June 4, 2023

METFORMINA causa CÂNCER? EVITA DIABETES? Ataca o FÍGADO? Faz mal para a SAÚDE? (ou faz bem)? Saiba tudo sobre o glifage.

O hello, you were a lot per minute to invade for diabetes pre-diabetes for polycystic ovary or even hotmail to lose even you are worried because you heard that this medicine is bad for your health well that is the subject of today’s video metformin what are the risks benefit for those who take it and what is your blood vitamin you should be aware of if you take glyphage

Chronically i’m sure you’ll discover a lot of news in the video a lot that no doctor says that you’ll be relieved when the video ends so stay until the end because you’ll know everything that the most prescribed medicine in the world for diabetes but 130 million people use metformin every day but we are already going to enjoy the video subscribe to the channel so you

Don’t miss our tips and health and activate the bell to receive notifications and also it is very important that you spread this knowledge with your friends and family because when it comes to your health, our health is worth p ena share then share this if you take metformin how long have you been from what part of brazil or the world have you been and let’s go did you

Know that i formed a plant in life yes this flower here the galega workshopllis its lilac petals that was used for several diseases since the middle ages was a folk plant you turn to everything to improve immunity to treat constipation or diarrhea to give women more milk and for diabetes symptoms like urinating too much or cdu term metformin was discovered in 1922 without

Ago but it was with studies and the french doctor from the 50’s who discovered that it was really the drug that improved glucose the key ate glucose so glucophage glucose eater like a pigment here in brazil that fails me so it’s metformin it’s been there for more than 60 years in use nearly 70 is the first-line starter drug for most cases of type 2 diabetes and by bilis

Prevention program pp study saw q that the pre-diabetic group film at 850 mg twice a day reduced the risk of becoming diabetic by 31 percent and compared to placebo in less than three years how they act is eating sugar can even not through the three main mechanisms that metformin reduces blood glucose levels first it helps the liver by inhibiting gluconeogenesis ie the child

Cannot raise blood sugar easily second it reduces the absorption of glucose by the intestine and third it improves glucose utilization it increases the sensitivity of cells to insulin ie it will reduce the unique resistance if you take glyfage you look at your blood test and find that your roma e r has decreased is the effect of metformin when we should be more attentive

To side effects of the right mind some diseases can kill the risk of side effects or liver disease both kidney disease and did the card here also suit me in my recent case and and you have already had a form reaction but i must make it clear that metformin is a safe drug but like all drugs and without side effects and must be prescribed by the doctor always considering

The risk-benefit which the main side effects are the main part spent that the person can get wrong nausea have vomiting stomach pains lack of appetite have diarrhea most of the time diarrhea has a metallic taste in the mouth it can cause hypoglycemia you can mainly you are using other medicines for diabetes but metformin and if you have little risk then you friend and

The most dangerous side effect is lactic acidosis it is rare to happen especially use contrast if you have more serious kidney or liver problems one important thing alcohol increases the risk of lactic acidosis so drinking alcohol especially heavy consumption increases the risk of this and you neither for you mia so if you like a drink avoid drinking and alcohol at least

Limit now it’s metformin can cause b12 deficiency so those who take metformin i always ask for a test to check b12 levels i’ve seen many, many cases low vitamin b12 because of metformin needing to replace the symptoms of b12 deficiency can be anemia pallor vision problems tingling weakness mouth ulcer and even dementia that’s why i did it here if you are taking metformin

Know if your vitamin b12 is blurry now let’s go to the benefits for you to be relieved what is the benefit of metformin for your body because forminha has become one of the most used medicines in the world and is one of the medicines that tops the who list of essential medicines. being pre-diabetic reduces the risk of becoming diabetic reduces insulin resistance because

I have to stress this is because 40 million brazilians are pre-diabetic who are at high risk of becoming diabetic and five years old so you have to improve your lifestyle how is it better to do physical exercise cut sweets lose weight if you have a diabetic foot you were prescribed metformin you know it will reduce your risk will reduce it will not generate is metformin

Restores sensitivity of your cells to insulin this means that your body will absorb blood sugar better giving some relief to your pancreas that will not need to work as hard to produce insulin besides avoiding spikes in blood sugar glucose that these yes are bad because high blood sugar damages the vessels take your sims and your eyes age caramelize your body proteins and

Neurons accelerates your biological clock making you older almost 4 million people die every year due to calculations is much larger that invite diabetic die frack dies of stroke from alzheimer’s pneumonia urinary tract infection i infection kidney science of infected ulcer and see how interesting in recent years finding out what other benefits of metformin besides glucose

Lowering what are they cancer effect anti aging effect a cardiovascular protective effect neuroprotective effect and can also be a professional treatment for syndrome of polycystic ovary and increases the chance of becoming pregnant in these cases i will explain each one of them because of the risk of cancer perhaps more subject needed to identify the role of metformin

A protective argentine in relation to populations at high risk of cancer but it is not the main question if this is where the industry is interested with and at most five dollars a month of treatment i’m sure it would be $30000 a month i arrived i had already approved fast track for various types of cancer the first time they found out that metiformin could have antitumor

Effects in 2001 and a mouse survey that is two groups of gatin hos where they were giving a person that caused pancreatic cancer for 40 this week fifty percent mice they gave a lot of fat and this carcinogen and for 50 percent mice he gave a padlock with a lot of fat the carcinogen and metformin in the group without metformin fifty percent mice had pancreatic cancer and for

The metformin group none zero none mouse had pancreatic cancer all right it was a mouse mouse not human not a miniature human but it still caught the researchers’ attention so they went to evaluate it in a population of scotland that took metformin to treat diabetes hi and that population has 23 percent less chance of cancer than the population that did not take less liver

Intestine than pancreas and those that took only also reduced cancer mortality by one half and recent observational studies concluded that metformin reduces cancer incidence by 31 percent and mortality and by cancer by 34 percent again ca n’t guarantee that metformin reduces cancer rates were observational studies and not double-blind randomized trials will be increased

Chance of reducing risks a 2022 double-blind randomized study just came out that saw that for breast cancer in general metformin does not reduce this but it is in general for a subgroup of her2 that i type more than a more aggressive type showed that it is metformin reduce the risk of mortality yes yes but more studies have to be done more interest from pharmaceutical

Industry or government to fund billion dollar study of 26 studies with mice taking metformin 25 showed cancer protection again abec skates mine may also have an anti-aging action does it reduce aging and prolong life is the interesting question in the book there waiting for david 5 is that the harvard genetics professor he thinks so so much that he takes metaphor rmine

There for his father being 2 cm diabetic i think it’s an inside him to say that a book that became an american best seller a great book but i think it was one of the biggest sins united since metformin has its side effects that can even be serious if you already take it, it’s interesting to know but if you don’t have diabetes or pre-diabetes, i think one inside you take

It because of that without scientific proof that it’s real because you should simpler think it’s metiformin after aging and prolonging vitality first by population studies people with well-controlled diabetes who took metformin had a healthier life than other diabetics and some cases were even better than those who did not have diabetes mouse studies again showed that

Metformin increased survival by about six percent for human it would be more or less five years of life but could it be that it was not your weight loss due to metformin what why what aging because metformin limits metabolic activity in mitochondria mitochondria understands that it is low energy and activates an enzyme called e e mickey and also activates cert one which

Improves epigenetics in the cell in drosophila the fruit girl has not increased survival already and nematodes metformin increases i am doing this with metformin a lot of longevity in humans but it will take a few decades or some 100 years to come out the result 14 reduces weight in addition to metformin reducing hunger gives that stomach discomfort and diarrhea it also

Alters intestinal microbiota increasing good bacteria for losing weight like maxing out cynophilous and lactobacilli and decreasing those that are fattening also for people taking antipsychotics who are prescribed for psychiatric illnesses like schizophrenia whose common side effect and weight gain metformin helps to decrease weight gain in this population five can treat

Ovarian polycystic ios the polycystic ovary syndrome in hitting young women the ovaries get involved multiple laughs that cause irregular menstruation growth of hair on the face difficulty getting pregnant what time of blood glucose my mind helps me with menstrual regulation and fertility in addition to preventing gain weight improve glucose other advantages 15 more than

41,000 elderly people who used metformin showed that the mind formed the city of me yes four percent cardiovascular disease in nineteen percent frailty in 24 percent and blood pressure 16 percent i think your numbers are good interesting mainly because a medicine given at the popular pharmacy or even if you buy it comes out less and r$ 10 a box of metformin for everyone

Is to be put in the water tank of course it is not a medicine with potentially serious side effects many people do not tolerate it month that we feel that it would be the best medicine for them if you have diabetes. metformin to help control blood sugar its other potential health benefits are quite interesting not harmful as many people spread so you your doctor prescribed

It to treat your diabetes or to prevent your prediabetes from becoming diabetes take a closer look for the medicine but if you thought of taking the medicine to prevent câncio or to increase your longevity i didn’t say there and you don’t need medicine for ilson eat fruits and vegetables reduce the risk of cancer doing physical exercises at least 150 minutes a week reduces

The risk of cancer reduces cardiovascular risk and stroke heart attack increases musculature reduce frailty all this more than proven so we are girls only with those who need it i’m from the video i remember to share so that people who are already on metformin like me i think it’s a worthwhile knowledge and what’s the next video you’ll watch back two recommends here

‘S my video on the fruit for diabetics channel, you will know the best fruits if you have diabetes and my video about early symptoms of diabetes my name is andré banner cardiologist and this is the card df.com.br remember to subscribe and until the next video very

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METFORMINA causa CÂNCER? EVITA DIABETES? Ataca o FÍGADO? Faz mal para a SAÚDE? Saiba tudo! (glifage) By Cardio DF — Cardiologia e saúde cardiovascular em Brasília (DF)