it appears to me that nobody up there in health care really seems to know what to do or whatever when it comes to the pharmaceutical aspect of it anyway and then there’s people of course that don’t understand that the hepatitis c drug for $80,000 is a bargain because if it keeps you out of

The hospital one time you saved $800,000 of icu time anyway let’s get back to your question meloxicam is an nsaid so prednisone is a steroid prednisone does not cause peptic ulcer disease meloxicam or other nsaids do give an increased risk of peptic ulcer disease when i say peptic ulcers i’m talking about the stomach but mostly i’m talking about the small bowel

So aspirin burns a hole directly through your stomach okay now drugs like meloxicam which is a cox-2 inhibitor is supposed to block prostacyclin i’m sorry i’m sorry prostaglandin less therefore lowering the risk of giving you an ulcer however ibuprofen and naproxen and all the other ones you’re familiar with low deen relevant clinical whichever one you like or

Don’t like or indomethacin they all work because they block prostaglandin well without prostaglandin you’re gonna get ulcers in your small intestine and when you add prednisone to an inset product even though the steroid does not cause ulcers the combination of steroids and nsaids gives you a higher risk of ulcer than inside use alone that is a fact there is no

Ifs ands buts or maybes now you mentioned about taking one of them or both of them and i honestly have to admit i don’t remember the details you were taking it for elbow pain the most common causes of elbow pain that i do see in my practice i would say the most common could be electron on bursitis in which case you typically drain and or inject the bursa i see a

Lot of lateral epicondylitis which is called tennis elbow i inject the tendon sheath and contrary to the literature my success rate is much higher than they report the same goes from medial epicondylitis the same goes for cubital tunnel syndrome which is like carpal tunnel syndrome except it’s on the inner aspect of the elbow um that’s from an entrapment of the

Almond or ulnar uln ar as opposed to all nah i think i’m a little tired anyway the other elbow problems would be in the front where you have blood drawn usually if you have pain there it’s coming from another source and then you can have arthritis rheumatoid arthritis scout psoriatic arthritis whatever you like can affect the elbow and then again you you inject

The joint typically if that’s the only joint involved if many joints are involved then that theory doesn’t work so i really hope that this answered your question about the combination of them they are used simultaneously but in today’s day and age there’s almost no no role for nsaids and chronic arthritis it’s good short term you know for a headache or a sprained

Ankle but that’s about it so many billions of dollars spent and steroids are very cheap and steroids for the most part if you took a global comparison i i personally think low dose steroids are safer than any continuous use of nsaids products okay the sun is setting and i actually am heading back to the office i want to see what’s going on i want to make sure the

Bushes and groundskeeping is all pretty because we have such nice patients everybody should feel at home so we want our lawn to look like you would want your lawn to look like and with that i’m signing off from the mobile office this is doctor solloway reporting to you live from my car

Transcribed from video
Meloxicam, Mobic, and Prednisone By Stephen Soloway M.D.