January 26, 2023

Why no one talks about Metformin as a fat loss drug baffles me. It is excellent at suppressing appetite & and improving nutrient uptake. It improves Leptin sensitivity and seems to suppress Ghrelin. It also improves insulin sensitivity and aids in improved body composition. I discuss my thoughts in this video.

This video is for entertainment and educational purposes only hey guys big paul here today we are going to talk about metformin as a fat loss drug i don’t hear of anybody in the bodybuilding community talking about this metformin has some strong effects on leptin and ghrelin and appetite suppression also increases insulin sensitivity and nutrient partitioning and

Seems to be perfectly made for bodybuilding contest prep and for improving body composition we’re going to dig into it in just one second all right so quickly before we dig too far into this um we need to understand how leptin and ghrelin work in the body um and i’m going to talk about both in how metformin has an effect on on both of those hormones leptin

Uh suppresses hunger it’s a hormone released by your fat cells as you get fatter um also as you’re yet by your stomach as you get uh full fuller and it tells your body hey i’m full i don’t need any more food um it it has a feedback loop with the hypothalamus and thus decreases hunger grayline is the exact opposite of leptin uh great greylin signals to your body

That you’re hungry as you get leaner and you know this from contest prep as you get leaner as your body fat decreases your body produces more ghrelin less leptin and your hunger starts to increase um it also increases as your uh blood sugar drops so anybody who’s ever gone hypo before you get this sudden rush of hunger you have to eat you got to eat some sugar

Get some candy down right now it is like uncontrollable you um this is the problem like when guys use too much insulin one of the issues they run into is they just end up binging on a bunch of candy or drinking a bunch of fruit juice like that or just eating a bunch of garbage uh from when they’re when they get hypoglycemic that is grayling at work now the two

Function together they’re always present in your body so it’s a balance of the both uh one at least from what i understand somebody can correct me on that if i’m wrong but as your body has a the balance tilts towards the favor of ghrelin you become more hungry and as it tilts towards leptin you become less hungry so how does metformin play into all this and and

How can we leverage metformin for fat loss so metformin is metformin is a cool ass drug i i i know some people get scared by it other people don’t don’t use it they say it’s unnecessary but it does a lot of things besides um increasing insulin sensitivity that’s that’s the one primary thing that people know of obviously better insulin sensitivity means better

Nutrient partitioning uh you put the carbohydrates where they’re supposed to be um you your body meat requires less insulin to do so so it makes everything more efficient but on top of that what what uh metformin does that’s very interesting with fat loss is it seems to suppress appetite strongly i noticed this just for my own observation from taking it in the

Past in past contest prep so did some digging into why um and i have been using it on this contest prep my last contest prep i used it until i got about halfway two thirds of the way through um and then i’m like man my my blood sugar started running a little low and i’m like i don’t think i really need this anymore so i dropped it and then my hunger just went through

The roof almost immediately um it was it was like an overnight type of thing so there’s a whole bunch of studies uh out there on on metformin and its effects on graylin and leptin so what i found when i looked into it uh there there was some there was some broad studies where they gave higher dose metformin a thousand milligrams plus to a group of people and

Measured their desire to i think they gave them sandwich squares and they would see how many sandwich squares they would eat they’d just tell them to eat until they’re full and over a period of time that the high dose metformin um group eight less than the control group and they eat less than they did uh um originally so what seems to be happening one of one of

The components and there’s multiple factors that play in here uh one thing that we know is that over time as people get fatter and fatter and fatter and fatter in theory um your body self-regulates and should stop you from eating as you get fatter because your your leptin increases your grayling goes down and you should be in a state where where your body will

Self-regulate you get less hungry you eat less as you get fatter but we know now that that gets broken uh i don’t think people weren’t designed to eat the amounts of highly processed foods that we we eat now in the quantities that we eat them and what seems to happen over a period of time is that as your body just keeps producing more and more and more and more

Leptin that the uh the receptors become broken the leptin receptors become broken in the hypothalamus uh and your body does not receive that signal that you are not hungry anymore uh or so you grayling just takes over um because we know that it’s the balance of grayline and leptin even though leptin may be higher and your have a higher presence in your body when

You’re obese what ends up happening is those leptin receptors uh become broken metformin which is what it was really cool about metformin seems to re-sensitize the leptin receptors and makes your body more receptive to leptin so less leptin makes you less hungry so it whereas before that leptin wasn’t making you wasn’t suppressing hunger now with metformin it

Seems to fix that broken component with the broken leptin receptors and you suppress hunger as a result on top of that metformin also seems to suppress ghrelin production through ampk so you get the double whammy here you’re more sensitive to leptin and it suppresses ghrelin um and then you couple that with having better insulin sensitivity so when you do eat

Carbohydrates or you eat nutrients they are being stored properly your body makes less insulin you know it’s just this whole cascade of things that set you up to have a better body composition why no one’s talking about this is beyond me it it seems to me that matt foreman makes the perfect contest prep dieting drug i i’ve experienced it hand i my body composition

Improves dramatically when i incorporate metformin into my into my routine now i will say this it doesn’t seem to happen on lower doses at 500 milligrams you have to work up to a thousand one of the issues with metformin that people run into is metformin can make you sick when you first start taking it you get gastric distress you might get diarrhea um it does

Upset your stomach it does seem to have some impact on on your gut gut gut biome actually they say it fixes things but it takes time to fix things that’s why you get sick initially when you take metformin but so what you have to do you have to get through that that initial phase of being sick with metformin usually start off with a low dose like 250 milligrams

Maybe 500 milligrams before bed and you slowly work your way up so somewhere between 1000 and 1500 milligrams from what i’ve anecdotally observed seems to be the most effective at suppressing appetite in keeping body composition in check i’m currently taking a thousand milligrams of it i have noticed that during contest prep and maybe i need to cut the berberine

Back my my um my blood sugars have been running a lot lower like borderline hypo sometimes so it’s just something to be mindful of but it is a strong appetite suppressant i can tell you last year firsthand experience when i dropped it on my contest prep my appetite went through the roof up until then i was fine this year i’ve had you know this past week or so

I am three weeks out for my show right now i’ve had some cravings but nothing crazy like i have had in the past so a lot of times when people get fat it’s not you know you they always say you use some willpower eat less um and that’s easier said than done systems in the body may be broken um maybe these people uh that that can’t stop eating it’s you know i i

Know i know there is a bit of a weak willpower into it but but some of it’s hormonal too uh if your body is not receiving the signals from leptin that you should stop eating and then hunger just takes over you getting that you’ve been in that uncontrollable phase before when you get so hungry you just can’t help yourself all of us have lost our mind on dieting

And that is when grayland just greatly overt overtakes uh leptin we’ve been there before you know what that feels like but imagine feeling like that all the time even when you’re obese so p i i speculate that some people they get severely obese that that entire system is broken it’s just everything’s broken uh ghrelin leptin insulin sensitivity insulin production

Is probably high it’s just an entire cascade of broken events that lead to obesity um so you know and i get a lot of fat loss uh lifestyle people that come to me that want to just lose body fat and um i’ve seen it uh you know we we put we put people on you know i i tell them to talk to their doctor um talk talk to your doctor about getting on that foreman and i i

Know dudes that you know i have you know recently talked to a guy and helped a guy out out at my gym that got on metformin and he sold an immediate within weeks improvement in body composition so be open-minded about it this is something i’m surprised no one else has brought up metformin for contest prep and for fat loss hell use it year-round i use it year-round

I i think it’s a miracle drug i know people talking about it suppressing igf-1 um i think when you’re taking enough exogenous insulin in gh you counteract that anyway i’ve never noticed that my igf-1 level in fact my igf-1 levels have been high when i when i get tested so i don’t think it has that strong of an effect maybe if you’re natural it does another added

Benefit of metformin it’s it i don’t think they entirely understand the mechanisms of it maybe it’s the suppressed igf-1 but studies have shown that people that take metformin have lower incidences of cancer it seems to be protective against cancers so something else to think about all right guys hopefully you found this helpful i really appreciate you watching

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Metformin Suppresses Appetite & Improves Body Composition – Why isn't it used as a fat loss aid? By Anabolic Bodybuilding