March 24, 2023

This video looks at Metformin 500mg and its side effects.It also looks at how to reduce side effects of Metformin.Metformin 500mg is a usual starting dose for diabetic management of patients.This video also looks at what Metformin is and how it works.

You struggling with its side effects? tips   what is metformin and how does it work? metformin  is a prescription drug to treat diabetes. it also   ovarian syndrome. the mainstay of treatment   and management of diabetes is diet and exercise,  coupled with lifestyle changes such as weight   the amount of glucose produced

In your liver,   it decreases the amount of glucose absorbed from  your gut and it also improves the way your body   responds to insulin. dosages of metformin. in  this video we’ll talk about the 500 milligram dose   of metformin as this is the dose you’ll start off  with. there are different forms and strengths of  

Metformin which you are seeing right here and you  can be familiar with them if your doctor decides   to titrate the dose up. and if you’re an older  adult, check with your doctor if metformin is   the right drug for you. elderly patients are more  likely to have renal problems and this drug can be   contraindicated. what are

The most common side  effects? there are several and the most common   vomiting, stomach pain, diarrhea, heartburn,   forming gas, feeling fatigued and headache, some  patients complain about a metallic taste in their   mouth. when do i have to call my doctor right  away? if you’re having an allergic reaction to   the

Medication you’ll have feelings of difficulty  breathing, shortness of breath, wheezing, a rash   or even hives you might even have bad stomach pain  with repeated episodes of vomiting or diarrhea or   even have unusual muscle pain. this could all be  signs of a bad side effect called lactic acidosis   might even have signs of low

Blood sugar, you’ll   feel weak, shaky and dizzy, you might even start  sweating feeling confused with a rapid heartbeat.   if you want to find out which medical conditions  your doctor will have to stop prescribing this   drug click on this link above to find out which  ones. and if you’re finding value in this video  

Click on that notification bell and hit the   avoid side effects? start at the lowest dose   and titrate up. you’ll be advised to take the dose  of 500 milligrams with your dinner. this is done   not only to minimize side effects but to also help  reduce your higher blood glucose in the morning.   your doctor will advise

To take this for about  one to two weeks and if you’re tolerating this,   then another dose of metformin can be added in  the morning with your breakfast.this can be taken   can tolerate the dose. and if you can tolerate   time, but i usually recommend against that   and the reason is pretty easy to understand. you 

Want to keep things simple and manageable and in   my experience i found out if you’re on too many  medications or too many medication changes or the   frequency of the medications is changed too often  this reduces the compliance of our patients.please   have this discussion regarding this with your  doctor. your doctor might

Also want to switch   you to an extended release medication. if you’re  experiencing side effects this also simplifies how   many pills you need to take. did you know that  metformin can also affect your b12 level click   on this link above to find out more in a future  video. i’ll examine whether metformin can cause  

Dementia and i’ll add the link probably right  here. question of the day? are you on metformin   500 milligrams and is it causing side effects? and  you can see more videos if you click right here   or click right here or click right here. think  your health and have a good day! okay cut the   whole thing i’m doing this whole

Thing again what  the heck and have a good day and have a good day.

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Metformin 500mg and side effects: How to reduce side effects of Metformin? By Think Your Health