March 24, 2023

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Metformin is the most commonly prescribed medication for treatment of diabetes in the world yet it is the most controversial drug used for diabetes as well today i will tell you your alternatives to metformin now these will include alternative natural remedies that work or regular pharmaceuticals if you’re not into dietary supplements or do not believe in them

After you hear everything you will make your own mind i am dr ahmed ergen i treat diabetes every day diabetes care is my passion i am in a war with diabetes and you are in it with me you have the right to know all your options so why are we talking about metformin alternatives to begin with because metformin side effects are very likely to occur during the treatment

And the medication may not be suitable for everyone in fact up to 90 percent of people have some sort of side effect such as diarrhea excessive gas bloating burping and so on not so fun now rare side effects can even include chest pain and liver failure and so on now sometimes common side effects are tolerable and sometimes they are not sometimes side effects

Disappear sometimes they don’t we don’t have any way of saying who will have side effects and who will not also there is significant controversy over whether you can take metformin with kidney disease and whether metformin causes any kidney damage at all now one thing is certain that taking metformin after stage three kidney disease is not advised i know that

Question is asked all the time that what are the metformin alternatives what else can i take besides metformin right well you’re lucky because you have options if your doctor’s tells you the only way is his or her way or my way or highway listen up because you will hear something different today you’ll be more educated after watching this video than the average

Family doctor as an example a newly diagnosed top two diabetic patients particularly those overweight patients or patients who fail to comply with the lifestyle changes and so forth and they need to control their blood sugar levels right well they’re typically prescribed metformin that’s pretty much the gold standard even pre-diabetics or people with pcos get

Metformin as the first agent why is that well because it is super cheap it is effective for those who can tolerate it so why not right so most people end up using it some people typically a minority of the people love it a majority if not hate it but they kind of learn to deal with the side effects or learn to live with it but if you knew your alternatives you

Could make a better decision or at least discuss your options with your doctor for example you need to know the mechanism of action of metformin also to understand your alternatives better right so metformin has a number of effects on body’s glucose regulation it primarily lowers glucose synthesis making glucose in the liver and prevents the glucose absorption

In the gut metformin also boosts the glucose absorption through the skeletal muscle so that the glucose does not hang out in your blood finally it also enhances insulin sensitivity as a result lowers your blood sugar levels metformin has no effect on insulin secretion so what are your alternatives let’s start with the simplest one the lifestyle change right well

The studies have repeatedly confirmed that you can actually achieve diabetes control especially early stages by restricting calorie and carb intake because excess fat in the liver causes excess supply of fat in the pancreas which leads to impaired functioning of the pancreas which is the insulin-producing hormonal gland in your body now reduced intake of calories

Not only decreases the production of glucose but also contributes to weight loss along with the clearance of fat from the liver and pancreas what is your other option well extended release metformin can be an alternative to standard metformin as well so most of you may never heard of that or some of you may already be taking this but it is slightly more tolerable

Than regular metformin but there is no guarantee that you will be able to tolerate extended release metformin if you have trouble to begin with metformin as well now berberine is an alternative to metformin as well right so berberine is a great diabetes supplement that is frequently used to treat type 2 diabetes not by the doctors but by the people now berberine is

A bioactive compound found in a variety of plants including the berber shrub family but berberine is a really good compound that can improve insulin sensitivity hundreds of different studies have been conducted to determine its effect on type 2 diabetes and cholesterol and most of them pointing to metformin-like features it works with a cellular mechanism called

Amp kinase activation which is an enzyme that works as a partial signal switch and it helps you improve your insulin resistance by making your own body breakdown glucose better and faster as a result of that your cholesterol also improves and your ldl the bad cholesterol also improves what else it does it also improves the gastrointestinal flora your bacteria in

The gastrointestinal system by increasing the good bacteria and it helps to reduce the amount of carbohydrates that are absorbed or broken down by your body so although berberine like metformin can cause side effects too so many people prefer berberine over metformin because it is completely natural and it has a lower toxic potential than the other agents like

Metformin and unlike pharmaceuticals such as metformin berberine is completely natural it is completely plant-based and it can be found in supplements now we’re going to talk about the berberine’s cousin dehydrating a second but before that i want to emphasize that both berberine and metformin can cause gastrointestinal distress but berberine is less likely to do

So so is there anything better than berberine right that’s the question is there such thing yes dehydroberberine is a superior form of berberine the hydrobarbarian’s chemical structure allows it to be more readily absorbable by the body and it reduces the side effects simply put only a portion of the standard berberine is absorbed after passing through the gut

Such as like 20 of it now berberine has a problem with the absorption and distribution in the body overall as a result a greater portion of the berberine is wasted and it can lead to bacteria digesting berberine causing bloating and so forth this is why dehydroberberine is superior to berberine because when you take the hydrobar brain directly the active form of

A berberine is not wasted it is totally absorbed and distributed and metabolized within the body very easily now scientists also discovered that the dehydra berberine has a higher bioavailability overall five times actually not overall five times better bioavailability so remember in our super berberine product we have dehydroberberine and saline cinnamon in a 20

To 1 concentration very strong according to my long time research that is the best combination and a healthier natural alternative to metformin there are other drugs such as sulfonylurea drugs some people may say alternative to metformin but it’s no it’s not the mechanism of action is totally different than metformin and the side effects of these medications like

Glyphosate liberator or glimmer pride are totally different and worse they make your pancreatic cells make insulin all the time without taking a break causing long-term failure of your pancreatic beta cells you can still have even abdominal pain and diarrhea but the worst problems associated with sulfonylurea class is that it is low blood sugar and weight gain so

What are the other pharmaceutical alternatives to metformin then that is not suffering urea well piegletazon is one pioglothazon is licensed fda approved for a long time it reduces the insulin resistance in the liver muscle and fat tissue as well and as a result you know your body will be able to uptake the glucose a lot easier so it is in a sense we call it an

Insulin sensitizer in a way similar to metformin although not exactly it does not have the gastrointestinal side effects of metformin but it does cause weight gain water retention or edema you can call it and a possible worsening of heart failure if you are taking that medication with insulin and a possible increased risk of bone fractures have been reported and

A slight but questionable risk of bladder cancer that is not necessarily confirmed however if you or someone in your family has blood or cancer i would definitely stay away from pioglitazone there are tons of other diabetic medications that you can replace metformin with but they do not work necessarily like metformin and they are definitely not cheap they also

Come with their own sets of side effects and in my opinion and in my practice i find the hydro berberine and saline cinnamon as the best natural alternative to metformin that is why we came up with the super brain after a year of research and study so make sure you check that out on our website now if you cannot afford superbirb brain which i totally understand you

Can still consider extended release metformin or pioglitazone as a less expensive generic medication option or you can simply switch to a different medication that your insurance covers if keeping your glucose under control is your ultimate goal again berberine and dehydroburberine also provide longevity benefits anti-cancer benefits and heart benefits as well

That you may not find in other diabetic medications now a few medications such as giardians farsiga and ozempic and victoza are some few examples of diabetic medications that have been proven to be cardiovascularly beneficial so make sure you discuss those options with your doctor as well so when it comes to natural alternatives though unless your doctor is open

To those things you will probably just waste your time they will block you out so don’t even bother discussing those with your doctor if they are not open to it do your own research keep learning and at the end that’s why i’m here i hope this video helped you understand the best alternatives to metformin i’ll see in the next video remember to like subscribe and

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