June 4, 2023

A month has passed since I started the drug : the body is starting to heal and the inflammation is going down PTL!

155 and we’re doing it hey guys it’s storm or mama s here on the hunt dress and i just got back from being out of the country and i didn’t weigh myself for the entire week and when i came back i did lose a whole five pounds a whole solid five pounds and i’m not gaining it back i could be a variety of things right so i was out of the country and the food in other

Places is just not like american food um so i didn’t have access to the food that i normally do um a lot of it was fresh fruit vegetables and i just didn’t eat a whole lot so i don’t know if that was one of the reasons or if it was the metformin could have been i was on the metformin the entire time i was gone 500 milligrams a day so i’m hoping that that is actually

What’s helping take off this weight i’m trying to heal from pcos and be the best version i can be i’m 32 years old and as i age as i get older i want to get healthier and healthier i believe you don’t have to feel like crap you don’t have to you know not be your best self the older you get right there’s some people that inspire me one is gwen stefani she is she’s 50

Or 53 i don’t know but the girl looks amazing and there’s other people that inspire me kim kardashian is 41 years old and she looks amazing i love that as women age doesn’t have to be a factor the older we get we can still take care of our bodies we can still want to be our best selves and that’s what it is for me on this metformin journey i am aging i am just going

Through the normal things of life thank god i’m here for 32 years but as i get older i don’t want age to stop me from doing things i want to be healthy i want to go places i want to do things i never want to lose that spark of life that’s within me but the pcos was just taking over my life it just made me gain and gain and gain weight my emotions were all over the

Place i was out of control and life just wasn’t looking that good and a lot of it was just because of the hormonal imbalance once i started that medication i think it’s been about a month ago guys i mean my period came within a 26-day cycle it normally takes 47 days for me to get a period it only took 26 so it came a little bit early it came on vacation my periods

Just love vacation but the fact of the matter is i’m down five pounds i’m down on 155 at 5’5 um so guys i don’t want you to get um discouraged by size here whatever your size is know that you are beautiful this isn’t about a size thing for me it’s about health i’m my best self when i’m in my 140s 130s okay i don’t want to be so so skinny that’s not the goal the

Goal is to be healthy when i carry around that little bit of extra weight in my stomach it just messes everything else up and that’s for me some people might be able to carry that extra weight around and be totally fine and totally healthy so you have to know your own body and don’t feel like you have to compare yourself to somebody else why there’s people that

Inspire me i also don’t want you to feel like you have to look like everybody um on tv or in the media you are you and you are special the point of this vlog is for you to live your best self and your be your best self we only have so much time on this earth and how can you be the best version of yourself i know the best person version of myself is not who i am

Right now um just having the pcs rule everything i need to rule everything i need to be in charge i can’t let my hormones dictate my emotions that is so unhealthy being all over the place and just feeling more rooted and who i am and feeling more healthy more energy so i can keep up with my kids i really want to invest in my kids not just when they’re little but

When they’re older and when i have grandchildren as well so it’s thinking ahead not many young people my age think ahead um you know once you get into your 40s and 50s people start getting cancer people start dying if you do the preventative work now and you know that you tried your best that’s all you can do a lot of people just don’t think ahead they eat and

Drink and do whatever they want and it causes havoc on the body when you hit your mid-30s when you hit your 40s and i’m not saying everything sometimes things happen that are totally not your fault that’s a different story i’m talking about doing the preventative work that you can that’s in your control so you can live your best life just being down five pounds i

Feel so much better i feel healthier i feel more in my skin more in tune with who i am and guys you can live a wonderful life with pcos so don’t give up on your dreams i want to inspire people to be the best selves don’t feel like you have to give in to things pcos can be easily treated with medication if you’re open to it right i use metformin and metformin is

Working for weight loss for me i’m not endorsing this drug i don’t get paid to do this i’m doing this because i want to show you guys that you can live your best life and i live so much of my life and fear um i did the metformin when i was 23 and then i stopped it because i was scared after i had the baby i was scared that it would mess something else up but

Really i was my best self and healthiest self on the metformin because i have not figured out another way yet to treat my pcos and if you have other ways to treat your pcos please comment in the comment section you might bless somebody else through your journey everybody’s journey is unique and this is mine so here we are down five pounds guys i believe in this

Drug and i believe i can be my best self and businesswoman and we can get our life back and live free as free as we can on pcos thanks for watching the huntress i’m a businesswoman mother and inspirer so don’t forget to follow me because i will be making more videos to show my journey on this pcos with you guys i really want to share and open up my life so i

Can help other women with the same condition

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Metformin and PCOS Journey and Weight Loss 1 Month Update By Native Roots