March 24, 2023

In this video, I discuss the findings of a recent study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, that links Metformin, a first-line diabetes medication, to an increased risk of genital birth defects in boys.

Hello i’m kweku i’m a pharmacist in today’s brief video i’m going to be discussing the results of a recent study published in the analysis of internal medicine that seems to point to the fact that boys born to fathers who took metforming three months prior to conception we’re more likely to be born with genital bed defects i’m going to look at five key findings

In that particular study and i’m also going to discuss what it means if you are somebody who is sticking with forming and if you fall into that category as always this and all my other videos are for informational purposes only so please do not start or stop any medication without first talking to your doctor so this study that i’m talking about was published in

The analysis of internal medicine and i’m going to put a link to the study in the description if you’re interested in reviewing it yourself but basically what they did was they analyzed over 1 million bits of children in denmark over a period of 1997 to 2016 a period of about 19 years or so which is quite a lot of data to sift through and what they did also was

That they controlled for certain factors like aids tobacco use among other things so for example they limited a study to men who are less than 40 years or women who are less than 35 years so what they did was that they looked at the prescription records of the parents of these children particularly focusing around the three month mark prior to conception that’s

Because it takes about three months for a spam to be fully matured so these are the key findings number one boys born to fathers who were taking metformin about three months prior to conception were 40 more likely to develop genital breath defects key finding number two this was not observing girls in other words the the genital bed defects was limited to boys

Number three if the metformin was taken outside of this three-month window that increase in risk of genital bed defects was not observed in other words if the father was taking the metformin about i don’t know six nine months before their conception they generally did not observe such an increase in the risk of genital bear defects number four this increased risk

Of genital bear defects was not observed in siblings whose fathers were not taking metformin at the time of via conception and then number five this increased risk was also not observed in other diabetic medications so for example you had fathers that were taking insulin at the time of the conception or three months prior to conception and they did not observe

Any such increased risk of genital birth defects in the in their sons who were born later now so what does all this mean well this means that there’s definitely a correlation between fathers who take metforming about three months prior to conception and an increased risk in genital breath defects what the researchers could not conclude though as was why or how

The metformin caused such birth defects and therefore they are encouraging the further studies be done to see the real reason why metformin causes this increased risk in genital bed defects so for now if you’re somebody who’s taking metformin and you are planning on having a baby if you’re a fat you’re a man you’re planning on having a baby i think it’s a very

Good idea to have a discussion with your doctor to see if there are any alternatives for you to be taking instead of metformin because obviously this data points to the fact that the in the risk is high and it’s better to be safe than so thank you for staying through on your screen now is another video about diabetes which i think you are going to enjoy thank you

Very much catch you on the next video and stay blessed

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Metformin Warning! Link To Genital Birth Defects In Boys By Pharmacist Conversations