December 8, 2022

Muscle and the liver both take up sugar from the bloodstream, but muscles are selfish–they store this sugar for their own use later.

Hello i’m dr james bogash expert in health and longevity and creator of bulge life imbalance and today we’re going to talk about diabetes pre-diabetes and specifically metformin which is a drug that is kind of a knee-jerk reaction it’s been around forever there are some people who go even as far as to say that if you’re going to make an anti-aging longevity pill

That metformin should be a part of that and in general i don’t usually have like there’s not a whole lot of side effects with metformin maybe get some gastrointestinal some diarrhea or something like this but the reality is is metformin really making a difference because that’s really what we care about right we look at blood pressure we look at cholesterol we look

At all of these and we want to make sure that when we’re improving our numbers that we’re actually making a difference in the things that matter what i always say about cholesterol is nobody cares what their cholesterol is they just don’t want to have a heart attack or stroke so we get this idea that if we take a drug to lower cholesterol we’re all high-fiving

Each other patting each other on the back and we thought we did anything until we actually look at the data it really usually kind of sucks unless those changes are made with lifestyle being somebody who’s always promoting lifestyle this should not come as a big surprise looking at this very large review on metformin researchers looked at 19 different randomized

Controlled trials covering a total of a little over 18 000 patients so these are big studies and they looked at them to see what would be in type 1 and type 2 diabetics looking at microvascular complications so specifically looking at renal kidney issues with retinopathy so vision issues and peripheral neuropathy because if we’re going to better if we’re going to

Improve our numbers we want to make sure that we’re improving the end outcomes right what’s good taking a drug if it doesn’t actually help with the things we care about so you don’t need to sit down for this one we found that that the researchers found that after over all these studies after all the years there was no change in end-stage renal disease so kidney

Failure there was no change with the use of metformin and there was no data on whether or not metformin actually helped with retinopathy or peripheral neuropathy after all this time you’d think somebody would have ran a study unless the data just wouldn’t be favorable so they actually don’t want to ask the question so it’s yet another one of those scenarios where

People take a drug and they think if their numbers get better they think they’re doing all the right things i have patients all the time that come and go i have high blood pressure i have cholesterol or i have high blood sugar but it’s controlled the second they say controlled i know that they’re talking about using drugs it’s almost like it’s like a euphemism for

I’m taking drugs and saying that it’s controlled as opposed to somebody saying i manage it with my diet or something like that so the metformin is it’s a drug that blocks a process called gluconeogenesis or new glucose formation in the liver what i always say is that we want to have more muscle mass because the muscles in the liver both take up sugar from the

Bloodstream however the muscles are very selfish and they keep it for their own use they never release it back into the circulation the liver does the liver can store the glucose’s glycogen and then turn that process around and put the glucose back in the circulation unfortunately the real answer is to have more muscle mass and dietary changes than everything

So that’s why metformin works on the liver and not on the muscles because the muscles already do what the liver does using metformin so really strongly believe that diabetes is a choice it’s based on the choices that we make the lifestyle we live the exercise the stress the chemicals we’re exposed to and a lot of people don’t want to hear that because it puts

Responsibility back on them it’s not a metformin or a baeta or a genuvia deficiency it’s a mishandling of the way our genetics are managing our life or sorry our lifestyle is is managing our genetics so so really what it boils down to is what i always say the only way to truly change those long-term trajectories are with the right lifestyle which i’ve talked

About again and again things like maintaining muscle mass exercising proper dietary choices sunlight exposure all of these things that can help better manage diabetes or your risk of as always i’ll post a link to this particular study in the description make sure you like this video and share it with somebody who you think needs the information

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Metformin for Diabetes: Miracle drug of all smoke and mirrors? By James Bogash DC