March 28, 2023

I have to increase Metformin dosage from 500 mg to 1500 to treat my diabetes and PCOS .

Hey guys it’s storm here and i want to give you an update on my a1c levels with pcos and diabetes so i was on vacation that’s why you haven’t seen me on video for a while but um i took a break but before that i went to the doctor and i got my a1 c levels check and it’s really sad because i had to ask it’s like you guys know i have pcos you know i have diabetes and

It’s like i feel like whenever you go to the doctor they just want to get you in and get you out and be done with it i was like no please check my a1c levels so she did and they actually did go down i’m still pre-diabetic but i’m doing a lot better they’re at 5.7 a1c so basically with the metformin and weight loss i was losing weight on metformin and i did but

Now i just don’t have enough in my system to be able to lose weight and with diabetes you just can’t lose the weight because your body holds on to that fat it just holds on to it and it’s like whatever you do no matter what you do you cannot lose it so my doctor suggests that since i’m still pre-diabetic even though i can consider that diabetes because i have all

The symptoms um to go from 500 milligrams to 1500 so i’m going to start a process right now i’m on 750 extended release er to help my stomach and body build up a tolerance because it’s really rough on the stomach then i’m going to go to a thousand regular metformin and then 1500 my doctor recommended to do the 1500 milligrams for pcos she said if you want to get

Everything regular again you do need 1500 milligrams i was trying to just do the 500 but it’s just not enough in my system to be effective thank you guys for all the positive comments i do deal with body issues just because pcos has almost ruined my life taken my life it’s caused severe body issues over the years and health related issues and i just appreciate

The positive comments um saying you still look good you still have seen that because i you know my body holds on to fat like you can see my little my little bloated stomach even though everything else is a little bit smaller but that’s pcos that’s diabetes and it’s my doctor even said like your body just cannot lose it but i’m gonna get healthier because i

Only have one life to live and i’m not going to waste any more of my life not being my best self and i make these videos so i can help inspire other people other people who might be dealing with diabetes pcos or if you have trouble with any of that because i don’t want you guys to feel alone it felt super isolating to me especially around 10 years ago when i was

Diagnosed a lot of this wasn’t talked about and i was so young and i was diagnosed with this and nobody else could relate to me being my young 20s um nobody else had that health condition so i really want to open up the community to know you’re not alone i’ve dealt with this since i’ve known almost 10 years i’ve dealt with high a1c levels and my pregnancies

Have both reactivated my diabetes because of high blood sugar so i just want to encourage you guys today know that you can overcome it we’re going to do this together guys we are going to do this and we’re going to kick pcos in the butt we’re going to kick diabetes in the butt and we will overcome thanks for watching today guys

Transcribed from video
Metformin and Weight Loss and Understanding my A1C and Increasing Dosage By Native Roots