January 26, 2023

Dr David Sinclair is the co-founder of several biotechnology companies (Life Biosciences, Sirtris, Genocea, Cohbar, MetroBiotech, ArcBio, Liberty Biosecurity) and is on the boards of several others.

I spent over a decade working in my clinical practice as a nutritionist alongside physicians to help get people off metformin and then seeing this data that you’re sharing in the book that metformin might actually be one of those well it is according to your data those things that can help to switch on those longevity genes so let’s talk a little bit about that

So just for if you can for everybody share what is metformin and why is this something that folks are now who don’t have diabetes are taking yeah so metformin is one of those gifts to humanity it’s on the list so the world world health organization has called it an essential medicine for humanity because it it’s so safe um it’s not perfectly safe but it’s so

Safe and the benefits are are really clear especially for diabetics so there are these three legs to the stool the three pillars sirtuins we talked about we talked about mtor and amino acids the third one is called ampk or amp kinase and this protein senses how much energy we have in the body and if we have low amounts of energy then it’ll try to make more and

That’s actually healthy so you want to also trick your body into thinking it has low energy you don’t want low energy but you can trick your body so how do you do that one is to be hungry one is to exercise and the other is to take a medicine that inhibits mitochondria and lowers the amount of energy that the cell’s producing so the body goes holy crap we’re

Running out of energy and it’ll make try to make more and that’s good for you now the side effect of that is having better blood sugar levels so your body becomes what’s called insulin sensitive you know this that when you’re type 2 diabetic your body doesn’t register the insulin that’s your pancreas is putting out and it just makes more and more insulin and

Eventually your pancreas can give out but the problem with that is you have high amounts of sugar glucose in your bloodstream which will cross-link proteins and accelerate aging and all sorts of problems cardiovascular disease wounds won’t heal and this is truly accelerating aging we’ve proven that in our field metformin is shown to be very effective against

Type 2 diabetes and if you have type 2 diabetes your doctor will typically put you on that medicine now it comes from the french lilac it’s derived from a plant so it’s a xeno hermetic molecule actually um and but it’s classified as a drug so it falls into that category so in this country at least but not all you need to get a prescription for it which actually

Puts it out of reach for many people but it also makes a lot of people wary that if it comes from a doctor it might be a little bit fishy it might be toxic but it really has been shown in a study of over 100 000 people now many studies actually that diabetics who take metformin in the long run aren’t just better off for diabetes but are actually healthier and

Protected against cancer heart disease alzheimer’s and frailty even more so than people who don’t take metformin and who don’t have type 2 diabetes that’s it that’s stunning yeah and when i heard that i didn’t believe it my friend near brazil eye doctor near brazil as the world’s expert he told me that i had to go and check on these papers which i reference in

The book it’s true so i become a real convert and about two or so years ago i started taking metformin i don’t have diabetes yet but i was on my way up i actually met my trajectory of the last 11 years and i could see i was headed for diabetes it’s in my family um so i stopped it in its tracks and actually reversed type 2 diabetes i wasn’t now i’m i’m at no

Risk of having diabetes because i’m on metformin because i’ve made these changes in my life now is it for everybody i think if you’re young and your blood glucose levels are low not not needed if you’re exercising and eating eating right but if you’re i’m 50 now and if your blood glucose goes up every year and you can’t control that metformin i think is a good

Thing to talk about with your doctor yeah you know what and just since you just mentioned that being 50 if folks aren’t watching the video on youtube you look like maybe maybe 30s you know like 35 you know um you you have this uh in your your energy is high you’re creating all these different uh projects working on different papers um so you have that aspect your

Physical appearance like you’re living you’re living proof of the stuff you talk about and i can see you’re just getting warmed up as well you know and so just a little shout out for those who are listening to audio the guys got a doubt then you know and so but i wanted to bring this up because i also with the model health show i want to stretch our thinking

We do like i mentioned you know i was looking at what can i do for these patients to help them to normalize their blood sugar naturally right and removing the cause oftentimes was you know mountain dew or whatever it was you know just but if we eliminate those things and your body is already in a healthy state adding in these different medications potentially

Again this is just a conversation i want to get going there might be some potential benefits uh and this is still early but it really got me thinking when i was reading the book and um one of the other aspects i think this might go back to because for me i think that this competes metformin can compete with some of the hermetic benefits of other things potentially

Right so can you talk a little bit about that maybe like let’s talk about exercise in that context because it’s a hermitic stressor so how does that compete yes so remember we’re working with a very complex machine our bodies and there are these three legs on of the stool but we don’t know exactly which ones to tweak and when we’re still figuring this out as

Scientists the good news is that we live in a world now where scientists can talk directly to the public and we put out newsletters so you don’t have to wait 10 years to hear it from your doctor or 20 years but we the honest truth is we don’t know exactly what the best combination is and we’re learning actually that sometimes you don’t want to combine them at the

Same time you might want to do them on off days and metformin and exercise is a case in point now what we’ve just discovered in a couple of papers that came out this year only is that metformin because it it tricks the body into having low energy by inhibiting the mitochondrial energy levels if you give elderly patients metformin and give them weight lift do

Ask them to do weight lifting they will bulk up both of them right both sets with medform without but the ones that didn’t get more metformin will have bigger muscles okay but not a lot not a lot bigger they all got bigger muscles um so it is inhibiting the growth hypertrophy of muscle but here’s what’s not talked about on social media or appreciated by a lot

Of people those people those elderly people were all the same strength even though they didn’t have the same sized muscles so it still gave them the benefits they just didn’t look as bulky so that’s where i go back to vanity versus longevity right but i think there is a way to optimize it we don’t know for sure and dr peter tia our friend uh he uh argues this

With me and he also agrees at least on this point that we don’t want to be taking metformin on days where our muscles are growing that’s probably the best and that’s what i try to do i skip metformin when i go to the gym but we disagree on exactly what the precise combination is but he also thinks that uh fasting for a long time is good and i i don’t know if

That’s true i find it extremely difficult to go for more than one day i start to lose my blood sugar goes too low and i’ve measured it with one of those uh monitors that you can stick them on right fascinating by the way have you done that yeah the 24 hour i mean just stays with you i haven’t yeah yeah but many of my friends have you learn a lot um and actually

I didn’t have breakfast i can feel it right now my blood sugar levels are going low i should eat some chocolate actually but yeah if i go for three days or a week like peter does he actually is turning on pathways that i think are even more beneficial yeah there’s one called chaperone-mediated autophagy which is basically super recycling of the body’s proteins

And that’s something i think that he’s right about and if you can go for three days more power to

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