March 28, 2023

This is just an update video of where i am today. Also i wanted to talk to you all to tell you im ok with everything thats going on.

Hello and welcome to my youtube channel it’s taken me like four takes to do this one video because things are like happening like the tap keeps dripping and then i can’t want it to come in and i could hearing me out and at the back door so this is my like fourth take so hopefully that this is the final one so today’s video is just basically an update of where i am

Today i know it’s only been like two weeks ago since i did my last mental health update but i thought with everything that was is going on at the moment i thought i’d give you a kind of an update and let you know i’m okay and just feel you lovely lot of what’s been going on in my life we have my mental health so if you want to kind of a recap then go back to the

First video which was my mental health issues talk video then my second one was my mental health update and then once you watch them they come back to this one and then you’ll know what’s been going on and in the past and now in the present so i might seem like we’re sketchy but i think it’s these tablets have actually started to get my system for the past week

And i feel so much more alive sorry yeah i’m going to give you a general update show you the tablet tell you what the code again just to give you an update of what i’m on and how many milligrams and what i’ve been experiencing and i’m figuring out i am talking rather quickly i’ve got a slowdown um so but tablets that i am on just to recap what i’m on in case you

Lot forgot and they are called fluoxetine and they are 20 milligrams now i’ll show you what they look like if you want to kind of recap what they were like and they are groovy i’ve got one missing because obviously i took one this morning so these are what they look like the goofy things half green half yellow and there are grew a few things else kind of much

My nails my nails done yesterday and my friend emma she done them lovely and i loved them so so much so the tablets kind of match her nails so yeah i’ve been on 20 milligrams i was on 20 then and they would put up to 40 by the doctor then my body kind of didn’t like it and i didn’t like it so then i’m back right back down to 20 again when i was on 20 i thought

Oh great um then the doctor said lights let’s put them up 40 so then i went back to work on 40 and then i had to come back off wife again because the 40 milligrams just didn’t suit me at all my body did not like it so then i wasn’t at work and then as soon as i went back down to 20 i went back to work so yes since taking 22 sticking to 20 milligrams every single

Morning i am feeling on top of the world literally with everything that’s going on i’m coping i think pretty pretty well and these tablets are working at real treat for me because i think without them i wouldn’t be able to cope with what’s going on at the moment with my anxiety and taking these has definitely definitely helped a lot and yes so i want to tell you

The things that i’ve been experiencing while taking and sticking to 20 milligrams now or fluoxetine now this might sound a bit strange might not don’t know you might be experiencing the same or and you’re thinking about taking these tablets these groovy tablets then you might experience the same you might not everyone’s different and when they have medication they

All have different symptoms and effects and stuff everyone’s different because everybody’s body is different look so um yeah so things i’ve been experiencing is we’re back to work and just felt on top of the world i was kind of i was with it i can actually interact with the customers have a laugh with him again and cuz i woke in a pub and obviously as you know all

Pubs and that’s shut so i’ll probably be making a lot of content for my youtube channel and not just talking but i’m gonna put some ideas together with my husband and seeing what we can do to keep you like entertained on this difficult time and and also keep me entertained – so and yes i’ve been taking 20 milligrams and i like that to work felt on top of the world

And this is gonna sound rather weird but this is how i have been feeling for the past week and a half is i’ve gone back to work and every day i’ve gone back to work i have wanted to skip from my house to my workplace every day twice a day because sometimes i was working like more money now is doing like the clean in which i thoroughly enjoyed doing the cleaning i

Love cleaning anyway because of my ocd so i went like did the cleaning and then come back home rested for a bit and then went back to open up and stuff so yeah i basically wanted to skip to work every single day twice a day if i was at work twice a day and when i got to work and even when i got home i was so bouncy i’m so like with it i’m full of energy but then

It gets a certain time in the night and i crash and i’m like i don’t want to move on i watch telly thoughtlessly done and then the next day comes and you do all over again but obviously with the virus that’s going around obviously all the pubs are shut so i think my that wants to come on the on the video don’t you yes so this is table you missed it so yeah i’ve

Kind of been like so balance seeing stuff and uh and um is this tableau so what was their saying cuz my cat’s tell just straightening me see that’s what that’s what happens with these tablets you start to talk about some it so it distracts you your concentration goes on that and then you try and get back on it again but um see it’s gone um i can’t remember what

I’m saying what was i saying yes oh i’ve been so bouncy and full of life full of energy like i would just sand in the front room or in the dining room or kitchen or whatever and i’d be cooking or no no just nothing would stop me from doing it but i just like stand there and like have a dance and do a little dad that’s what i’ve been doing but every day i want

It to stick to work and not being able to skip to work every day i didn’t really i didn’t skip to work i felt like i needed to i wanted to i really wanted to do it but i was like if i do it people are gonna think i’m kind of mental even though i a mentor because obviously i’m taking tablets but i kept thinking i’m gonna stop myself from skipping to work because

I think if i do that i’m gonna get some strange looks out there my town and i even got to work and i was so bouncy and and full of life and i even said to my co-workers that i just i fell on top of the world i just want to skip i’m so bouncy and they’re like right well can i have what you’re on but yeah i’ve just been so full of life and i think these tablets

That twenty milligrams are for me and i don’t think i’m going to change them unless like one in the future then i might need them up i don’t know and see if my body reacts in the same way or if it doesn’t i don’t know but um i kind of wanna stick to 20 milligrams at the moment because i’m feeling really really damn good and i even message my sister and if you’re

Watching this she’ll understand what i’m saying but i kind of was messaging my sister but in my head was going really manic and i was messaging her like a comment what i put i don’t know if you can tell but as i’m talking i’m so excited to like update you guys as well so that i’m talking a bit faster but i’m just like so much full of life and i don’t know maybe you

Can tell but i can feel it myself and yeah i was messaging my sister and she met him messaged me back and was like shall we you’re a bit manic and i’m like my dad looks gone out bit but that’s how i am and i’m like when i’ve been to work and i’ve come home and cuz i’m so happy and i’m getting on so well at work and i love i love my job ever since i started it but

I’ve come back and i’ve liked nat my husband’s bright like my head up i’ve acted my husband’s head off see i’m talking that fast and getting so excited that i can’t even get the words out how i want them to kind of help but yeah so if you’re thinking of fluoxetine you’re suffering with depression you’ve got severe ocd you got mild ocd or just a little bit of ocd

That you can’t cope with then go to your doctor obviously when all this virus thingy is over and dump if hopefully soon and then ask them to and if you can try and fluoxetine and it might not be for everybody and obviously everyone gets different effects from them and stuff and i’ve been on many other tablets as you know if you’ve watched my the two videos that

I’ve been on like sertraline de matteo i even tried in the past many many years ago then a flat scene and a pram and they never even worked a bit but full of walk sitting it’s my go-to it’s my safety yet but yes so i just wanted to give you an update and hopefully i know this is been in quite a manic video but hopefully like everyone now knows i am okay even though

It’s only two weeks or after and i am hunky-dory and yeah i think i’m gonna stop making lists of what i want to do each day i want to do the garden and get that all shipshape ready for summer and there’s i want to do new content from my youtube channel i want to record new covers because i haven’t recorded covers for like ages and just general bits that i want to

Do around the house and stuff and keep me busy eating can be mentally busy because now i can’t work at the moment unless i open up a little bar in the kitchen but i don’t think i’ll be allowed to do that and so i need to keep myself mentally stable keep taking these tablets everyday keep my spirits high keep myself active and as of monday i am doing slimfast 100%

I’ve not been able to think too recently obviously with everything going on i’ve not been able to stick to slimfast because it’s just been too difficult to even try and keep mentally stable and also stick to a healthy eating plan just not been able to do it’s not possible so now i’ve kind of got to grips with the news and everything and i’m gonna start simple apps

On monday 110 percent because i am putting on a lot of weight so i need to get that butt down and yeah that’s it baby that’s it better i don’t know why i’m sorry anyway so that is my update and i was going to update you like four weeks from like two weeks ago but i kind of wanted to do it today because everything that’s going on and yeah if you like this video give

It a thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe and hit that notification bell also if you have any questions or queries about what i’ve talked about today or if you’ve got any concerns of your own you need help just comment below and i will 100% message you and help you any way that i can possibly help and yes i hopefully i haven’t been too manic on this video hopefully

And hopefully you can see your difference in me because i can honestly see and feel a difference since sticking to 20 milligrams so if you can see you’re different just give me a lotta love down below and i’d really really appreciate it don’t forget to share this video if you want to or if you’re got a family member or friend or anybody that you know there is been

Suffering with anxiety depression or severe ocd share this video with them or tell them about me and hopefully give me some more thumbs up and more subscriptions so yeah thanks for checking me out and i’m now gonna edit and upload this as soon as possible so i hope you like it and hope you all the same saying staying safe and well and don’t forget to message me or

Comment down below if you need any kind of help whatsoever so yeah i’ll see you very soon guys

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