March 28, 2023

Metformin side effects in the treatment of PCOS.

Due to your insulin resistance now let  now before i’m gonna go into the side effects  of metformin let me know in the comments are   and also make sure that you like this video  and subscribe to my channel because i do a lot   of videos in similar subjects so let’s go through  medforming if you haven’t seen my video about five  

Natural alternatives to matt farming make sure you  check that playlist and check the playlist about   resistance and how to reverse it naturally   and you decided to still go with metformin   these are the side effects that you might want to  take under consideration maybe expect so you can   act quickly in case they appear

So there are a few  serious side effects that i’m going to talk about   before i go to the most common ones so first one  is lactic acidosis lactic acidosis is connected   very often to too low blood sugars if you correct  me if i’m wrong and when you have um actually too   much ketones in your body uh that ends up being 

Toxic so the first very serious symptom is lactic   acidosis um that also is very common for people  taking insulin when they are diabetic for example   i don’t want to go to technical details because  i’m afraid that i’m going to say something wrong   um you you know it can be fatal so you definitely  have to go to emergency room

Uh in that case uh so   this is basically what if the medication is gonna  work too strong and lower your insulin and your   blood sugar levels too low and that is creating  all different balance imbalance in the body   is actually causing b12 vitamin deficiency   with that even even if you are a meat eater   anemic

Because cause anemia and an array of   thing is hypoglycemia so it’s very very low blood   sugar level um and it can cause weakness as well  now let me go back to lactic acidosis and tell you   the symptoms associated with that so if you ever  have something like extreme tiredness weakness   breathing dizziness lightheadedness a

Fast   flushing or sudden reddening and worth warmth of   your skin or stomach pain with any of those other  symptoms this is something to definitely um take   into something much more serious now if you   have anemia it’s again lightheadedness dizziness  tiredness and so on and so forth and hypoglycemic   if you

Combine metformin with with excessive   um alcohol intake with excessive exercise a poor  diet and other pre-diabetic or diabetic medication   because hypoglycemia happens when we lower our  blood sugars and our insulin levels too low   what i noticed in most pcos forums and the little  lists that i that i created um the most

Of the   diarrhea constipation a little bit more rare   but diarrhea was something that people reported  the most and all sorts of stomach cramping   connected to that maybe nausea and stuff like that  and um if you’re gonna do a little bit research   you will see that many women actually real women  that’s why i like

Following these forms say that   it’s very very important never to take it on an  empty stomach and combine it with specific meals   so make sure that you actually maybe subscribe  to some of those groups i’m not affiliated with   source of you know community information   and many women usually have nausea and diarrhea 

But metformin can cause all of those problems   medications calls as well because our blood   sugar levels are very very important and they  influence our whole energy metabolism in our body   so i am always a proponent of natural medication  instead and for example supplements like berberine   actually in some of the scientific

Studies   forming with much less side effects so make   sure that you see five natural alternatives to  metaforming let me know if you want me to make   for example inositol and stuff like that   that might actually help you level your insulin  levels and check my insulin resistance playlist   and let me know in the

Comments are you already  on metformin if yes what side effects did you have   how do you feel on it did you notice any success  with weight loss or maybe other symptoms like acne   and and so on and so on and so forth and make  sure that you like this video subscribe and   click the notification bell to be notified about 

My future videos and i’ll see you very soon bye

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Metformin Side Effects PCOS – What to Expect? By Agata Pawlak