June 4, 2023

Metformin side effects including decreased testosterone

Hey guys dr ben here at fa will centers let’s talk about metformin today let’s talk about blood sugar and side effects and just scientists in general of medications we see this so often with lots of different drugs not just metformin but it’s one of the ones that we come across a lot with patients and i’ll be going through some of those symptoms that we’re seeing

Some of the problems that we’re seeing even in the literature and the research and things that you can do in addition to just going well my blood sugar is high i’ve got insulin resistance take this medication so the crazy what’s going on with with uh pharmaceutical drugs out there uh just in 2021 so this was um even before this whole inflationary cycle has hit this

Year and everything and uh in the first seven months of 2021 drone prices went up about 16 uh we’re seeing that the crazy number of price increases humera this is an autoimmune drug that is used for uh crohn’s ulcerative colitis all these things it is now uh over 10 000 a month every single month for these people so uh you know it’s going crazy so everybody jumping

On pop down below where you’re watching from love to say hi uh let me know if you were on the autoimmune webinar last night uh we had a great time going through that one and a bunch of people on there so here’s here’s the deal pharmaceutical drugs um yeah yeah marianne says uh metformin is really bad for you it’s a killer unfortunately it is not the beyond end all

But a lot of pharmaceutical medications are like this because they are not fixing the problem and drugs are set up to block or inhibit enzymes um or block or inhibit receptors and all that’s doing is it’s changing and physiological of effect in the body but it’s not fixing the underlying cause so uh hey mary good to see you gloria good to see you as well so what

Happens when you take a pharmaceutical you are doing nothing but unless let’s say it’s a you’ve got an antibiotic going into the body because this bacterial infection because uh you cut your foot open really bad and it’s getting infected and you’ve got to do that or you’ve got an infection in your in your jaw and you’re from a tooth and you’ve got to take that um and

Uh and you should see what i say for plavix 75 out of my pocket yeah um yeah uh so terry pcos will be talking about that as well absolutely we can we can make changes there she does not need to be on that i mean especially as a 17 year old absolutely not so um we know that there’s only a few certain drugs that are kind of you need that but even an autoimmune drug

Even chromosome even some of these other things you’ve got to figure out the why you’ve got to take it down when we’re dealing with metformin metformin is a drug that they use for diabetes pre-diabetes insulin resistance and even just like terry and her daughter uh we’re looking at pcos polycystic ovarian syndrome but if you get down to the underlying root cause

The physiology even pcos is insulin resistance it’s a blood sugar imbalance and it is not just a um oh you know what take this metformin and that’s going to fix fix your pcos because they’re not changing their diet they’re not changing their liver they’re not changing their insulin resistance they’re not using their continuous glucose monitor like every one of our

Patients and checking to see what makes that blood sugar go up and what makes that blood sugar goes down alia have insulin resistance hoshi uh hypothyroid rheumatoid arthritis kidney stones um absolutely so this is the perfect case for this leave because you could go to your pcp and just get loaded up on medications let’s give you levothyroxine let’s give you some

Type of um anti-inflammatory drug for your rheumatoid arthritis plus some type of a autoimmune drug that’s going to suppress that immune system plus let’s give you metformin because of that insulin resistance and just load you up on a whole bunch of drugs but there are serious side effects metformin one of the common ones that we see the research is showing that

Metformin will decrease the amount of testosterone in somebody’s body and so especially with guys most people if they’ve got pre-diabetes diabetes they’re already having some neurologic issues rns and blood flow issues maybe some erectile dysfunction but then they go on metformin and it decreases testosterone even more and then it even is more erectile dysfunction

They’re having less ability to get it up things like that but then also in women if you have low testosterone if metformin decreases your testosterone what’s going to happen and this is one of the reasons terry probably why your daughter has been put on um put on that metformin for pcos because we will see an increased testosterone increased dhea with uh women

That have pcos so now if you’re a female and you’re going on this testosterone lowering drug which is what metformin does you’re going to have less muscle tone you’re going to have less motivation lower libido not a lot of get up and go and move and all that and so you’re already feeling bad because you’re pre-diabetic you’re insulin resistant you’re diabetic all

Those issues now you’re being put on this drug that even lowers your testosterone further so we know there’s issues there we know there’s digestion issues there’s a lot of nausea vomiting diarrhea constipation lots of different issues that way i’ve seen um just like marianne says i’ve seen kidney issues with patients we’ve seen neurologic effects uh on patients

I’ve seen muscle weakness we’ve seen some pretty major things where people are like holy cow i’ve got to get off that drug um so uh patricia have two daughters and daughter-in-law on metformin one for pcos one pre-diabetic and one for help getting pregnant so uh you know that that’s crazy they’re throwing this drug around like it’s candy and yet no one is talking

To your daughters your daughter-in-law about why do they have pcos polycystic ovarian syndrome it is because they have insulin resistance and they have blood sugar imbalances and they need to stabilize those put a cgm on them put a continuous glucose monitor on and i guarantee you that pcos is going to get better the other one is pre-diabetic what is that from

Putting food in your mouth that is jacking with your blood sugar the other one’s getting pregnant and there’s probably some hormone imbalances from that blood sugar as well and so what do we have to do we have to take a step back and fix the underlying why leah used dexcom six uh awesome and uh yeah we we use the dexcom with all of our patients as well and it is

A an amazing tool that you’re able to reverse repair prevent diabetes type 2 diabetes is reversible absolutely i’m going to go out and say that right now you know sure there may be that case where somebody’s a1c is at 16 and there’s so much damage and they’re so far gone but for 95 of the people type 2 diabetes is reversible if we wanted to prevent all the damage

All the destruction that happens with diabetes it is totally doable and getting a continuous glucose bonder on your body can do that how can you tell if you’re insulin resistant well you have to do your blood work non-fasting so many people are doing fasting blood work but you have to do it non-fasting and check to see what your insulin is doing your glucose your

Triglycerides your ggt all of these different markers um i’m not sure dale and jane i am not sure on that one i’ll have to look that one up i have not seen that in the research so here’s the deal guys you do not have to be on that forum and your loved ones do not have to be on metformin if it’s um for you know look at how many kids they’re putting on metformin

And their teens and 20 year olds are going on metformin that does not have to happen there is not a metformin deficiency that is causing these kids to go on metformin if you’re 60 70 years old and you have insulin resistance or pre-diabetes or diabetes or whatever it is going on with your blood sugar and you’re going to metformin you do not have to be on that if

You move your feet if you use a continuous glucose monitor if we do the blood work like we need to figure out what’s out of balance and go step by step through the process you can get off the medications and you can have the best life you possibly can and not have to be dependent on other things for stabilizing your blood sugar so thanks for the shares guys uh love

You all being on here and remember there is no amount of medication that’s going to fix your underlying root causes sometimes they’re needed but the vast majority of time it’s not going to fix anything so stay strong keep your body getting better and we’ll talk soon

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