June 4, 2023

The drug metformin can be great but now is time to add other natural elements in so you can keep growing. It’s hard it’s painful but we can do it. Get up for Defense its time to rock in roll.

The cincinnati bengals could have won the super bowl that was played in 2022 but they didn’t with a little more practice a little more strategy a little better defense and offense they definitely could have won the super bowl it’s hard to see when you’re that close to something and you almost won but you didn’t today i’m going to give you guys four points um

To doing metformin and weight loss that i’m going to be doing myself this week i’m making this video to hold myself accountable and to challenge you guys as well without practice without strategy without a defense without an offense we will never truly make our goals until we put forth the effort metformin is a wonderful drug but you have to put in work as well if

You want to see more weight loss i’m down to 155 now um just on metformin it took away that water retention that’s usually what it does it takes down the inflammation in your body but the rest of it it has to be worked for so um my four points number one is um eliminate all processed sugars so i’m going to do that myself this week sugar is actually good for your

Body actually you do need some sugars it’s not like you should eliminate sugar all the way if you’re like me and have had type 2 diabetes i get shaky if i don’t have any sugar so what i’m going to do is stick to natural fruit bananas oranges and stuff of that nature and just cut out all processed sugar anything that has sugar in it that’s processed completely

Eliminated from the diet when i travel to other countries they don’t have a lot of processed sugars anyways and i always feel healthier and i always lose a little bit of weight when i come back from those countries south africa dominican republic mexico at least the areas that i’m in i’m not exposed to a lot of those foods so i know eliminating processed sugar

Will help so let’s challenge ourselves this week to eliminate that processed sugar number two drink 50 ounces of water a day now i’m really bad with drinking water i drink a lot of carbonated water water um i don’t drink pop i don’t have any taste for pop but i’m gonna try to drink just water when i go overseas as well i just drink the bottled water there’s not a

Lot of other options so that always helps as well i just don’t drink a lot of water some people say they do need a lot i don’t think my body needs like 100 ounces so we’re going to start at 50. if i can do too big of those liters a day we’ll see how that works to see if i feel better to see if that can help with the metformin to heal the pcos number three take a

Multivitamin every day i use the organic ones that ones that are plant-based that’s what my body does well with i don’t do well with synthetics but if i do organic plant-based vitamins they are a little bit more but i’m investing in my health and my wellness and to me whether you know rather wasting a bunch of money on stuff i don’t need taking that multivitamin

Will help because what happens is the metformin can deplete you of some vitamins it does say that on there it can cause lactose acid which is fatal um it’s very very rare but it can also can cause a b12 vitamin deficiency so it is extremely essential that you take a multivitamin with that metformin so you are getting nutrients in number four challenge exercise

This week three times so it doesn’t have to be every day but i’m going to plan on going to the gym glaze three times this week let’s start there let’s start simple so it’s not like you have to cut everything out right um doing that is never successful but this week we’re gonna eliminate processed sugar we are going to drink 50 ounces of water a day we’re going

To add a multivitamin in and then we’re going to go to the gym or work out at home three times this week let’s see what happens i’m 155 now let’s see what adding these four elements in with the metformin um i think we’ll feel better guys i think we’ll feel better i think we’ll have more energy i know we can beat pcos and we can beat whatever you have going on

That’s causing you not to live your best life i just know for me waking up with the depression waking up feeling drained like i don’t have any energy pcos has robbed my life parts of it i look back and i’m like wow i wasn’t treated for my pcos i wasn’t treated for this and pcos can lead to depression it can lead to an anxiety it’s a very mental health issue as

Well so i’m making this video to hold myself accountable i’m not really good at like falling through with my plans if i say i’m not going to do this not going to do that and then i see a cookie a processed cookie i just want to eat it i love sugar my body is addicted but guys we’re going to do this we’re going to live our best lives we’re going to have energy

We’re going to beat it we’re going to beat what we’ve been put up against we are absolutely getting our defenses on our offenses on and we are going to win a little practice and a little encouraging can go a long way and i’m sure the bengals learned their lesson um this past super bowl and i am hopeful that they’re going to win the next super bowl and just like

Us sometimes we have to learn the hard way what works what doesn’t work but we were made to win let’s go out there and do it

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Metformin and 4 Weight Loss Tips Challenges By Native Roots