June 4, 2023

I learned some things from Megan here is what I know.

Hey guys it’s storm we made it to day 27. i am feeling really really good over the last course of 27 days i didn’t do it all cold turkey i gave up sugar i gave up carbohydrates besides natural fruits and vegetables i started giving up sparkling water and carbon dioxide and the gases that are within it i started changing my habits i gained discipline i gained

Knowledge and i gained a weight loss of over 12 pounds so far and i am feeling great someone who inspires me to be better is megan fox megan fox is 36 and i’m in my 30s too i’m 32 years old and when i see other women still killing it not letting themselves go after 30 years old and still trying to be the best that they can be it really inspires me gan fox is hot

I love megan fox um she’s beautiful she is intelligent and she has it together some diet tips that i have learned from her or how she eats her wellness megan fox looks good she’s not too skinny and she’s not overweight she has a good proportion to her body she doesn’t do any carbohydrates besides what’s in the natural whole foods fruits and vegetables she does

Not do bread she does not do pizza she does not do um sugar donuts or anything like that she does get her carbohydrates just like i have been doing from fruits and vegetables so that’s how she gets them she eats a lot of almonds and nuts and she eats a lot of salmon and fish to get those natural healthy fats so that’s some stuff that she does eat which has gone

Along with some of my diet towards the end now i didn’t give it up cold turkey but like why do i need that in my body i just realized how much i don’t need bread how much i don’t need that processed white flour it makes me really sick and it leads to inflammation and what megan fox said she’s just like i don’t have cheat days but if i did i would do pizza but she

Literally just doesn’t do it she has trained her mind that she knows if she does eat bread or carbohydrates she’s gonna feel like crap or she’s gonna mess up her appearance which makes her tons and tons of money because she’s a sex symbol in today’s modern society and there’s nothing wrong with that i’m all about female empowerment and i love i just love when

I see older women not in their teens not in their 20s 30s 40s um jlo and shakira when they did that super bowl a few years ago i was like go girls i love it i love that they still care about themselves i’ve seen so many women as they’ve age that i’ve known growing up but that just they just stopped caring including myself you get to a point sometimes where you

Stop caring and that’s for me it wasn’t healthy i felt drained i felt like i didn’t have energy for my kids and i didn’t feel like the person i was made to be so finding myself that’s some tips with megan fox’s diet though guys just wanted to give that little feedback she does um the natural nuts pistachios almonds and she avoids bread and she does a lot of fish

So i’m still gonna stay on that diet and um keep seeing these results thanks for watching on native roots

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Metformin Weight Loss Challenge Day 27 Megan’s Fox’s Diet 🦊 By Native Roots