March 28, 2023

A user looks for hallucinations with their first time on ambien.

Mounted into computer screen yo what’s going on is someone that’s known and welcome back to today’s report today’s report is coming from cuss off irrewood when this happened 2005 the drug used was zopitum are more commonly known as ambien at a dose of 20 milligrams the route of administration was orally gender male weight 165 pounds prior experience includes

Cannabis speed xanax and alcohol and the setting at home in his room so here’s a first look at ambien where in this experience cuss decides to try it for the first time in hopes of hallucinating which if you don’t know that can very well happen off ambien among a variety of other effects we’ll be breaking down zopita more at the end and what a typical experience

May consist of this report is pretty interesting and shows a bit of the uniqueness of this drug i’m sure you’ll like it so without further ado let’s dive right into this let me start off by saying that i’m a student in all honors and advanced placement classes i have only recently tried experimenting with certain drugs to see their effects on my body and mind i

Hope to better get in touch with my mind i have explored lucid dreaming and decided that trying a psychoactive that makes you husunae would be the next best thing after much research i decided that ambien would be a safe first try being that before this i had only experimented with marijuana speed xanax and a lot of alcohol i used various websites to determine

Ambient safety and decided that taking up to 20 milligrams would not put me at too much of a risk so long as i stayed a mobile and in my room after gathering information and deciding that it would be worth a try i obtained two 10 milligram pills from a relative and settled in i had made sure this was the right time and place for me to try it in a safe manner

Without attracting too much attention i decided to first take 10 milligrams thinking that it would make me hallucinate and after some time passed i realized that it was not enough i had hoped that only one pill would work so i would have been able to experience the psychoactive effects of ambien on two separate occasions 7 53 pm i took 10 milligrams of ambien

My heart was racing due to the nervousness 805 pm by this time i had grown tired i felt as if i would pass out at any moment if i were to close my eyes 8 30 pm i went to the bathroom and upon getting up i felt a little wobbly walking straight lines was a task 8 35 pm i felt as if i was stoned or buzzed off a few beers it was slightly euphoric but i needed some

Music 8 49 pm i took the other 10 milligram pill because i didn’t feel like i was experiencing the effects i had imagined 8 55 pm the experience became more dreamlike there were slight visual distortions but only if i really focused it was a crazy totally euphoric feeling 9 p.m i had a hallucination of my body being drawn into a never-ending cycle of circles 905

Pm i had another hallucination of being sucked into my computer i felt as if i had melted into the computer screen i was one with the screen i had to remind myself every so often that i was on ambien and the things i was seeing and feeling weren’t actually real i got very confused by the computer and the im boxes from aol which made no sense to me they were all

Highly zoomed and distorted i tried talking to friends online but since my motor skills were totally messed up by the peak of the sedative effects of the ambien i was unable to type correctly in a coherent manner i got frustrated by the confusing boxes appearing on the computer and melting into the screen so i shut off the computer screen and i lied down on my

Bed which was a mistake i last remember watching tv and then after that i’m guessing i blacked out and fell asleep but at no time did i consciously make the decision to sleep or close my eyes i awoke the next morning to my mom saying my name and telling me to wake up i felt 100 rested and not the least bit groggy ambien was a generally positive experience i

Learned from my experience that 10 milligrams is not enough to hallucinate it only makes me feel sort of drunk and stoned with a slight euphoric feeling with 20 milligrams i hallucinated felt completely euphoric and was genuinely unaware of my surroundings i would definitely try this great drug again but i would do it in an environment that is more stimulating

It would have definitely been better with friends around to amuse me to help keep me awake so i can enjoy the effects so zolpidum are more commonly known as ambien a fairly well-known substance to a degree in pop culture but i don’t think most people even have a general idea of what it can do understandably so considering it is more of a complex drug compared to

Your normal benzo now normally ambient will be prescribed to people to help combat insomnia and when used in the right doses it can be fairly effective at helping people with this when abused is when the potential adverse effects arise are recreational effects however one wants to look at it now ambien and other z drugs are often compared to benzos with a lot

Of their effects physically it will provide similar feelings of sedation motor loss control relaxation increased appetite and more mentally there will be disinhibitions a dream like euphoria possibly blacking out memory loss and more but the higher one goes with the dose the more it’s been reported that one will possibly hallucinate and the types of hallucinations

Seem to have no boundaries though a lot of dissociative type and delirium type hallucinations seem to be the most common it can get pretty unpredictable for what the user may experience it may even get to the point where they do have amnesia and act out in an undesirable way that causes consequences it almost reminds me of pcp by the way it can end up going

But still very comparable to a benzo in that someone can just black out and go ham doing some stupid but this experience here i think provided a fair look at what may happen with ambien which i think his hallucinations provided a very distorted and dissociative view of reality and at 20 milligrams that isn’t a really high dose by any means so you can get an

Idea of where this can end up going but i do want to bring up another report to compare though this is our first ambient report it isn’t the first report where we’re covering a z drug we’ve previously covered zopiclone other known as imoviene which is prescribed for the same reasons as ambien i want to bring up the report danger by vernette now i do want to say

Alcohol was also ingested prior which probably had an impact on the overall experience but the dose of zopi clone ingested was 30 milligrams and for zopiclone that would be considered like a heroic dosage just super strong now the user and a friend they just black out while another friend tried to watch over them their friend reported they said they saw demons

And in result they turned the house upside down they threw dishes and glasses against the wall and also used a flame thrower out of a deodorant bottle and a lighter and the user’s parents showed up the next morning to wake them up just terrible i’m sure that can give you an idea of what can potentially happen with this substance but this report today only showed

A glimpse of that and more so what a medicated dosage would provide for someone still insightful nonetheless so we’re gonna end it there today if you guys did like this report want to see more reports on ambien or any drug at that let me know in the comments below and we can do it if you liked the video hit the like button for me subscribe to the channel if you

Haven’t already follow the socials share the video it’s been someone that’s known and i’ll see you guys next time peace out you

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Melted into Computer Screen – Zolpidem (Ambien) Experience Report #1 By Someone That’s NoOne