June 4, 2023

Documenting the day going from 500 MG to 1000 MG of Metformin

So i’ve been on regular metformin for one week and i dropped two pounds as you can see 165 to 163 so today i’m going to go from 500 milligrams to a thousand milligrams and i haven’t had a thousand milligrams in over a year so it’s gonna be actually gosh no it’s been years so i hope it’s not a lot for my body to adjust to um thankfully i’m home because it’s the

Fourth of july i’m gonna kind of make this video throughout the day so you can see live coverage if i have any side effects i have to increase dosage so i can see a better effect so i’m gonna go downstairs right now and make a full breakfast and hopefully that really helps with any side effects so i might myself just crack an egg scramble kit it’s an egg with a

Bunch of stuff and a keto bar which is a lot of protein so hopefully this will help with my stomach so we’re going to do it guys i got my multivitamin organic and my two pills which equals one thousand milligrams my husband just came in here he was like what are you taking i was like one thousand milligrams of metformin and i told them why because their receptors

So what happens with pcos you’re actually your receptors that connect your ovaries are in your brain they send signals down to your ovaries to release an egg with pcos those receptors stop communicating so your brain does not tell your ovaries to release an egg you still have you still bleed and you bleed really heavy but it’s actually not a period not a period

At all it’s just the um shedding of what could have been so that’s why we over bleed um and bleed really heavy with pcos it’s so interesting how the brain is connected exactly to the ovaries and when those aren’t communicating you can come with serious serious issues just pray it’s fourth of july i don’t have any side effects from going from 500 to a thousand i

Hope i can do this so now i’m about two and a half hours past taking the metformin milligrams and so far zero side effects i feel great i was able to tolerate the food i’m just hoping this can last the rest of the day i don’t feel really ill i’m not stuck in bed i’m outside enjoying the fourth of july so so far two and a half hours passed no side effects the key

To all this just might be building up a tolerance like starting on the metformin extended release and then going to the regular it just might be building up that tolerance and taking it with a lot of food it is almost four o’clock in the afternoon and still no side effects so ten eleven twelve one two three almost six hours has elapsed and no side effects i’m so

Excited one thousand milligrams we’re getting closer to being healthy and tolerating um i don’t know i feel like i have to poop but i didn’t so no diarrhea i would say the symptoms are very very mild very very mild the amazing thing is guys i feel full i ate i didn’t starve myself but i don’t feel the need to binge eat at all like it’s such a wonderful feeling and

I read that’s how people lose weight on metformin because you’re not always in taking food so you’re in taking just what you need and that’s it so i feel so much better but i’m not in taking all this food i still ate breakfast i still ate lunch i’m still getting nutrients in my body but i just read the most successful weight loss is going on the 1500 milligrams

But i have to give my body a chance to adapt from 500 to 1000 and then we’ll see maybe i can up it next week or maybe i’ll have to wait a few weeks so i went from nothing to 500 to a thousand and the thousand is suppressing my appetite so i’m hoping to see these results i’m already down two pounds and i believe this can work so i can be my healthiest self thanks for watching

Transcribed from video
Metformin going from 500 MG to 1000 MG My Journey By Native Roots