February 1, 2023

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Hey guys welcome back to mit made easy my name is arun verma hotel first specialty pharmacy today we’re gonna talk about meloxicam also known as mobic very commonly prescribed very easy to take there might be some scary stuff i say but again most people take it what is it for it’s for anything having to do with osteoarthritis rheumatoid arthritis any sort of

Musculoskeletal issues i know i’ve taken it in the past because i’ve kind of messed up my upper back weightlifting – any kind of inflammation any kind of like tissue injury or even you know me and jury elbow injury whatever it’s like a very very strong advil or aleve just prescription strength a lot more potent you have to take it with food because it will upset

Your stomach like any and said does so remember an inset is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and so if you have or ever had in sorry allergy to aspirin then this might kind of co interfere with that and kind of cause that issue so you may want to watch out for that let your doctor know about it really it’s either taken once a day or twice a day very easy to

Take again you just take it with food because again it could cause acid reflux issues in your stomach so if you have acid reflux issues make sure your doctor knows because if you’re on this for about two weeks you’re gonna see that acid reflux really kick off in that time it does have a black box warning so like i said it might get a little scary but but anyone

Who has heart conditions of any kind you do want to watch out for this medication makes you doctor knows cause you know issues with mi strokes or a coronary artery graft bypass graft a cabbage not the vegetable the cardio term and then also at the same time it could cause gi bleeding so if any of those things are kind of in your background you need to let your

Doctor know especially if you have pre-existing sort of heart conditions that’s a big one and again like i’ve mentioned about acid reflux being a big one so it can also cause gi bleeding if you’re on it for a very long time so just make sure that your doctors aware of any pre-existing conditions and for the most part most people tell that’s just fine if you have

Liver issues same thing or if you take a lot of medications that go through the liver this also goes through the liver so make sure your doctor also knows because you don’t want to tax your liver by taking too many drugs that go through the liver it’s excreted through your urine and your feces so if you have sort of any renal conditions or you’re on dialysis

Or something make sure that your doctor also knows what your doctor should know but a lot of times when you go to multiple doctors not everyone knows what you’re on so that’s why it’s always on you to make sure that you’re letting your doctors know all the different ones you may have the 2 to 15 doctors you got that you’re on these medications so that they all

Are aware and they’re all on the same page because if you’re all on the same page that’s where everyone gets better people don’t get better and medicines do harm when you’re not not everyone is on the same page if doctors are prescribing stuff and they had no idea that this was going on and this doctor prescribed something that this doctor had no idea was going

On so just try to simplify it and also keep everyone on the same page and i think that’s it guys it’s really really easy to take generally kicks in and lasts almost all dates like i think it’s half-life is about 12 hours i’m quote me on it but i think it’s about 12 hours so it’s got a very long mechanism action do not pop this stuff every three to four hours or

Something like that no like one a day is usually good if you’re on the lower dose 27.5 then you could maybe be on that twice a day but generally you take 15 milligrams once a day and that’s it but again every doctor is different they all have a different way of doing things so guys i think that pretty much does it right we have mets mate easy to try to keep it

Real quick easy simple and fast so i hope we did that you have any questions please leave some comments below and we’ll see you next time on meds made easy bye

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