February 8, 2023

The military mindset .

So we’ve made it to day two of our journey losing 15 pounds in 30 days and today we’re gonna play make believe let’s pretend we are in the military and i am your lieutenant the military is extremely well known for its discipline people join because they like the structure and they like the discipline that comes along with joining the military well today you’re

Going to join mine a successful military follows orders okay it’s not about making excuses it’s not about saying oh i need to have this soda no follow the orders give yourself orders that you think are going to benefit you and your health and your losing weight and recovery with metformin write them down and carry them out a successful military puts the needs of

The unit above the needs of itself we put the good of the unit above ourselves we will succeed the good of the unit is helping other people on the planet the good of the unit is helping your family being there for your kids not dying prematurely not being sick in bed that’s the good of the unit it is hard it is mentally hard but part of this battle y’all because

It’s a war is mental i would say over half of it’s mental and if you can think of the good of the unit and die to yourself in a way you’ll succeed number three do what you say you’re going to do i’m not going to eat sugar this week i’m not going to do it for the whole 30 days no processed sugar i’m going to do what i’m going to say i’m going to do i’m going to

Do it i’m the lieutenant and i’m doing it number four maintain physical fitness right now we’re trying to lose weight so this is going to be brutal on our bodies so it’s not about overdoing it but it’s still about getting some exercise and doing what you can number five obey orders policies and regulations this is something that i am going to do i have my own

Policies and regulations i’m doing no sugar no carbohydrates and i’m taking my meds with lunch i think lunch is a really good way it says with breakfast but if i take it with breakfast that i don’t really have an appetite for the whole day and that’s not what i’m aiming for if i take it with lunch i can still get those needed calories in without overdoing the

Calories because you have to create a calorie deficit if you want to lose weight and guys the metformin does work because it helps suppress your appetite but you really have to take care of yourself so you have to keep eating okay you have to eat you have to exercise and you have to eat well if you eat a bunch of sugar carbs and stuff you’re not gonna lose the

Weight here’s so many people get frustrated with metformin when they’re like oh it doesn’t work it does if you if you do this program what i’m doing with you guys and eat well have discipline you will see results okay 15 pounds is what i’m aiming for but i’m going to be happy with anything i’m not going to do another weigh-in until the end of 30 days because i

Want to give myself grace and i want to give myself confidence and i just want to show you guys you can do it the battle is in your mind i haven’t done it for so long and that’s why i’m making these videos to hold me accountable hold me the freaking accountable i want to be better i want to be there for my kids i want to be there for the unit i don’t want to die

Prematurely there’s so many times my life could have been taken early because of some something that went wrong in my body due to sepsis due to this due to that due to complications of diabetes and pcos it’s time to kick it in the ass welcome to my military

Transcribed from video
Metformin Weight Loss Challenge Day 2 the Military Mindset By Native Roots