June 1, 2023

Hello how are you state your name date of birth please harry sweeney 1024 wonderful i’m just going to shut the curtain so harry what brings you into the office a high pain my body feels in flames a meeting with a physical therapist soon to see if they are non medical remedies for this disease i was recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at age 20 okay

I just told the doctor and he prescribed me wash your hands but i’ve no idea what this medicine will do for me aside from helping decrease the inflammation in ledges what can be done for her and her sister i can’t believe she was diagnosed approaching our age here’s joint and head pain please open well before i start are there any cultural or religious

Restrictions you’d like to tell me about we’re jehovah’s witness we have an image detention is meditation great okay great well the drug the doctor prescribed will definitely eat some of the pain and inflammation box candies and incest a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug it works by relieving pain and inflammation caused by outdoors osteoarthritis and

Rheumatoid arthritis and it gives us a hormone like compound called prostaglandins which normally causes inflammation so how do i administer it and one of the reaction to the drug is well absorbed following oral administration the drug peak is five to six hours and the effects last 24 hours i understand but how many do i take a day take one pill a day which

Is seven point five milligrams so what can happen if there’s a bad side effect of this drug i’m still a winner well there are some side effects that can occur edema gi bleeding diarrhea nausea dermatitis your itís late oscillations and anemia also there are some things you can do to avoid a side effect which takes medication with a full glass of water and

Remain in an upright position for 15 to 30 minutes after taking it you should try to avoid the use of alcohol aspirin acetaminophen or other over-the-counter medication make sure if you do decide to take any you can fill your healthcare provider before taking them you should know that meloxicam may increase the risk of heart attacks your open and with longer

Use systrace gets worse you should consult your doctor if rash itching visual disturbances weight gain edema black school or mojit and tu veux you should avoid this drug as you’re attempting to get pregnant you should notify your doctor if you suspect that you’re pregnant or if you plan on breastfeeding hi – patrick the physical therapist i’m going to wash

My hands over everything okay thank you you’re welcome i’m going to leave you with physical therapist are you sticking sorry sweetie thank you for coming i feel pain in my joints for my rheumatoid arthritis i feel another pain in my head well i can give you some information exercise that helps keep your joints flexible you should also attempt a new ways to

Do daily tests which will be easier on your joints for example if your fingers are sore you may want to pick up an object using your forearms devices make it easier to avoid stressing your painful joints certain tools such as plug hooks you may be easier to get dressed getting good sleep eating well and exercising will help choose joints and caused by their

Plates yoga is very therapeutic here’s some exercises you get in okay so i like having lay back and you’re going to raise your knees and you’re going to move your hips you can watch it okay ranae’s raised and what you do is you put your hands on this knee and you move this leg out like that and you so what you’re going to do is you’re going to move your hips

At work and then the other one you can do is you lay one leg off the bed and you make sure to hold on to the rail in case you need stabilization and then you move the other hip in and out and that will fluctuate and the other exercise you can do is you can lay down corporate out on the ground you on through and then flex the other leg hang out okay thank you very much

Transcribed from video
Meloxicam By MARINA RYAN