January 27, 2023


Metformin versus slim pills this is another question from the tony huge channel on telegram question is hey tony could you please explain the difference between slim pills and metformin i get asked this question all the time i’m going to give you my really overview answer as in it’s super simplified and i’ll just read it metformin has the side effects of

Interfering with digestion and urinary tract infections and slowing muscle gain depending on what are the benefits of increased insulin sensitivity outweigh the side effects metformin is a miraculous drug for general health and longevity but it’s not for athletes slim pills does everything that we seek as an athlete from metformin but without the side effects

Which means more carbohydrate uptake into the muscle more muscle gain and no interference with digestion some terms you should be familiar with is glucose disposal agent gda and insulin mimetic what we’re looking for as an athlete is an insulin medic we want something to increase the uptake of nutrients and carbohydrates into the muscle we don’t want something

To block the carbohydrates and we certainly don’t want anything that interferes with digestion now metformin for anti-aging purposes works across a number of different pathways i think the most important one is just keeping a lower blood glucose level which is one of the most important things we can do for health and longevity and for building muscle because

If the healthier you are the easier it is to build muscle that includes insulin sensitivity is a very fundamental aspect of our health i use slim pills because i want to nutrient partition meaning the more calories that i eat go into the muscle then into the fat so if you eat a calorie where is it going to go it’s either going to be burned off as energy very

Quickly like something with dmp or a stimulant does it seem or it’s going to be stored in the in the muscle let’s say as a carbohydrate stored in the muscle that you can use for energy later or it’s going to be stored in the fat so you can use for energy later so we want to store more things in the muscle and that’s what slim pills does metformin also allows

More things uh to store on the muscle but mostly what slin metformin does is slow down so you get a more time release of that sugar into the bloodstream out of the digestive system slowing down digestion uh and metformin also acts a little bit like a glucose disposal agent which is to get rid of sugar people pee out the extra sugar it just it blocks carbs on

A number of different pathways i think metformin is amazing for people who just care about anti-aging and fat loss and health but slim pills does everything that metformin does that we seek as an athlete lowering blood sugar uh for general health and for insulin sensitivity to help build muscle and increase increase nutrient uptake in into the muscle and as

An athlete also since most athletes are taking supplements like growth hormone secretives like mk677 for example but whenever you take growth hormone or in k-67 your blood sugar goes up and we can use slim pills to bring that down now if we used metformin to bring it down okay good we’re bringing down blood sugar but we’re not putting that sugar into the muscle

And growth hormone sort of interferes with storage of things in the muscle i mean growth hormone and insulin both store different things in the muscle but most athletes are using too much growth hormone and not enough insulin or insulin mimetics and so they’re getting an uneven uh absorption of nutrients in the muscle that they could that’s becoming a bottleneck

Or a limiting factor to muscle growth whereas if they were to use uh either increase or insulin sensitivity significantly or use slim pills then they can uptake more of those nutrients in the muscle you see so nothing against metformin again miraculous drug it’s just not made for athletes or anybody who’s looking for higher performance or like a visually better

Significantly better physique that’s what slim pills were designed for be sponsored from the freedom pioneers of human evolution see you in the tony huge channel telegram group link is probably below somewhere or you can also search tony’s channel on telegram metformin is so cheap it’s practically free i mean metformin in the foreign countries like when i bought

It in china and mexico and thailand it’s like cheaper than vitamin c whereas slim pills cost a little bit more but with something as this important for health i think it’s worth paying a little bit more for something a little bit something a lot better

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Metformin VS Slin Pills | Bodybuilders should not take Metformin? | By Tony Huge Censored