November 29, 2022

So, uh… does it work?

I stumbled into the weirdest thing recently,  “researchers discover some very exciting new  “is it really the fountain of youth? are we onto something here?” it’s all in the news now because it’s getting so… to try to live longer, billionaires  anti-aging generally has a bad name. in anti-aging there are lots of charlatans. sorry. what researchers

Are actually trying to do is specifically, the chance you die from  these very common diseases goes up. drives the disease. and if you stop this  what he told me, and this took me a minute to wrap  us die from spring from that damage – often in   but if you could delay the damage somehow,   you could also delay the diseases, right? and 

And in 2014, dr. barzilai happened on the  people with diabetes taking other drugs  not metformin, and people without diabetes   double the mortality – the number of  on metformin that were diabetics, were more obese,   the fact that people with  diabetes who were taking metformin   and second, the only people taking metformin

It’s not clear whether that whole “dying less” thing   when you eat or drink, your blood transports  in people with diabetes, these blood sugar levels  can get too high and metformin helps control that.   we have research on this going back decades to  we know a lot less about how it may or may not  work in people without diabetes

For anti-aging.   already a cheap generic drug, which means   there’s not as much incentive for pharmaceutical  other studies show metformin does seem  but to know for sure whether metformin can actually delay “a proper randomized trial where they give half the people metformin that i’m leading now. this is the tame study.   tame

Stands for targeting aging with metformin.  and the reason i’m doing that is not to repeat   plan a study for the fda to repurpose a drug   and push back the diseases that kill the most of us. but a drug that is already on the market and  i get surprisingly emotional  thinking about this topic. genuinely can’t think of anything

That i would want  in the meantime, whether or not you wanna  take metformin or i do boils down to our   (not the tame trial, because  it probably won’t be done for a while) the second is how urgent aging actually feels  the third is how you weigh your perceived  the first week of use. you feel early satiety,   it also impacts

How your body  responds to exercise. metformin, your muscle will have the same   ok. would i have diarrhea for a  would i opt in for that if i weren’t pretty sure it would work? so the people in the news right now who are taking metformin we don’t mind these side effects too much, and aging  you know, i’ve been struggling a little

Bit  because on the one hand, i really want to and on the other hand, i really don’t  that’s how my calculation came out. i want to wait for more studies. but metformin isn’t the only option being studied. if we figure out that any option meaningfully 55 million people have  alzheimers or other dementias.

Transcribed from video
Metformin, the big new "anti-aging" drug, explained By Cleo Abram