June 1, 2023

This video looks at Metformin and Vitamin B12 deficiency and examines 4 TIPS to prevent B12 deficiency while on Metformin.Metformin can cause Vitamin B12 deficiency. This video also examines how Metformin works in the body.

Well, it does! at the end of the  how to prevent b12 deficiency if  you’re on metformin. coming up! firstly, let’s find out how metformin works and  what it does. insulin is a hormone produced by   your blood like after a meal into cells   think of insulin as a key helping glucose into   and muscle cells do not respond well 

Resistance. your pancreas ends up producing more  insulin to try to push sugar into your cells,   and there’s too much sugar in your bloodstream.   metformin reduces insulin resistance, thus helping  sugar move into the cells. that’s why you want   reduces side effects from metformin. metformin   also reduces the amount of

Sugar produced by the  liver. did you know that the liver produces sugar?   the problem is if you’re a diabetic the liver ends  up producing more sugar than you need because of   insulin resistance. if you take metformin the  production of glucose is reduced in your liver   resulting in lower sugar levels in your blood.  the

Third way metformin helps is it decreases   intestinal absorption of glucose. if you eat a  meal food passes through your digestive system to   your intestines, therefore, after meal your blood  sugar level rises. metformin delays the absorption   finding value in this video don’t forget to like,   comment and share and click

On that notification  bell and hit the subscribe button as well . for   the most part metformin is fairly well tolerated,  however, it does have some side effects especially   and if you want to learn more about the   now what can happen if you have been  metformin can cause vitamin b1212 deficiency.  low levels of vitamin b12

Have been seen as early   as three to four months after starting metformin  and in other cases they have been seen after five   to ten years of treatment. in a cross-sectional  study looking at this up to one-third of patients   on metformin were b12 deficient. what are the  symptoms of b12 deficiency? if you do have b12  

Deficiency it can affect your blood count and  in most severe cases it can affect your brain   as well as your nerve cells. a low blood count  can affect different blood cells. if your red   blood count is affected you become anemic. your  doctor might say your hemoglobin is low. this can   also cause different symptoms such as

Fatigue,  shortness of breath or feeling lightheaded.   decreased you’re at an increased risk of   affected you are at an increased risk for bleeding   your brain and nerve cells are affected.   covering called myelin around your nerve fibers   such as numbness and tingling of your feet or   hands. this is called

Neuropathy. you might even  have trouble walking, your mood can be affected   presenting as irritability or depression, memory  can be affected presenting with forgetfulness,   slowing off your cognition and in some cases even  as dementia. that is why b12 levels are always   checked if you’re being worked up for dementia. if 

You’re interested to see if there’s a link between   metformin and dementia click on the link above.  here are four tips to prevent b12 deficiency. tip   diet.some good resources are in animal products   including fish, meat, poultry, eggs, milk and milk  products. vitamin b12 is generally not present   calcium supplementations

Seems to reduce this  effect of metformin. the study which you’re   that increased intake of calcium reversed   vitamin b12 malabsorption of metformin. the dose  they used was 1.2 grams of calcium given daily.   and i’m talking about severe nerve damage   caused by metformin then discontinue metformin  and talk to your

Doctor about an alternative   way of managing your diabetes. progression of  nerve damage can be stopped with an adequate   damage for the most part cannot be reversed.   neurological and psychiatric symptoms can improve  moderate cases b12 can be replaced with thousand  to two thousand micrograms of cyanocobalamin.this  

Is given daily and your doctor can follow up by  checking your blood level for b12.in severe cases   your doctor might opt to replace the vitamin b12  in the form of an injection. some doctors might   start off with the injectable form of vitamin  b12 and later on switch to oral supplementation.   should not take vitamin um where

You should   not take metformin. question of the day? if you’re  on metformin, did your doctor check your b12 level   and if you’re interested in a video looking at b12  deficiency in more detail type yes in the comments   below. and if you’re interested in more videos  click right here or click right here click right  

Here or click here right here think your health  and have a good day! not good try again try again   ah my hand is always hurting why  think you health and have a good day

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Metformin and Vitamin B12 deficiency! 4 TIPS to prevent B12 deficiency By Think Your Health