February 1, 2023

My two month update on my PCOS journey. I talk about weight loss, bcp and metformin. Thanks for watching!

Hey everyone i just wanted to kind of provide a um two-month summary of my pcos metformin and spironolactone use so um i’ve been on this kind of pcos journey um for two months i’m not trying to get pregnant or anything like that i’m just trying to get healthy right and you know have a regular menstrual cycle um i’ve been on metformin for a month and a half a

Thousand milligrams and i’ve been on um 1500 million milligrams for the past two weeks or so um and that change from 1000 to the 15 wasn’t really too much of a difference for me like i didn’t have any side effects or anything like that so it’s pretty straightforward um change nothing nothing uh you know major um i’m still in the spironolactone 50 milligrams twice

A day or 100 milligrams total and now as two days ago i officially started my birth control pills so um it’s just it’s called try nasty just a regular pills you know the 28 days cycle thing i’ve never been on birth control before so it’s kind of a new experience you know having to take it at the same time every day um or you know apparently it’s not as effective

Or ineffective if you’ve done something like that but i um you know i’m doing that and i haven’t had yet not probably because i’ve only been taking it for two weeks but any side effects or anything or any major changes i want to say there’s one change but i gotta confirm that and i’ll let you guys know maybe in a month or two on the the possible change of the

Birth control and it’s just uh progesterone and estrogen uh those two hormones it’s kind of what’s in the pill and i’m like i’m looking down here if it’s here which i don’t understand you know i’m kind of starting here why they give you this case i still don’t know how to use this thing like you just open it up right you can just pop your pillow but at the same

Time why do i need the case for it like it’s kind of cute but okay i get it whatever not really but whatever um and weight loss goes so i’ve been trying to do this healthy thing um you know the pcos thing for two months now i’m down about 19 pounds i think maybe 18 18 or 19 pounds which is really good i’ve been going to the gym and not really dieting but eating

Healthier i can’t really call it a diet per se i’m not counting calories or counting carbs like i should be uh or anything like that i’m just kind of being more mindful of what i eat but i still eat i still eat kind of unhealthy like i still had pizza yesterday and i still had my peach cobbler or pear cobbler or something the day before and then at the at the

Movies yesterday i had like that little um snack size uh like twix bites and the welch’s fruit stack so i i still i feel like i’m still being a normal person not on a diet and that’s kind of like my goal like i know i don’t really be eating that you know it’s not really good but at the same time realistically speaking five years after i in five years after i use

All i lose all the way that i’m gonna lose like i’m still gonna wanna have you know some tweaks two twits in one day so i’m just trying to be realistic with myself and even if it takes longer to reach my goal weight i’m okay with that because i’m trying to change my lifestyle and that’s that should be for me more of a transition rather than you know cold turkey

Kind of thing so um other than that i think everything has gone well i want to get some feedback from whoever’s watching this video hey thanks for watching um i’m kind of like what you’re doing with your pcos and and if you’re taking some of the same medications that i’m taking just let me know um i did decide to wear a little bit of makeup today just because

I felt like it and i don’t know if i’ve already mentioned this or not but i’m trying to get healthy by the age of 25 i’m 23 now kind of just turned 21 months ago but uh two and a half and i’m trying to like get healthy i’m gonna have everything kind of set in stone i feel like by 25 i just want to be like complete but if you know what you’re not complete as in

Married hopefully kind of a little bit but you know to like complete us and just have everything go i mean i’ve got my job i’ve got a career which i’m very very fortunate for i got my degree i got my apartment i guess but you know i just kind of want to have everything done in my career i want to be like skyrocketing i want to be i just want to be set and i think

This health thing this pcos thing is a major part of me um just being all that i can be i guess without germany joining the army i guess but yeah guys um so that’s pretty much it let me know what you think and if you have any tips or anything just let me know bye

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Metformin, Spironolactone and Birth Control 2 months PCOS By Myzzler PCOS