January 27, 2023

School Video on Metoprolol

Well got a drink and a smoke i do the occasional drugs after my recreational ping-pong in the afternoon i had a heart attack back in 76 normal meal consists of kfc taco bell some ice cream so now i don’t think i have any health problems i’m aware of information on drugs oh well miss varnas your blood pressure was 160 over 90 and it’s the second consecutive high rate

That we’ve had on you so along with some lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise i’m gonna prescribe a medication for your hypertension what kind of medication well it’s called metoprolol it’s also called low purse or tocrawl excellent overall becomes an iv and oral extended and immediate release you shouldn’t chew or crush the tablets it’s a beta blocker and

A pregnancy category c so you should try not to get better tell me more hypertension or high blood pressure occurs when there’s too much pressure being placed on your arteries when your heart pumps blood high blood pressure increases your risk of strokes heart attacks heart failure blood clots kidney failure and early death medic roll all should be taken with food

Or just after you’ve had a meal you’re supposed to take at the same time every day what if i miss a dose well if you miss a dose you’re supposed to take the missed dose as soon as you remember it but skip the missed dose if it’s almost time for your next scheduled dose don’t take an extra dose m├ędecins make up for the missed dose do not stop taking the medication

Suddenly either always refill your prescriptions upon time what side effects do i have to worry about some common side effects are blurred vision chest pain and discomfort dizziness fainting this for lightheadedness when getting up suddenly from a lying or sitting position so give yourself command to get your bearings shortness of breath slower irregular heartbeat

Sweating unusual tiredness or weakness and or weakness doesn’t sound so bad you’re also at risk for bloating or swelling of the face arms hands lower legs or feet caught decreased urine output double vision extreme fatigue racing heartbeat or pulse halos around lights loss of mission night blindness and rapid weight gain it’s doc with your suggestions i feel like

We can give this blood pressure under control you i cannot wait did you hear what i said what high office use our damn phones talking to anthony what would you like me to say thanks you can see how the directors get so frustrated telling movies now yeah it’s going now you’re also at rest for bloating or swelling in the face arms and lower legs or feet caught

Decreased urine output double vision extreme fatigue racing heartbeat or pulse halos around lights lost submissions night blindness and rapid weight gain there you can go it’s no recording you’re recording you’re saying i wasn’t just i thought you were setting the day there’s too much pressure oh is he breathing and wet well well well well well miss martinez your

Blood well it’s calling the tokra wall it’s also called well if you miss a dose why don’t you say because you’re you you told me to let you know when you can go and then you just go already now i’m waiting

Transcribed from video
Metoprolol By Caylee Blair