February 8, 2023

METFORMIN AND VITAMIN B12 DEFICIENCY: Were you aware that the metformin that your mother is taking take for her Type 2 diabetes could be causing a Vitamin B12 deficiency?

Were you aware that the metformin that your mother is taking for her type-2 diabetes could be causing a vitamin b12 deficiency and were you aware that a vitamin b12 deficiency can cause peripheral neuropathies which is pain in the nerves of the hands and feet by the end of this video you will understand how to recognize the symptoms of b12 deficiency and how to

Prevent it good morning health minded people i’m doctor snow and over the years i’ve had thousands of patients that have been treated with the anti-diabetic medications own as metformin also known under the brand name luca faj metformin is the most common first-line medication used to treat type 2 diabetes in the united states and around the world and although it

Has a few undesirable side effects on the whole it is a very safe and well tolerated medication however it has been known since 2010 that metformin can interfere with the absorption of b12 from the digestive tract leading to deficiencies studies have shown that 10% of all patients that have taken metformin for more than six years will have a vitamin b deficiency

This number goes up in the elderly and those who take large doses of metformin do you or your parents fall into either one of these categories if you’re on metformin has your doctor ever checked your b12 levels take this poll to answer that question so why is vitamin b12 deficiency such a big deal b12 keeps nerve and blood cells healthy and functioning properly it

Is also involved in making dna the genetic material that is responsible for telling every cell in your body what to do and how to do it b12 deficiency can lead to pernicious anemia which can leave you tired weak and dizzy and if left untreated it can lead to heart palpitations and shortness of breath a person with low b12 levels can have constipation or diarrhea

Gasps and loss of appetite extremely low levels of b12 can cause tingling in the hands and feet trouble walking and muscle weakness you can also lead to vision loss memory loss depression and other behavior changes so you can see how important b12 is and these deficiencies are very easy to treat first eat your b12 b12 is found in meat chicken fish and eggs because of

The decreased absorption caused by metformin or if you’re a vegan you will need to take a b12 supplement b12 supplements are found over-the-counter and oral and sublingual forms if your b12 levels are very low your physician may prescribe injections known as cyanic abala mean which is just fun to say b12 injections will bring up your levels quickly and should resolve

Issues quickly but if the neuropathy has gone on too long it may become irreversible which is why it is so important to ask your doctor to check your b12 levels now diabetes itself may cause problems that are similar to beef 12 deficiency so it is easy to overlook checking the b12 levels even if you have no symptoms of deficiencies and your b12 levels look good

You might discuss with your physician if a b12 supplement on a daily basis might prevent complications down the road b12 supplements are relatively inexpensive you can get a month’s worth of b12 500 micrograms for about 8 dollars if you’re taking it daily always ask your pharmacist to recommend a good brand so that you know that you’re getting a reliable product

And never ever ever stop taking your met foreman or any other medication your physician has prescribed unless directed by your physician as i said before metformin is a very safe and effective medication for type 2 diabetes so it is important to get your blood sugar’s to a normal level and it is easy to prevent b12 deficiencies and complications do you have any

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Healthcare system to learn more about medications that can cause deficiencies in vitamins minerals and other substances watch this video next thank you for joining me today to learn how matt foreman may be robbing you of vitamin b12 and how you can prevent it stay healthy wash your hands and have a blessed week

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