December 8, 2022

Metformin is more than just a diabetes drug. Derived from French lilac, it prevents cancer, heart problems, lowers cholesterol and even extends your life! For more……

Hello i’m dr. francis pitts sillas i’ve borrowed the title of this video from one of the research papers that i read it’s called metformin an old dog with new tricks i liked the title because metformin is an old dog it’s a very old inexpensive diabetes medication that actually comes from french lilac and it was registered as a diabetes medicine by the fda in the usa

In 1994 but it really has been discovered to have new tricks so it’s an old dog with new tricks so what are the new tricks well it’s had these tricks before it’s just that the research literature is telling us more and more about what metformin can do not only can it bring your insulin down and bring your blood sugar down but it lowers many aspects of you cholesterol

It lowers weight it takes away appetite and helps you lose weight it reduces heart attack and strokes it reduces diabetic blood vessel disease complications like damage at the back of the eye kidney failure and numb legs from nerve damage and we call that neuropathy amongst the cholesterol we know that it reduces bad ldl and possibly the bad triglycerides and it

Also lowers crp which is an indicator of inflammation in the body so with all of that it reduces inflammation and therefore further heart disease stroke cancer and other inflammatory conditions so that includes alzheimer’s disease stroke heart attack kidney failure and even depression i won’t go into huge detail about the complicated nature of the way it works but

I will tell you that the cancers that metformin has been found to reduce include bowel and breast cancer including her to breast cancer pancreas cancer prostate cancer melanoma and even cancer of the uterus metformin has been found to be very useful in treating women with polycystic ovarian syndrome in this condition more male like hormones occur and there’s not

Enough progesterone and that tends to drive insulin resistance which makes them at risk of gaining weight and getting diabetes while metformin reduces the insulin resistance and it is well known that it can help restore a normal healthy cycle when there hasn’t been one although metformin is very good for health and helps many conditions who should not make take

Metformin anyone with severe kidney or liver disease alcoholics those with heart failure certain drugs recent heart attack or stroke type 1 diabetics and pregnant or breastfeeding and that’s because the side effects of metformin that need to be watched for include the lowering of vitamin b12 some people get nausea diarrhea and abdominal discomfort so gut problems

And in some people it can lower the blood test for thyroid and then make it difficult for you to interpret thyroid function tests so overall metformin has many many benefits so don’t be surprised if you see many more people taking a metformin and not just for diabetes type 2 you

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Metformin – An Old Dog with New Tricks By Dr Frances Pitsilis