June 1, 2023


And now it is chasey poo one more time i am doing a mental health update because i feel like my last one was like in new york like four months ago so i feel like it’s time to to talk to you about my progress in mental health oh isn’t that a good word when you when you put those together i feel great so i’m still on effexor effects there is the antidepressant that i

Am on for depression and anxiety but i have decided to get off of it and the reason for this is gonna sound ridiculous but true i would have to get off of it in about four months anyways and i start my masters in four months and the withdrawal from effexor are disgusting and i do not want to have to deal with that in my first semester of my master’s graduate school

Right so i decided i feel a lot better now i honestly don’t know if effects are helped me or not i felt down and up lots of times during the last couple of months but i thought to myself it’s time to get off of them i think a big reason why and i told the doctor this and i’m like look this is gonna sound super cliche but since it’s becoming nicer outside and it’s

Nice weather and the sun’s out i feel so much better about everything you feel so much better about myself i feel like i my eyes are open when i go outside i don’t feel like i’m super like to the sun i actually feel like i’m a human again i feel like i’m productive and she told me that doesn’t sound stupid or cliche that’s actually you know that’s true this it’s

Called them sad a seasonal affective disorder is that where there’s i don’t know it’s like seasonal depression and it it it makes total sense to me this is like the longest winter i’ve had in montreal and i’ve lived here my entire life like i honestly don’t remember winter this long since i’m like eat i really don’t know if that was the cause of it i guess i’ll

Never know but no matter what i feel amazing i’m starting to go to the gym i’m starting to do cardio i’m starting to feel better about myself and my body i’ve started a new nutritional plan no more fatty food nothing like that i just i want to be able to live instead of just being alive do you know what i mean i definitely still have anxiety right now i am on a

Decreased dose of effexor it’s gonna take a month to get me off of this so i can feel the least amount of withdrawal effects and if you’re wondering what the withdrawal effects are if you google them they’re extremely scary i have a friend who went through them and matt so it feels like you have like sparks major headache you feel like you’re floating so far i’m

On like day four of my reduced dose and i’m feeling good so i’m hoping that next drop that i do on my dosage i still feel great but we’ll see how it goes for now right so before i was on effexor i was on a divan for my anxiety i am i am thinking that i’m not gonna go back on that i think i’ll i’m i know people need medication and that’s completely fine and i’m

Trying to find more natural ways to live so i’ve completely quit drinking alcohol i started i stopped drinking for four seven years and then i went to scotland and i decided hey why not and since then i was over doing it it’s not excessive drinker alcoholic but i honestly believe that i have an addictive personality and mixing that with alcohol was really not a

Good thing for me so when i would go out drinking with my friends i would drink way too much and too many times so i decided you know i’m gonna get off of it so i stopped drinking alcohol when i started the the antidepressants because alcohol is a depressant so it’s not a good idea that makes those two well since then i’ve really decided to knock that completely

Out like it’s not even an option it sucks because i don’t know if it was a real addiction but when people are drinking around me i have no problem with it but if i drink something like 7up or somebody is drinking vodka and i smell it or if there’s rubbing alcohol near me it’s not triggering but i like i have like like a weird sensation where i need it and i really

Really don’t like that i don’t like not having control over my body and it sucks to be triggered by something so small like 7up because i used to drink vodka seven if that was my drink and i just i don’t want to you know i i just seeing myself being triggered by something that small really shows to me that i might have a problem in the future if i keep doing it

So definitely completely off the table i’m okay with no alcohol i was fine before and i will be fine now a sip of champagne will not touch these lips i’m good with my water and another thing as well is i’m gonna completely get off of soda and i didn’t drink soda for like four or five years and then i i started because of drinking i started drinking 7up and coke

And then you know started all these things and when i stopped drinking i started doing shirley temple’s and then i was like oh let me you know drink root beer i miss root beer then i got really addicted to root beer and i know that sounds ridiculous but like soda is really bad for me and i really don’t count on judging anybody you can you can drink you can eat you

Can do whatever you this is honestly it’s my body i’ve always talked about this on my channel i don’t judge anybody for anything for my personal body i feel a lot more comfortable when i don’t have that much amount of sugar or aspartate in my body and i’ve been off of alcohol since november and i’ve been off of like soft drinks for about five days now and honestly

The the withdrawal effects from soft drinks sounds ridiculous but it’s there i’m i feel like i’m always thirsty for something that’s not there i’m drinking lots of water which is absolutely amazing and makes me feel great i’m really trying to get away from those like packed of sugar drinks but it’s it’s hard because i go to the corner store and with zuzia and she

Gets like energy drink or something like that and i just see all that coke and it’s like really weird because i have that sensation in my body where i need to grab it it’s like you know when you like eat something salty like fries for mcdonald’s and like you want something salty again and you just keep eating fries it’s like that like i just sugar and sugar and

Sugar so i know that it sounds ridiculous but that’s just me and i’m telling you all of his boring information about my life only because i’m really trying to be a better me and i understand that people need medication in order to live and that’s completely fine and i needed those medications in order to survive those last six months and i think i’m ready to get

Off of the medication and i really want to thank everybody who’s like been there and supported me and made me realize that not like many people talk about mental health in the trans community because of the stigma on top of stigma on top of extra stigma and that sucks and we really need to start talking about it more and yeah that’s all i kind of say so if you

Have any questions about my withdrawal that i’ve been going through let me know but um i feel happier and i don’t want to rub it in the face of people who are depressed or have super amounts of anxiety i still have anxiety and still there but i’m i’m i just i don’t know i want to take my life into my own hands for right now and that you know maybe in the future

I’ll need pills again maybe when i get off of avexir i’ll get depressed again and i’ll need to go back and that’s fine so that’s right now i’m a new me alright i hope you guys have a great weekend getting questions let me know

Transcribed from video
mental health: going off Effexor. By uppercaseCHASE1